What breed is a Chow Mastiff mix dog breed?

Mastiff Chow Chow Mix is a cross breed dog created by crossing two ancient breeds – Mastiff and Chow Chow. These dogs have long hair from the Mastiff and short fur from the Chow Chow; together they form an enormous ball of fluff! Descending from two ancient dog breeds, these large dogs boast incredible genetic heritage.



Parent Breed Information


Chow Chow

Chow Chow dogs have a distinct look and an indomitable spirit; some even describe them as cat-like! Although this breed can be shy or aloof, if properly loved and socialized with, they will remain loyal and faithful companions for life.

It is believed that the Chow Chow Chow has been around for well over 2000 years, making it the oldest known dog breed. It was created through a cross between the Tibetan Mastiff (northern Siberia) and Samoyed (also northern Siberia), looking remarkably like either breed. Though some debate exists as to its exact origin due to its black tongue, which may have originated with either parent breed. In 1903, The American Kennel Club recognized and registered the first Chow with them under Yen How.

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The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds, believed to be the ancestor for all other mastiff breeds. A 2008 mitogenome study discovered that 12 different dog breeds diverged from the gray Wolf 42,000 years ago; the Tibetan Mastiff lineage split off at 58,000 years earlier. With his majestic appearance, eye-catching colors, and captivating tail, your Tibetan Mastiff will surely turn heads wherever you take him out on walks; however if this is all you’re after then this breed may not be ideal for you.

Only recently was the American Kennel Club able to recognize Tibetan Mastiffs as members of their Working Group in January 2007. Today, it’s difficult to locate purebred Tibetan Mastiffs in Tibet.



A Mastiff Chow Chow Mix must measure 20-24 inches high at the shoulder and weigh between 50 and 110 pounds.




On average, Tibetan mastiff Chow Chow Mix puppies live between 10-12 years. This breed is generally healthy and in excellent condition.

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Coat and Color

Chow mastiff mixes usually feature a thicker, longer coat than their Chow mastiff counterparts. Some dogs may even have double coats! Reddish-browns, blacks, golds, and brindles are all possible colors; even littermates may have different colored coats and lengths of fur.

Health Concerns

Chow-mastiff mixes are known to have health problems on either side of their family tree. While this mix may not have any unique conditions, these dogs could experience issues similar to larger breeds.

Mastiff or Chow Chow conditions could include:

  • Gastric torsion, also known as bloat, may occur.
  • Hip dysplasia or elbow
  • Osteocarcenoma
  • Cataracts

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Mastiff Chow Mix dogs usually have thicker Chow-style fur which must adhere to the same grooming regulations as Chows.

Prevent damage to your dog’s fur by spraying it with water before brushing. A shedding blade is especially helpful during spring and autumn shedding seasons.

Before bathing your dog, give it a good brushing. A high quality pet shampoo will give your furry friend the care it deserves. Most dogs respond well to towel drying afterward.

Maintain your dog’s appearance by trimming around his ears, face, and feet. Avoid shaving in the summer as this will prevent your pup from retaining heat needed for cooling off.

Regular nail trimming can help avoid overgrown nails. The most effective way to achieve this is to cut one nail at a time on a slower schedule. Furthermore, weekly cleaning around the eyes helps keep stains away and allows you to use an environmentally friendly cleaner on them. Furthermore, brushing your dog’s teeth regularly will prevent tartar buildup and other issues.



Food and Diet

Remember that Mastiff Chow Chow Mix dogs must be fed regularly. Dog owners often only feed their pups one meal a day or offer free food. Unfortunately, this approach may not be ideal for larger dogs. Scheduling meals and giving your puppy free access to bathroom breaks while housebreaking is important for both establishing a routine and preventing bloat. Two meals per day is ideal; three may suffice if your pooch prefers eating three meals daily. Waiting too long between meals increases bloat risk significantly if only one meal is provided daily.



A Mastiff Chow Chow Mix tends to focus more on their Chow side when exercising. A quiet personality may be characteristic of members of this breed.

These dogs don’t have a lot of energy, but they still require stimulation to prevent boredom. Most will be contented after 20 to 30 minutes of walking with you. Exercise is an excellent way to keep your pup contented.

These dogs love to play in the yard, making it a great spot for off-leash fun. They enjoy hide-and-seek or galloping around the yard. If your pooch gets along well with other household dogs, they can enjoy playing together.

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This intelligent dog can be difficult to train. They will want to be the leader and need someone who will keep them in check. To keep them focused, break up training sessions into smaller daily chunks. You might even be able to manage their prey drive; they may be tempted to chase small objects like mice or rats and run after them.



Are they suitable for families?

Mastiff Chow Chow Mixes may be considered family dogs if they require additional attention from a Mastiff. Mastiffs are known for their gentle natures and ability to get along with children of any age group. Chows, on the other hand, may not tolerate roughhousing very well. With socialization and respect training from an early age, these dogs will take after any parent. Socializing them early on is essential in raising a respectful dog owner.


Do they get along well with other pets?

Training, socialization and traits inherited from parent breeds will determine whether a Mastiff Chow Chow Mix can become tame with other pets. The Mastiff breed is renowned for his friendly disposition towards other animals.

Chows on the other hand are notoriously intolerant towards other animals. Both breeds were bred for guarding and may become territorial. Therefore, it’s essential that you introduce these dogs to other pets with caution and supervision when they first interact.




Chow Tibetan mastiff mix dog breeds are intelligent, strong-willed and independent dogs that can vary their behavior depending on their mood.


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