Do you wonder why dog noses are wet? If you have a dog or puppy, you may notice that he can sniff around in the water several times after it has dried up. This is due to his nose being set on a dry surface. Dogs are naturally good at this, so do not worry too much about it. You will see that he usually does not have an issue with drying up too much as he is a fast swimmer. However, there can be other reasons he can have these nose drops in the water.


why are dogs noses wet?


Dogs olfactory system.

Dogs are naturally very good at smelling things, even if they have just been cleaned. They have a very sensitive olfactory system, which enables them to distinguish one thing from another. When they are exposed to an artificial smell, they may not recognize it as being what it is. They have a nasal discharge, which is the fluid secreted from their nose. Your dog may have a nasal discharge because they have been recently washed and possibly have a blocked nasal passage.

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The process of getting wet

The nose produces mucus. Special glands in the inner lining of the nose produce mucus to keep nasal canals moist. The mucus adheres to the nostrils and enhances the dog’s sense of smell. The mucous glands also produce clear, watery fluid in the nostrils. This aids in cooling the dog’s body through evaporation. Why do dogs sniff around in the water after cleaning?

Most dogs have a thin layer of mucus at the back of their nose called the nasal linings. When this fluid becomes moist, it traps dirt and other microscopic particles underneath. This creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The bacteria then cause an infection, which is why your dogs may sniff around in the water after getting cleaned.


Dogs lick their nose.


why are dogs noses wet?

Dogs can “smell” more deeply by licking their noses and they can pick up scent particles from their mucus by licking their noses.


Is that a problem when your dog’s nose is dry?

Although dogs wet nose are a positive sign in dog health, dogs dry nose aren’t a cause for concern. Young dogs who enjoy licking are likely to have a wet nose; however, their noses usually become dry as dogs grow older. Dryness may be a sign your dog isn’t getting enough water, Land says. Make sure that your dog is getting ample water.

If the dryness has become chronic, however, it could indicate that your dog might have skin diseases. A dry nose can be a sign of a systemic health issue. “It could be an indication of general poor health,” Lands says. Keep an eye on these indications that your pet is sick and make an appointment with the vet for sure.


Dry nose Doesn’t necessarily mean your Dog is Sick.

We’ve now answered the question, “Why are dogs’ noses wet ?” it’s time to dispel a myth about the difference between a moist nose and a dry nose for dogs. You’ve probably heard of the stories that say a warm, dry nose suggests that your pet health is in danger. In reality, you might have spent time in the vet’s clinic due to this small piece of information you’ve accumulated. Even though, in some instances, dry noses may be a sign of illness, it’s not true that healthy dog’s don’t have dry snouts.



Every dog is unique

Each dog is different so some dog breeds may have colder or wetter noses than others. This can be due to genetics as well as other factors. Some dog breeds are more prone to licking their noses than others, leading to moist noses. This is not a problem as long as your dog does not show other signs of illness.

Another reason your dog may have a wet nose is that he has not been given a bath recently. Dogs cannot normally keep their skin dry, so frequent bathing is drying out their noses. If the dog has never been properly brushed, he will have his nostrils get soaked with sweat. The excessive moisture will irritate the nasal passages.

Removing excess moisture in dogs nose.

When you take your dog in for a visit, be sure to brush his teeth and wipe his face. You can also give your dog a small shot of a disinfectant spray to spray against his face before you place him in his carrier. This will help to remove any of the excess moisture on his nose.


The smelling issue.

why are dogs noses wet?


When a dog has a warm bath, he usually dries out his system, so he is often dry when you look at him. However, he may still be wet if he has just been towel-trained. This is because dogs cannot control their body temperature as well as humans. As they do in the wild, they can go from hot to cold in as little as ten minutes. This is why they tend to smell so bad after being cleaned. The body has not been able to rid itself of the sweat that has been trapped. They can cool down their body temperature by licking their warm nose.

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Mucus getting stuck in the dog’s nasal passages.

Other causes of why our dog’s noses are wet can be from mucus getting stuck in the dog’s nasal passages. If a dog’s immune system has been weakened due to a bacterial infection, there is a greater risk that bacteria will find their way into his nasal cavities and infect him. It is important to note that the bacteria doesn’t always have to be a virus. It can be an allergy-causing substance such as pollen or dust.




You can use saline drops to clean the dog’s nose every time you bath him to avoid this problem. Alternatively, you can hold a wet dog nose test. This test measures how much moisture the dog’s nasal passages have collected. You can find these tests online or at vet offices around the country. You know he has been successfully cleaned when you see the negative, watery result.



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