Puppy humps

Hump is a normal behavior in dogs, and it’s not bad behavior. When your dog can see the sparkle in their eyes and then humps at their companion (or, more importantly, yours), it’s tempting to shout, push away the dog with force, or ask the ground to lift and take you in. With a little patience, dog owner’s of loud and hump-happy dogs will be able to recognize why their dog is humming and learn how to redirect the dog’s behavior to stop the behavior.


why does my Puppy humps?

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Why do dogs hump?

Puppies don’t become puberty until six to eight months old, which means that the humping of a puppy is not sexual behavior. It’s one of the primary methods a puppy learns about self-confidence and social status. Due to this, it’s possible to continue it to adulthood, even if your pet is female and is desexed.

Certain dogs respond to exciting or stressful situations by putting things on their backs. If your puppy or dog greets you upon entering the room with an enthusiastic leg hump, it’s likely just happy to see you. It could also be a sign that your dog is scared of a park animal. Sexually motivated mounting is usually followed by certain body language, such as tail up, panting, whining, or pawing.


Increased Serotonin Levels.

The “hump” could be the result of an increase in levels of serotonin, which is a chemical that plays a major role in regulating emotional behaviour (excitement), sexual desire (sexual maturity), and social behaviour within the brain of a dog. If your dog feels stressed, they may begin singing to keep their balance. This is common among pets who aren’t exercising enough or are unable to engage in interactions with other pets.



Could it be a non-sexual reason?

In most cases, dogs aren’t imitating mating behaviors when they hum. The non-sexual aspect of arousal can trigger dogs to make a hump. It’s a method your dog can release energy or ease tension. Some dogs bark, while others leap or run, and others hum. It’s normal for many breeds of dogs. If your dog is exhibiting this behavior frequently, the training could help by directing your dog to an alternative outlet for extra energy.

In the same way, some dogs hump to attract attention or when they’re bored. If that’s the situation, giving them plenty of physical exercises, mental stimulation, and attention, even when they’re not humping, will aid.

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Medical Problems

If you are planning to get your dog to stop humping, look into any medical issues that could be the cause. Humps aren’t usually associated with a medical condition. There are a few possibilities.

Urinary tract conditions, skin allergies, and the condition is known as priapism (persistent sexual desire) could trigger a dog hump. This is similar to other actions like touching the genital area with a swab or rubbing furnishings or objects. Your physician will be capable of identifying illnesses as possible causes for your dogs humping.


why does my Puppy humps?


Reversing the behavior.

Many dog owners don’t favor humping behaviors but could inadvertently foster them. As an example, the moment your puppy starts can hum his leg in arousal, and you take him to the ground to stop him from humming -what you’ve taught the dog is that humping will get him what he’s looking for. It’s even an incentive since you’re paying attention to the behavior of your dog. According to Whole Dog Journal, laughing at his behavior is a type of negative reinforcement.


What do you do if your puppy begins to hum on your leg?

Make yourself stand up and not pay attention to the dog. If no attention is given to him, he’ll be conditioned to believe that a hum doesn’t get him the respect he wants. It’s important to start this kind of training as early as possible since once a puppy begins humping, it’s difficult to stop him from doing it. Puppy tries humping the owner’s legs. Bingo, this dog humping behaviour is a winner!

Reducing his humping behavior may require some hard love. If he is humming at an intruder, send him home or place him in a cage. Make sure your puppy is taught basic obedience actions, including sitting. If your puppy starts to growl, then distract him and make him sit instead.


why does my Puppy humps?

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Some tips to stop the puppy from humming.

  • Consult your veterinarian to rule out a medical cause. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to control an animal’s behavior in the event of an illness. It’s impossible to do the trick, and the health issues could worsen if the treatment is not completed.
  • Take into consideration that the sooner the behavior is addressed more effectively, the better. The puppy that has practiced the behavior over a period of months is likely to take longer to handle than a puppy that has just begun.
  • Note the moment when the behavior happens and attempt to stop it from occurring at all. The thing is that dogs are extremely routine-oriented animals and when they repeat the same behavior repeatedly, they become ensconced in their routines and habits. They practice until they are perfect.
  • Learn a substitute behavior. If your dog is inclined to climb up the guests’ legs, teach your dog to give guests’ hands in exchange for treats or take a bite of a treat.
  • Try to retrain the behavior by giving treats or toys. If you are able, take your dog prior to him increasing his pace, even though you are aware that the dog is thinking about the issue. It’s crucial to stop her before she begins humming two times.
  • Spaying or neutering your puppy early can stop them from developing sexually motivated humping behaviour. A female dog will eliminate mounting while she’s on heat. In a male dog, it may reduce sexual desire and testosterone levels.
  • For a quick way to stop the behavior causing it, make sure your dog wears an elastic band around his collar. Tabs are essentially an incredibly short piece of leash that won’t slide into the ground. If you begin to hear your dog’s heart pound it, you can shout “ah-ha!” then grab the tab and bring your dog to the time-out zone.
  • Dog humping is caused by stress or anxiety. Stress is an issue that requires finding ways to decrease dogs’ stress levels.
  • Take into consideration that in the event of humping to attract attention, the act of having a laugh or making a fuss could encourage the behaviour.
  • Suppose your dog is ever shown signs of becoming aggressive, such as during a huff or after being removed from a particular situation. In that case, you should consult a behavior expert for a thorough assessment and implementation of a behavior modification.




If your dog has not been spayed/neutered, experts suggest neutering your pet to stop sexually motivated increase. Before you decide to go, this route takes into your mind that research has shown that spaying or neutering certain breeds at young ages could be detrimental to health over the long term. When your dog’s in its early years, you might prefer to keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior by training until they reach an age that is safe for neutering.

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