why does my dog follow me everywhere?

why does my dog follow me everywhere?

Why does my dog follow me everywhere? What are its intentions? This question is probably more annoying than helpful. The purpose of this article is to shed light on a dog’s behavior, so you can determine what its normal behavior is. After reading this article, you should be better prepared to answer the question, “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?”


why does my dog follow me everywhere?


They want our company.

Dogs follow their humans because they want our company. Each day is a new day for a dog, and each motion is an opportunity to learn something new and explore a new area. It means that each time we go somewhere, we make new friends. Why does my dog follow me everywhere? It’s not very difficult to figure out why your dog follows you. Just take a look at these three main reasons dogs follow their masters.

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Separation Anxiety.

Separation Anxiety is the most common reason why your dog follows you around. The anxiety is when your dog tries to somehow “establish” control over your life by scaring you with its behavior. Anxious Dogs have trouble establishing control over their surroundings when their owner is gone for any amount of time. For instance, when you or a family member leave the house to take a hike, your dog keeps watching outside your home just in case you show up unexpectedly to take you home. They want to feel secure, so they will follow you around to ensure it’s safe.


why does my dog follow me everywhere?


Velcro Dogs.

If you’ve ever had velcro-on shoes, you know why does my dog follows me everywhere? Velcro-on shoes connect your feet to your shoes, which means that if your shoes are taken off, your feet are securely fastened to your feet. Some dogs are especially attached to this kind of shoes because they can follow you anywhere if you leave them in your car, on your steps, or even on your walks. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, Velcro-on shoes are the way to go. This is a list of velcro dog breeds :

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Fleece Blocking.

When you walk through the park or out into the road, your dog follows you because he wants to feel safe and secure in your company. As he follows you, he gets excited because he knows that he’ll be right behind you if you turn around. To prevent this from happening, buy him some fleece blocking power and give it to him on his birthday or while you’re away. He won’t be able to get close to you, and you won’t have to worry about him following you around everywhere.



Clingy dogs.

This is particularly applicable to “velcro dogs,” or clingy dog’s. They appear to be attached to our hips. According to Dr Barrack, veterinarian and animal acupuncturist, domesticated dogs breed this bond from a very early age. Dr Barrack believes that puppies from birth to 6 months can create a bond with their parents the way they would do to their mother by interpreting them as role models for their parents and being packmates.

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They want attention.

Dogs will follow their owners around because they get attention or another reward. Dogs will recall and do the same behavior if given treats, playtime, or pets in return. This behavior is common and will be loved by most people. If shadowing becomes too much, it can become irritating and dangerous for you and your dog.



Dogs often don’t get enough exercise and physical activity every day. This can lead to them following their people all over the place, looking for something or anything to do. Does your dog stop if you give him a chew toy? Then he was most likely bored!


why does my dog follow me everywhere?


What is your benefit?

Burch says that humans also benefit from having a dog close by them. She said, “A loving dog can prevent loneliness and when a dog is interested in exercise and play, it can be a benefit to the owner.” Dogs who love to be with us make us feel loved. Everyone can benefit from unconditional love.

Your amorous feelings are not the only thing that increases when you’re with a dog. Santos says that studies have shown that dogs can be a good companion and reduce anxiety. “Dogs can improve our health. They improve our heart health and keep us moving more often. They can reduce stress and can even help detect cancer.




Wherever your dog follows you, be sure to redirect your dog’s behavior back to you immediately. You might need to do several retraining sessions until you get him to understand that he should follow you, not because you are ordering him to. Also, make sure your home is free of distractions, and give your pet a safe place to run around. There’s no reason why your dog should be following you around the house!

Hopefully, if you answered “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?” correctly, you have found a helpful guide in correcting your dog’s behavior. You and your dog must be a good match for where and how you live and what the dog will experience. An energetic puppy with a lot of energy may not be the right fit for someone who doesn’t exercise as much.

11 Oct 2021
9:00 pm