When your dog doesn’t poop at the door or in the yard, you may be wondering why it’s happening. Many dogs don’t have their outdoor bathroom, so they must use a commode or just an outside potty to relieve themselves.

In some cases, dogs may not be house-trained for various reasons. Some are shy and hate being watched while they are pooping. Others may not know the difference between an open-air area and a fenced-in yard. If this problem persists, it’s best to take the dog to a veterinarian for evaluation and treatment. If your dog doesn’t poop outside for whatever reason, you can still try some solutions that will help him stop doing it indoors.


why does my dog won't poop outside


The outdoor areas are not always clean

It’s essential to understand why your dog won’t poop on the door or in the yard. First, the outdoor areas of your home are not always spotless. We don’t always keep our homes clean, and dogs are used to this fact. The yard or door may be filled with yard debris, grass clippings, and dog waste, which are making your dog’s stool smell bad. To keep this from happening, make sure you’re taking care of your yard and door simultaneously.

Take away any leftover food or garbage

One way to keep your door and yard clean is to take away any leftover food or garbage. This includes scraps from the table or the grill. Also, rake up leaves, branches, and other debris from your garden. A little bit of extra-human manure is good for the park, and it keeps the soil moist, so your plants have little water to encourage growth. If your dog has access to the yard while you’re not home, eliminate the access by getting rid of the toys, the beds, and anything else left out in the yard.


The weather.


why does my dog won't poop outside


Another reason your dog won’t poop in the yard is the weather. It’s warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Because your dog’s system is designed to keep warm and conserve energy, it’s hard for it to cope when the weather turns on a sudden excellent spell. The body will overheat, and the urge to poop will become stronger.


Picky and Shy Poopers.

They are very intelligent and are prone to experiencing discomfort as we do. Some dogs are just timid poopers who don’t want to be exposed and aren’t keen on being monitored when they poop which is why pooping outside could be quite a problem for them as you are the only one. However, there may be many dogs and people around. Of course, nobody wants to see your pet pooping. However, this is something that they aren’t able to comprehend the rationale behind it. Imagine how you would feel if you had to use the toilet in the middle of the street and imagine what your dog is experiencing.

Others are looking for comfort and safety; therefore, they shouldn’t put their poo anywhere. They need to pick their spots carefully, and it could be the case that you haven’t gone far enough to locate that particular location.

Another common reason why some dogs won’t poop outside is that they live in an area with tall bushes or trees. When a dog relieves himself, he wants to be as far away from his owner as possible to avoid being seen. Sometimes this is the only way to keep the dog from relieving itself. Keep an eye out for signs that your dog could be easing himself, such as circling the floor or standing with their rear end bent.


why does my dog won't poop outside



Your dog spends most of its time inside the house. When you take him out for pooping, he might feel stressed. The outside world is full of noises that can scare your dog because they are unfamiliar, including traffic sounds. This condition is common among puppies. However, it also happens for mature dogs. You should know that if the reason behind your dog’s feeling is this one, it is not very challenging. You can easily help your dog to overcome its stresses and anxieties.


why does my dog won't poop outside


Medical condition.

In some cases, dogs refused to poop outside due to medical issues. It can be a problem related to its digestive system or urinary system. You should observe your dog carefully and if you see any signs of pain, blood, etc., contact your vet immediately. Infections, kidney and bladder stones, gastrointestinal problems, and many others may be the reason behind your dog’s refusal to poop outside.

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Don’t scold your dog.


my dog won't poop outside


Suppose your dog doesn’t poop where you want him to keep a close eye on him for a few days. If you notice that he’s eliminating somewhere else, do what you can to correct the situation. Please don’t yell at your dog, punish him in any way you feel like, or give him his walk. It would be best if you showed him that you’re the leader of the pack and that you have the final say on where he needs to go.

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How help your dog to potty outside?

Some ideas you can help to handle your dog’s unwillingness to pee outside:

  1. Increase Your Dog’s Walk Frequency

It is believed that walks stimulate stool movements in dogs. In reality, veterinarians usually advise dog owners to walk their dogs as the first step to treat constipation in dogs. In extending the duration of their walks following meals, you won’t just encourage your dog to go to the bathroom, however; you’ll aid in meeting their daily exercise needs.

  1. Train Your Dog To Potty On Command

The ability to train your dog to pee at the command of a dog (like “go potty”) can be beneficial for numerous occasions, not during a walkout in your backyard. For instance, if you go to a new place, you can utilize the command to inform the dog where to go.

  1. Rule Out Any Possible Medical Condition’s.

Pooping problems could suggest the beginning of a medical condition that is underlying. It is more likely when your dog is straining or mowing in the process of pooping. Dog health is an important factor in this case.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Dog’s Schedule

If you’re trying to toilet training for your pet, it’s crucial to track the time they eat and when they go to the bathroom so that you can take them out that you’re sure they’re required to go.

  1. Make Your Backyard More Appealing.

As previously mentioned, certain breeds of dogs couldn’t handle frigid temperatures. If your dog falls into among them, create a covered area or even crate in your backyard so they can go to the bathroom spot without being soaked from snow or rain.



Rules of Teaching a Potty Spot.

There are four fundamental guidelines for teaching your dog to pee in a certain area that you have to be sure to follow:

  1. No More Unsupervised Potty Breaks. The most important – and crucial – important rule to teach your pet to pee in a specific location is that you’ll need to watch over it. It’s not enough to allow your dog to go out into the backyard and not supervise it!
  2. Go On-Leash to the Potty Spot. Putting your dog on a leash to the designated spot for potty is necessary every time you need to go potty. This will help you guide your pet to the right location. If your dog is roaming in the wild, it is impossible to control the place she’ll end up to relieve herself.
  3. There is no freedom until you’re empty. Keep your dog inside your “potty area” until your dog pees or pees. You can use puppy pads for them. Pee pad’s are common in yards.

Some dogs won’t pee immediately when allowed outside unless they’ve been out for a long time! The best method is to go directly to the toilet and then wait.

  1. Reward When they Pees. If your pet pees in the proper location, offer her a treat to reward her for it by taking go off-leash or going out on a stroll. It’s crucial to reserve the time for a fun walk or playtime for whenyour dog has peed in the correct spot.

For certain dogs, it’s all you need to do. They soon learn that if they do not pee in the area you’ve taken them to, they’re not allowed to continue walking, get treats, or have a lot of fun.

However, it can be difficult to sit there and wait for your dog to pee. This is where a command to potty can be helpful.


Potty Training A Puppy To Go Outside – Professional Dog Training Tips



Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your puppy any behavior. They love praise and want to be good dogs. You can show your dog that the outside environment is positive and encourage them to poop outside. The leash method has been proven to be very effective in my personal experience. If you have any other concerns, please visit your veterinarian.


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