The pet’s good health is a priority for most owners. This article looks into the answer “why do dogs eat tampons?” and its importance in the dog’s digestive system. Keeping your pet’s health is one of your significant priorities. Seeing that your pet is suffering from some health problem is like a nightmare. Unfortunately, many dogs aren’t selective when consuming harmful substances around them.


why do dogs eat tampons


Why do dogs eat feminine hygiene products such as wipes?

This is because dogs often consume these products. After all, they are used during a bath. When you bring your dog inside, he will probably eat the feminine hygiene products to clean himself. In turn, he ingests some poop. This is why do dogs eat tampons?


The taste of tampons.

Some dogs have trouble using the toilet; therefore, they eat the Tampon if given a chance. It is also believed that dogs like the taste of tampons, so if their master gave them a tampon, they might want to try it out on their own. Besides that, if you buy a new puppy, his mother will probably give him a tampon to play with until he gets used to using the toilet.

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Is Tampon dangerous for dogs?

Unfortunately for our furry companions, eating any tampons (sanitary pads, maxi pad, and bloody Tampon) could be very risky. The purpose behind the Tampon is why it is so hazardous when eaten by dogs. Tampons are created to stay intact while in the body for extended durations of time and cause the expansion to hold in bodily fluids.

Tampons that are not being digested easily by the stomach, in addition to the possibility of the Tampon growing within the stomach or in the intestines. Some large dog breeds might be okay eating a single tampon. However, the case of issues means that any tampon consumption should be considered seriously.

After noticing your dog’s mouth and finding out that they have eaten a tampon, you’ll want to contact your emergency vet or pet poison helpline and watch your puppy closely for possible symptoms of problems. The blood won’t cause him any harm, but the actual Tampon – meaning the cotton fibers and string – can cause him to choke or suffer an intestinal blockage. 

These types of blockages can prevent food, fluids, and gas from moving through your dog’s digestive tract. This can not only be excruciatingly painful, but this can also lead to necrosis (tissue death), which presents a litany of potential complications. In a worst-case scenario, obstructions can lead to death. Blockages can take up to four days to trigger symptoms, so remain vigilant for several days following the incident.

Note that dogs may eat used or unused tampons, though the former seems more common. Used tampons are less likely to cause an intestinal obstruction than new tampons are. This is because the blood present in a used tampon will cause the cotton to distend, while an unused tampon will swell more when it contacts your dog’s saliva and stomach acid.


What should you do when a dog eats tampons?

Don’t panic. If your dog is certain it has eaten a condom, Tampon, or diaper, you should monitor its excrement for at least a day. It should not go away on its own. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, contact your veterinarian. Foreign bodies can be found in the intestines using ultrasounds and X-rays. The long-term effects of a personal hygiene item in the digestive system can include internal bleeding, dehydration, peritonitis, or inflammation of the abdominal wall.



Blockages in the digestive system.

The fact is that by itself, a tampon is not harmful. However, the problem can occur when there is an intestinal blockage. Suppose you are wondering why do dogs eat tampons. In that case, you may want to ask your vet about possible health problems associated with a bulge in the fallopian tubes or other blockages in the digestive system. Many dogs have been hospitalized due to this kind of blockage, and it can cause serious medical problems.

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What should you do on this occasion?

If your dog ingests a tampon, stay calm! The first step is to figure out the number of tampons or pads your dog consumes. If they consume unused tampons, keep the wrappers to count them.

If they consumed only just a tiny amount, your pet might be able to pass on these items with ease. It’s not pretty. However, it’s not hazardous for their health. But if you think your dog has consumed an excessive amount of any tampons, look for symptoms of intestinal obstruction:


why do dogs eat tampons

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Weight loss
  • Trouble eating

When these symptoms occur, they should not be ignored. The veterinarian may recommend an enema or IV fluids to help treat the poisoning or gastrointestinal blockage. If the symptoms are not severe, the owner may notice that the pump pulls its anus up and down when it tries to relieve itself. These signs could be a sign of poisoning or an allergic reaction to the trash. If the symptoms persist, the owner should consult a vet.


What will vets do about this issue?

Your dog’s condition will determine the treatment he receives. The vet will most likely perform a basic exam and check your dog’s vitals. Your vet will ask questions about your dog’s behavior and the time of the incident. The vet will then likely check the dog’s mouth for any traces of the Tampon or other items he might have ingested from the trashcan.

The vet will typically start by looking inside your dog’s mouth. The tampon string may have become stuck to his teeth. This would make it easier to remove. Your vet might use an endoscope to examine your dog’s throat if the Tampon is not visible in their pet’s mouth. This is a long flexible tube with a small camera at its end. If all else fails, your vet might order an X-ray to locate the Tampon. Technically, tampons won’t show up in X-rays, so your vet will look for trapped gas and food to determine where it is.


How to prevent your dog from eating Tampons?

  • Keep the sanitary pads and used or unused tampons, toilet paper, and anything that has the smell of blood like your underwear away from your dog.
  • Consult a dog behavior expert. In the case of a compulsive behavior disorder, you might need an expert’s opinion to identify the cause leading to this kind of behavior. Dog training is important for dog owner’s to treat or solve this type of behavior.
  • Prevent boredom. Since this might be a habit developed due to boredom, engaging your dog in constant physical activity or giving them things to have fun like chew toy’s.
  • Spraying nasty flavors. To keep your dog away from eating used tampons, spray the tampons or garbage receptacle with unpleasant substances like an anti-chew spray.




Dogs can be tempted to eat foreign objects such as tampons. If not treated promptly, this could lead to serious complications. To give your dog and your wallet the best possible outcome, it is crucial to get professional veterinary advice at your local clinic as soon as possible.

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