What’s a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix?

Maltese Yorkie Mix, a mix of purebred Maltese Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers, is also known as Morkie or Morkshire Terrier. The small Morkie, sometimes called the Yorktese or Morkshire Terrier, has many of its parents’ great qualities and some unique quirks.

They are friendly and playful but can be emotionally dependent on their owners. Although they don’t need to be exercised a lot, they can get along well with small dog’s and adapt to many different situations. Despite their small handbags, the Morkie is known for being full of confidence.



Parent breed information

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Maltese dog can be described as “gentle and playful, and charming” by the American Kennel Club. She usually weighs less than 7 pounds and is 7-9 inches tall. Many believe her breed title stems from her origins in the Mediterranean. The Maltese is the gentlest and most intelligent of all toy dog breeds. This playful and agile little dog is a great gamer.



The Yorkshire Terrier, one of the most well-known American Kennel Club breeds, was created in the 1800s in Yorkshire, England. It has been a beloved companion dog since then. This tiny dog is intelligent, brave, and sometimes domineering. She thrives when her owner can make herself known. Yorkies have small heads with small eyes and medium-sized ears. They also have a black noses, small v-shaped ears, and medium-sized eyes. The Yorkie has a shiny, straight coat that can reach the floor.

Even though the Yorkie is smaller than the toy, this breed is often called the teacup yorkie. Yorkies are energetic and hardy. Some people consider this dog a fashion accessory. They pamper it with lots of love and tenderness. How they do in life will depend on how their owners view them. A Yorkie can learn obedience with persistence.



Morkies are fearless in taking a stand and can be stubborn without leadership. However, this trait only sometimes makes her the best listener. She is outgoing and happy and gets along well avec other animals. She’s playful and spunky but also forms strong attachments with her owners.

Like many small breeds of dogs, Morkies don’t realize how fragile and tiny they are. Many are confident, brave, and fearless. Sometimes it is charming to watch a small but powerful pup, and sometimes we laugh at her inadequacy. But Morkie owners need to be aware of their pet’s impulsiveness, so they don’t get in trouble with larger dogs.




The average weight of this hybrid dog breed is 8 pounds. One breed that can be smaller is the “teacup Yorkie”, while others can become larger if fed excessively. A healthy Morkie is typically between 4-15 lbs and 6-11 inches tall.

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The life expectancy of Morkies is exceptional, with some even living to 15 years.



Despite their breeding differences, Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese are famous for their beautiful coats. Long hair is a hallmark of Yorkies, while Maltese are well-known for their hypoallergenic and white fur. Your hybrid breed will likely have a soft, long-haired single-coat made of hair, not fur.

They are hypoallergenic and perfect for people with allergies. Dog hair is not shed by them (not their fur), so they won’t be all over your house.




The color of a Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix’s coat can vary. Morkies can be found in black, brown, and tan colors (from their Yorkshire Terrier parent), and solid white (from the Maltese parent).

It is impossible to predict what coat color a Morkie may have. This is why they are known as designer dog breeds. Your dog’s color will likely change as they age.

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One glance at their beautiful coats reveals that Morkie dog breed’s require a lot of grooming.

Morkies, like the Maltese and Yorkie, have silky, long hair, much like a human’s. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that they must brush their hair daily to prevent it from getting tangled or knotted.  Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix needs to be bathed at least once a month. High-quality shampoo or conditioner is best for their hair. Toy dog’s are more likely to develop dental disease. They should be brushing their teeth daily at home and getting regular cleanings from the vet.



Morkies can be stubborn and intelligent. This combination can cause frustration for the owner as well as the dog.

Although Morkie dog breed’s can pick up on any behavior or trick you are trying to teach them, how you train them will determine if they will cooperate.

It is essential to make your Morkie happy when training them. This can be achieved by having fun and giving praise. Harsh attitudes and yelling will likely work in the opposite direction, which can cause your Morkies to stop training and shut down.




The Morkie is a Toy breed. However, they still require exercise and play every day. You can take your dog for a walk around the block or to a park. When you go to a dog park for your Yorkie Maltese mix, you should be mindful of other dogs. A bite or jump can cause serious injuries. The Morkie can become destructive if he isn’t given exercise and companionship.



The Institute of Canine Biology has revealed that mixed breed dogs are less susceptible to inheriting genetic disorders than purebred counterparts.

Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix can still be at risk of any health problems their parents are predisposed to. Yorkshire terriers can be at high risk for eye disease, dislocated kneecaps, and other health issues.

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Is a Morkie a good family pet?

A Morkie can be a wonderful family dog if given the right environment. You will need to socialize them properly at an early age to ensure they don’t become attached to any one person or cause separation anxiety.




The Yorkshire Terrier Maltese Mix, a small lapdog breed, is energetic and loyal. They don’t need to be exercised often, but they love playing, especially indoors. This makes them the ideal dog for small apartments and houses. Although socialization and training are essential to prevent unwanted behavior, their intelligence makes it easy, even for those who have never trained dogs


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