As a good owner, you think about things to keep dogs busy while you are not at home. Boredom is a bad feeling, but you have to be realistic and understand that you won’t be able to get rid of it completely. You can still keep your dog entertained, and give him more entertainment while you can’t give him much time.


How to Keep a Dog From Being Bored When Home Alone?

#1 Prepare a Seat by the Window

Dogs adore observing their surroundings. Even those who aren’t avid guard dogs still appreciate a glimpse of the outside world. It’s even better if they have an elevated vantage point!

Locate a window in your home that offers an intriguing view of the street or backyard. Keep the curtains open, allowing your furry friend to enjoy the view all day long. Enhance the experience by placing their preferred blanket or bed nearby, encouraging them to spend more time there. You’ll be amazed by how much time dogs can spend peacefully observing the world while eagerly awaiting your return for walkies.

#2 Turn on the TV

Surprisingly, numerous dogs find enjoyment in watching television. The presence of other animals on the screen can alleviate their sense of loneliness and reduce stress. Optimal choices for canine entertainment include Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and the subscription-based DogTV.

You know how to keep a dog entertained while at work requires some extra clarity. Yes, there are quite a few good animal shows on Netflix, but you only see a fraction of them. You can see more if you use Netflix with a VPN. You may have to go a little deeper into how to switch countries on Netflix, but it’s worth it. If you change Netflix region, you’ll be able to see quite a few new shows. To do this, you will need to use VeePN to change your IP address.

#3 Hide Treats

If your dog is a fan of sniffing and hunting, consider hiding treats throughout the house. You have plenty of options, ranging from dog biscuits to Kongs and even nutritious fruits such as blueberries. Just remember to thoroughly inspect all hiding spots upon returning home to avoid any undiscovered treats.

#4 Frozen Treats

KONGs offer an excellent solution to keep your dog engaged and occupied, diverting their natural urge to chew away from your furniture. Additionally, they encourage your dog to lie calmly and focus on the toy instead of you or other household items. Fill your dog’s KONG with safe food options like turkey and mashed sweet potato, or a mixture of peanut butter, banana, and Greek yogurt. For an added challenge, freeze the KONG to prolong the enjoyment!

#5 Hire a Dog Walker

Having a well-exercised dog leads to a contented companion! If your canine friend has boundless energy, enlisting a dog walker to visit during work hours can bring significant advantages. The added human interaction will bring tranquility to both you and your pet, and exercise is an excellent stress reliever! There are quite a lot of message boards on the Internet, but first check here, otherwise, you may encounter scammers. A VPN will help protect against phishing attacks and data interception.

#6 FaceTime Your Dog

Petcube is an amazing alternative to FaceTime. It allows you to visually monitor and audibly interact with your dog while you’re away. Additionally, you can use a laser pointer to play with them. With its mobile app, you can even share the experience with family and friends, enabling them to interact with your dog from anywhere. No more lonely pets! Check out the Petcube website for a fantastic video explaining all its features.

#7 Take Turns With Your Neighbours

If you have a part-time job or work split shifts, one great way to keep your dog socialized and active is by sharing playdate responsibilities with dogs in your neighborhood. Everyone takes turns minding a few dogs throughout the day and engages in activities like walking them, playing games with them, supervising their interactions, and ensuring they are fed and hydrated when necessary. Taking shifts to look after your neighbor’s dogs can be a fantastic option for everyone involved. Your dog gets to socialize, and each person gets the opportunity to have a pack of joyful puppies in their home for a day each week.


Keeping your pet engaged is pivotal to their happiness. Boredom might lead to destructive behavior, but you can assist your furry friend in reaching their full potential through strategic planning and thoughtful consideration. By implementing the above-mentioned tips, you can help your dog or cat discover various engaging and self-entertaining techniques for when you’re away from home. Ultimately, pets strive to please their owners and occupy themselves. Pet parents, on the other hand, simply want their pets to remain entertained and return to a home that’s as intact as possible after being away.

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