One of dog owners’ most commonly asked questions is why my dog follows me to the bathroom? I know that this is a very common question. If your dog follows you around the house and starts to pee where he shouldn’t, then maybe you need to take him to the vet and check upon him. However, regularly, dogs that do this should be identified as either “on a leash” or “free-roaming” dogs.


why does my dog follow me to the bathroom


Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom?

They might simply be curious about what you’re doing in there! But more likely, your dog is following you because he or she loves you and wants to be near you as much as possible. Dogs are very social creatures, and they form strong bonds with the people they love. So if your dog follows you to the bathroom, it’s probably just because he or she wants to be close to you and share in whatever activity you’re doing. here is a list of possible reasons they follow you

  • May suffer from separation anxiety
  • Curiosity
  • Don’t like to be alone
  • Protective and supportive behavior
  • Tend socialization
  • Dogs love being with their owners
  • They like attention
  • Dogs love smells
  • They may look for a treat
  • Breed traits

They want to know where the bathroom is?

When my dog follows me into the bathroom, he is trying to figure out where the bathroom is, and where he needs to go after he’s done with his business. The truth of the matter is that you should never enforce a dog’s use of the bathroom at all. However, if you’ve been gone for more than ten minutes, and he’s completely unsupervised, then maybe you can leave him in there for a bit. Some dogs have such a strong need to be “put on a leash” that they’ll hold on to your leash until they are completely done with their business. For this reason, many hotels have restricted bathrooms for pets, and I wouldn’t advise going alone into a room that has a bathroom on the second floor unless you are an animal lover.

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How you can solve following problem?

Set some limits. While your dog may follow you into the bathroom and could even follow you out of the bathroom while you are alone time, if you don’t give him enough freedom to do what he wants to do, then he will probably continue to do what he wants to do. There is a big difference between letting your puppy into the bathroom with you and making him wait outside to use the bathroom. You can’t punish your dog for doing something he doesn’t like; you just have to set limits and enforce those boundaries consistently. If you never let your puppy enter the bathroom by himself, but you do let him take long walks and play in the backyard, then you will both be much happier.



They need to use the bathroom.

Pee and poop! One of the biggest reasons your dog is following you around the house and the bathroom is because he needs to use the bathroom immediately after playing or walking. It is very tempting to let him hold it until you are ready to use the bathroom, but this is the quickest way for him to get back to his crate or bed. So instead of letting him drag you out the door and make you wait in the bathroom, take him straight to the spot where he can have all the attention that he needs.


They are your companions.

Dogs are pack animals. They have always lived in close-knit groups and traveled together as pack animals. This is still the case in many villages around the globe. Although domestic pets no longer live in groups, they are still wired to seek comfort from others. Dogs have become closer to humans over the centuries, thanks to domestication. Your dog is your best friend, and you are his closest companion. Being close to you can bring him food, safety, happiness, and love.

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Separation Anxiety.

They howl at the moment you leave your house, paw you when you go, or scratch at the bathroom door you’ve shut to them. If this is the case with your pet is experiencing the anxiety of separation. A dog suffering from separation anxiety might struggle when they are on their own.

Your dog may become extremely stressed when you walk into the bathroom and shut the door in certain situations. You may allow the dog to join you for a while, but this isn’t an option in the long term.


Dogs are protective.

Your dogs love you unconditionally and will do anything to keep you safe. You may feel that your dog is obligated to protect you against outside threats. They see guarding you as an extension of their pack mentality. However, if they are resource guarding your home out of fear or separation anxiety, this should be treated as a behavior problem.


why does my dog follow me to the bathroom


 Positive Reinforcement.

Our dogs are extremely smart, and they catch on quickly to behavior that seems to get your attention. It could also be related to positive reinforcement.” Dr Rachel Barrack says “If every time you are with your dog, he gets affection or treats, he’s likely to [follow you around] more often. A dog sitting at your side in the restroom may cause you to reach over and pat their head or even give them a treat after the interaction. If this happens often, your pup will likely catch on to how this behavior brings them a reward. If your dog follows your bathroom door, look at the behavior for signs that might provide positive reinforcement. It is often to the owner rewarding the incorrect behavior.



Dogs love to follow humans as their favorite person of their territory, almost everywhere they go. This clingy behavior could be because of affection, attention, and other behavior like this. Dogs will follow you to the bathroom. It is perfectly normal. If your dog becomes anxious about being left alone, even for a short time, it could be cause for concern. This could indicate separation anxiety in dogs.

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