Ask any dog trainer, and they’ll tell you that the reason most dogs don’t sleep is that they’re lazy! That’s not the case, though. Your dog could probably just lay around, lap up, and sometimes even sleep on you when it’s convenient for him. But why does my dog lay on me all the time? You probably have the same questions as I did when I first thought about this.

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Many different reasons.

Most dog owners probably don’t understand why their pets slept where they lay. To them, it may seem like a random question, but the answer goes way deeper than you can imagine. Why does my dog sleep on me? Well, there are several reasons behind this. The reasons could range from many different factors to simply a lot of dog owners being lazy.


why does my dog sit on me?


A Strange Breed Behavior.

In most cases, the habit of sitting on your lap is a natural habit! Certain breeds love to pile on top of each other. When they are in the wild, the dog often rests in packs. Their backs meet so that the entire pack is awakened if anything occurs. The constant contact between them is a crucial survival strategy.

Your dog might be a victim of the old urges to stay as close as they can to you! Larger dog’s like Great Dane’s and German shepherd’s are well-known for their desire to be a part of people’s bodies in the way of bonding. They even lie on babies! Other breeds include lap dogs that are a pleasure to be around.

Smaller dog breeds of posh like Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, and Pomeranians will leap onto their owner’s lap when they have the chance.


They need attention

One of the main reasons why dogs lay on people is because they want some sort of attention. All dogs love attention. It’s an essential part of their survival instincts. In fact, dogs were meant to serve as our protectors and guides because they are man’s best friends. That means dogs need to get some interaction in their day-to-day lives.



You’re the best dog bed

Because we humans like to lead a busy life, it can be very hard to find the time to cuddle, pet, and play with our best friends. While dogs can’t lead the same life, they still need some human contact and attention from time to time. That’s where they get the idea of laying down on you or the couch and snuggling up. If you provide that contact, your dog may start to like it, or he may even decide to ask you for the best dog beds ever.

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They assume they have your permission.

Picture yourself coming home after a long day at the office. Or school. It can be exhausting, and you want to relax before dinner. Your sweet dog will crawl on top of your chest while you are on the couch and lay down on your chest. Your instinctive instinct is to reach out and rub their ears. Or to give cuddles and kiss their heads. These are good reinforcement for dogs. They don’t have to be asked to leave, so they are happy to lie on your lap. They are also petted when they do this.



The reason for this is it could be because it is bored. Being bored may be because it’s not getting the proper amount of recommended exercise for the breed. It is more likely when it happens more than it’s been getting enough exercise, and be ensure that it gets the appropriate amount of exercise in this situation. It is also possible to give it things to play with, such as toys, bones, or games for dogs.



You accidentally rewarded the dog by sitting on you.

The reason it does it is that you’ve inadvertently rewarded it for the behavior. It is more likely if you are inclined to offer it things it would like to have on your lap, like treat, attention, or toys.


They feel close.

Dogs consider their owners part of their pack and family. They want to lie on top of them to show that you are valued to them and provide comfort. They also love to be close to their owners and lay on them, even when there is no danger or threat. The second reason is affection. Dogs will lie next to people they are connected to or share a close bond with. It is considered affection to allow your dog to lie on your lap or beside you.

Could it be they are jealous and protect you? One might “protect” you from the other if you have multiple dogs. They might growl at dogs that come to them. They might also throw fits if you pay attention to other dogs.

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Separation Anxiety Issues.

It might be the case that dog has some separation anxiety about dog owner. Anxiety is a genuine issue that you can’t ignore. When dogs have problems being alone, they’ll want to spend every waking moment by your side. Most dogs will resort to sitting on you when you usually leave. It’s a way to keep you home. Of course, you can’t just gloss over separation anxiety. We recommend a professional dog trainer to help anxious dogs get through their problems.

They get jealous

Interestingly, dogs do get jealous. According to PLOS One’s 2014 research, this is true. The study involved 36 dogs from different dog breeds. The dogs were not to be seen by their owners and should not interact with other objects. These objects included a fake dog, a children’s book, and a plastic Jack-o-lantern. It was clear that the dogs were jealous. They could only pet and talk to the fake dog-like real. They were not like that towards the children’s book or the jack-o-lantern. 86% of the dogs also sniffed the fake dog’s butt. This behavior indicates that the dogs perceived the fake dog to be real. This research reminded me of a clip I once saw. Sadie, the Golden Retriever, was jealous of a toy.



The owner laziness!

Another reason why do other’s dogs lay on you is that their owner was too lazy to shower him or them with enough love and attention. Believe it or not, lazy people out there still have some things to work on. This could be a common problem among puppy owners, who don’t seem to be able to stop themselves from lazing around after all. The laziness may just have gotten the best of them, and the result is that the dog doesn’t feel loved anymore, because the owner doesn’t care.


why does my dog sit on me?

What can I do about my dog sitting on me?

There are a number of things that you can do about your dog sitting on you. The best option for your dog will largely depend on the cause of it doing it.

  • Train it not to
  • Avoid negative reinforcement training
  • Give it attention throughout the day



Some dogs display some bad behaviors. They may jump up on people with aggression or dig at their homes. Then, some dogs have strange habits like barking continuously without being asked. However, you need to remember whenever you start asking yourself, “why does my dog sleep on me.” Usually, sitting on your body when you lay down isn’t a significant cause for concern.


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