Gottiline Pitbull

Gottiline Pitbull bloodline

A Gottiline Pitbull Terrier is an American Pitbull Terrier from the Gottiline bloodline. This breed quickly rose in popularity among American bullies.

This bloodline is relatively new, having been bred in the late 1990s. Richard Barajas, a West Side Kennels breeder, brought a dog named “The Notorious Juan Gotty” from Tony Moore, the previous owner of Grey Line Kennel.

He was a Pitbull with exceptional characteristics and is the foundation for most American bully Pitbulls. His unique appearance is what distinguishes Gotti Pitbulls.

Since then, the Gottiline Pitbull bloodline has been home to over 900 UKC-registered dogs. Juan Gotti is the ancestor of all these pups.

Gottiline Pitbulls are distinguished from other Pitbull breeds by some unique features. Because they are larger, many people mistake them for Bulldogs. They look powerful.




Tony Moore, Los Angeles, California, founded the OG Greyline blood. His brother Gary Doc Moore founded Blue Star Kennels, named after his favorite football team, The Dallas Cowboys. He served in the Navy in Japan and was among the first to introduce Greyline dogs in South East Asia during the 1990s. For 1300 dollars, Richard Barajas from West Side Kennels bought The Notorious Juan Gotty in 1998 as a puppy from Tony Moore. This was a line-bred puppy. Gotty’s father or sire is Grey Line’s Raider I, who is off of a stud named Chain Gang Barney, as well as a bitch called Tony’s Showtime. Gotty’s mother is Grey Line’s Calee Love Blue Good, who is OFF Raider II and bred to a bitch called Tee’s New Mercie. To create The Notorious Juan Gotty, Raider was bred by his daughter.

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Although these dogs look intimidating and large, they are naturally not aggressive. They can inflict great harm on other dogs or humans, but this is not their nature. They are calm, affectionate, and loving dogs who would do anything to please their owners.

Their muscular build makes them more powerful than other dogs. This is why many people use them in dog fighting. This is why some pitbull breeders are so cruel to them.

These dogs are not bully-style dogs or American Bully breeds, and that’s just the beginning!

These Pitbulls of XXL size would do anything for their human owners. Unfortunately, if the wrong people raise them, they will be easily trained to be aggressive toward other dogs, as their beloved companions want.


Appearances of the Gottiline

First, Gotti Pitbulls are shorter and more stocky than traditional Pitbulls. As mentioned, they look more like a Pitbull, Bulldog, Mastiff, or an American Staffordshire.

Head: Their head is their hardest part. Their head is brick-like, making them stand out from other Pitbull bloodlines.


Neck: Gottiline Pitbulls have a well-defined neck that blends seamlessly into their large chest. Although Gottiline’s body looks bulky and hulking, it is very lively and quick. They are well-sprung with a broad chests, large heads, and cheekbones. They can have any color, but blue is not a common color.




Pitbull owners new to the breed will notice a common trait: how attached these dogs can be to their people. Gotti Pitbulls love spending time with their families, whether it’s long walks in the park or cuddles in bed.

Because they are so eager for you to please, they will quickly follow your commands. They are one of the breeds with the strongest attachment to people!

This attachment can cause separation anxiety, so leave your dog alone for a while. Neglected dogs may develop destructive behaviors such as eating your furniture or urinating in places they shouldn’t.

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However, it is important to properly coach your Gottiline pitbull before you can expect any success from him. American Bullies aren’t more aggressive than any other breed of dog. However, you should begin obedience training when your pitbull arrives at your home. This will help to avoid any problems that could arise from a pitbull with an unpredictable temperament.

Begin obedience training with your “Gottiline” puppy. This is how you establish communication between your pet and yourself. He should clearly understand who the boss is.


Food and diet

A Gottiline Pitbull is strong and has a large girth. This must be maintained. The market has many good options for Pitbulls, including various dog dietary supplements.

These canine muscle-building dietary supplements help your dog’s muscle build and provide vitamins and immunity support.

It’s crucial to stop any misbehavior with other breeds of dogs immediately. If you notice that they are acting in a way that is not acceptable, grab their collar and tell them “no.”

If your dog becomes aggressive, do not make the mistake of turning away from them or petting them. You will only increase his aggression and make it more challenging to manage.




Gottie Pitbull bloodline’s can live up to 10 to 15 years. This is quite a long lifespan for a dog.


Health Of Gotti Pitbull

Like other dogs, Gotti Pitbulls can experience various health problems as they age.

Some of these conditions are caused by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

You should know the possible health risks associated with a Gotti Pitbull.

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Do they make good family pets?

They are friendly and can get along with children, family members, strangers, or other pets.

Your Gotti Pit bull will be grateful for your love and affection.

Gotti Pitbulls might become anxious if they are not taken care of. This can lead to behavior changes.

If you give them enough love, attention, and care, Gotti Pitbulls can be a loyal companions for you and your family.

Once they accept you into the pack, they will be loyal to you. This is why malicious intent can easily exploit them.




There is no stigma attached to Gotti Pitbull dog breed’s. However, remember that your dog will be seen by many street people as if it were a wild animal and not a family pet.

What’s important is that these dogs don’t seem aggressive or vicious, as depicted in the media. They are gentle and loving and will believe they are lapdogs no matter how heavy.

Gotti Pitbull dog breed’s are loyal companions and can be left alone with small children due to their large size. However, they make great family pets. This is why they were bred.

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