You’re instantly smitten by how cute your puppy is when you bring it home. Did you ever stop to think about whether they are more than a cute puppy? It is easy to think that dogs will quickly adapt to family life and bond with all members of the family if they are adopted as puppies. A dog can make a great addition to your family, especially if you have children. All dogs are wonderful, even mixed-breeds, but some breeds can cause more harm than others when provoked by children. Let’s take a look at the most dangerous dog breeds for kids.




Most dangerous dog breeds for kids


Border Collie

Border Collies can be great family pets if raised properly and around children. However, they are also one of the most difficult breeds to be around children if they aren’t properly acclimated, exposed, trained and monitored. Border Collies were bred to herd and have a strong herding instinct. This is why they are so hardworking and diligent. While this may sound good, as you can picture them guiding your children around the pool, or even rescuing their babies, it can also be a problem.



How is it possible that such a small, cute dog breed who looks completely harmless could be the first one on this list? Although the Chihuahua might look innocent, these dogs can pack quite a punch. They are often very attached to their owner and don’t seem to care about being kind to others.

These dogs can bite small children easily, especially if they feel that a child is invading the space of their family. They can be moody and will not tolerate any annoying or disturbing things around them. They will nip if they aren’t feeling the love for children.

Pit Bull

It should not surprise anyone who studies dangerous dog breeds that the pit bull is the most dangerous. Although the American Kennel Club does not recognize pit bulls, it is still a common dog breed. It was used as a catch-all to encompass bulldogs and other terriers. The study found that pit bulls were responsible for nearly 2/3 of all dog-related fatalities in the United States over 13 years. Pit bulls are a dangerous breed due to their large bodies, strong jaws and killer instincts.



Chow Chow

A Chow Chow dog is almost impossible to resist. With their cute little faces and wrinkles, these adorable bear-like puppies will charm you. A Chow may not be able to work with a large family or small children, despite their adorable appearance.

Chows are known for their loyalty, which is the biggest problem. Chows are not good with strangers or with other pets. Even with children at home, they might be very aloof with them.

Chows won’t be happy to have their hair trimmed if they’re not in the right mood. They can be aggressive dog breed if they’re grouchy or if they’re being irritated by a child.

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Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies, another amazing breed, are another one I love. I have seen them be great in homes with older children. However, it is important to be cautious when an adult Siberian Husky is around children and babies. This breed isn’t naturally good with children because it is intelligent and skeptical. Huskies are susceptible to being neophobic, which is a fear of strange movements, unpredictability, and other events that occur in households with small children.


He Pekingese may look adorable and cuddly but don’t let their fluffy appearance fool you. Pekingese can be very fussy and particular so don’t expect them to let children in their face. It is possible for a child to be too intrusive and cause nipping.

Pekingese may have little dog syndrome. This means they might not be as open to children as others. They may view them as either a rival or equal and can be just as bossy as the former. Pekingese prefer a calm environment, where they can spend their time with their favorite people.




Akita Inu make great protectors. They are a breed that is well-known for their noble and loyal nature. Also, They are beautiful to look at and make excellent guard dog breeds. They are large and powerful with a strong jaw and grasp. They are also quite stoic and rarely give warning about their intentions. Akitas possess a remarkable jaw capacity. Akitas were originally bred to be hunting and fighting dogs. They also do guard work and police work. They are quick to do what they were meant to, even if it is directed at small children or anything that might startle them. Because of their power, the damage they cause, even if it is accidental (like a bit, nip), can be irreversible.



Rottweilers make great family companions and are able to integrate well with many lifestyles. But, they can be one of the most dangerous dog breeds for kids! They are great at taking care of young children. Sometimes, however, they might not be the best match for small children. Rottweilers are often loving and affectionate, but can also be strong and heavy and could be dangerous for your child. Rottweilers that aren’t yet fully trained might also drag children on the leash.

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Although the Weimaraner is a beautiful, bright-eyed breed, they are not great with children. Their breeding has been to hunt large game, a class of prey that can be very similar in size to a child younger than 13. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Weimaraners will always be hunting when they’re home, it does mean they can play rough with their owners, especially if they don’t get enough exercise or attention. If they want to behave well, the breed needs a routine, lots of exercise, walking, and playing. This can be difficult to manage if you are a busy parent. You may find it easier to have a different breed.



Shar Pei

Shar Peis can be a bit grumpy despite their sweet expressions and squeezable wrinkles. They are not the best dog to have around small children because of their temperament.

Shar Peis have extreme territorial tendencies and are antisocial dogs. Shar Peis are not good with children and don’t get along well with other pets. They may only be able to live with one owner.

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The Dalmations are the hero breed of fire engine and firehouse, and are well-worth celebrating for their noble looks and beautiful temperaments. These dogs are sweet and can be amazing dogs. They were popularized by the Disney film 101 Dalmations. These Dalmations are becoming more rare, but they possess many notable noble qualities. They are true to their breed, and have a high prey drive. This makes them incompatible with small animals (dogs, cats, and children). They can bite if provoked.


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