Many people ask the question: do border collies like water? Even if they never went swimming in a pool? The answer to that question is an emphatic “yes.” Like any breed, certain personality traits make a dog more likely to be friendly and social than others. These traits can be learned and passed down from border collie puppy to older dog, just as you expect with other breeds. In many ways, breed selection is just like trying to find the best child ever to come into your family.


Do border collies like water?


What dog breeds love water?

Are you looking for a water-loving dog breed? While most dogs enjoy cooling down in freshwater, some pups like a labrador retriever, golden retriever, border collie, etc., are more comfortable swimming than others. The team at the Kennel Club says:

“Water-loving dogs will certainly appreciate streams and lakes that they can splash around in to keep cool, although it’s more important to keep the time outside in the hot sun to a minimum than to head further afield to find these.”


They enjoy swimming.

A Border collie dog is a very common breed that enjoys swimming, whether in a pool or lake. Some, like the Doberman Pinscher, do exceptionally well in the water. Border collie breed enjoys floating and napping on the surface of the water, rolling over on their backs, and playing with toys under the water. Some, such as the Scott Black Golden Retriever, enjoy lying on the beach or strolling lazily on the shore, while others, such as the Alaskan Malamute, prefer to roll along in the snow.

Other border collies enjoy spending time on dry land. This includes swimming, hiking, trailing, or playing in the sand. You will often see an English Cocker Spaniel wading through the mud at the park. Poodles and Maltese enjoy playing fetch in the sand. Many Poodles will dive for fish, track birds, or retrieve ducks or geese as part of their exercise routine.

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Natural ability to swim?

Some breeds of collie have a natural ability to swim. The Toy Poodle, for example, is a great swimmer and is extremely agile. The breed is so well-balanced that it can easily float on its back with no effort. Poodles are even known as water dog’s. Many toys and show Poodles will swim with their trainer and perform tricks on cue.

When allowed to swim in the ocean or on dry land, Border Collies do tremendously well in the water. They love to explore and play in the surf. It is important to remember that all breeds are a little different, and they may also develop swim bladder problems, lung problems, or heart problems over time. So, you must have your puppy evaluated by your veterinarian during his first two years of life before swimming.


Do border collies like water?


Enjoying of splashing.

Border Collies have one of the lowest incidents of drowning among dog breeds. However, they do like water. Even though Border Collies enjoy going in the ocean, they will more than likely enjoy splashing about in the surf if allowed to do so. Border Collies are very athletic and well-balanced dogs. This is why they make ideal pets for people who live on the beach or near the ocean and wish to have a low-maintenance, fun-loving pet.


Do border collies like water?


Border Collies and humans

Some Border Collies are less inclined to swim than others. One of the most common Border Collies is the female Border Collies. This is because the male breed is prone to harboring aggression toward humans that is not felt in Border Collies. So, if you plan to have Border Collies as a pet, you may want to keep in mind that this breed can be hostile to humans. On the other hand, border Collies that are bred to be herding sheep are much more likely to enjoy the water and will often be swimming with their owners.

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How do you introduce your pet to water and give them swimming lesson?

  • Begin in the play area with your pet and provide her with a few yummy treats for mental stimulation.
  • Make sure you have a washing bowl or a large water basin (on the floor) prepared to be used for the introduction.
  • When your dog first can see the water or even get close to it, give her a treat and then applaud her. If she runs straight to it, sniffs it, or begins drinking from it, it’s wonderful. Reward them.
  • They don’t have to go close to it, and do not force them to go close to it.
  • If they’re avoiding it, it’s okay for the moment.
  • Keep playing with her and her toys while giving treats and lots of praise.
  • After a few minutes, you can sit next to the water basin and keep throwing the toy around for them.
  • They are close to the bowl for washing the better but keep rewarding them.
  • In time, invite her to the water with her by her side. You could even throw her toy there to see if she can take it back. If they do, congratulate them heavily!
  • Repeat this process on different days until your pet is completely unaffected by the water. They will be able to pick up a toy you drop in the water.

Dogs with no prior experiences with water can be very scared and shocked if they’re suddenly exposed to it through water hoses or sprinklers that are directed towards them. Therefore, it’s best not to do that.

This method is suitable for collies who have no prior experience in water or who are scared of water. It might take longer for those already terrified, but eventually, it will be successful.





Many dog owner’s who have had Border Collie breed for a long time say that Border Collies will get along great with other animals also, they are great swimmers on summertime vacations. Even if you do not have another animal to play with, you can leave your Border Collies at home and let them lead a solitary life. A Border Collie is a herd animal that will learn to herd other animals because they instinctively do so. This means that Border Collies will be as well-adjusted as other dogs once raised in their environment and breed well. The key to Border Collies living harmoniously with other animals or humans as their owners would like is to provide them with as little stress as possible and teach them how to be calm and independent.

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