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What Is Betta Fish?

The most sought-after freshwater fish is the betta fish, and Splashy Fish proudly boasts
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Chances are you’ve encountered to buy Betta fish at some point in your life. Perhaps in
an aquarium at a fish shop, you are adorning an aesthetically pleasing vase with crystal
pebbles and artificial plants at a friend’s house or even swimming gracefully in a bowl on
a colleague’s desk. Captivated by its stunning “dress” and captivating appearance, you
might have felt a twinge of envy. However, don’t let the beauty deceive you; these fish

are renowned as warriors hailing from Siam (modern-day Thailand), known as Siamese
fighting fish.
Here’s a fascinating tidbit: Betta fish are sometimes called Betta, named after a clan of
This designation is not just for show; Bettas are inherently aggressive and readily
engage in combat upon detecting potential rivals nearby. Despite their combative
nature, it’s still possible to house them with other community fish. If you’re inclined to
introduce them to tank mates, our guide on “The Best 5 Tank Mates for Betta Fish”
might be helpful.


Commonly found in Southeast Asia, Betta fish prefer habitats such as rice stagnant
paddies, drainage ditches, and warm flood plains. Typically inhabiting shallow areas,
Betta fish have evolved a remarkable adaptation known as the labyrinth organ. This
organ allows them to extract oxygen directly from the air in water scarcity conditions.
However, it is essential to note that this does not imply that keeping your fish in an
aquarium with similar needs is advisable. Due to their relatively small size, ranging from
2.4 to 3 inches (approximately 6 to 8 cm), a tank with a minimum capacity of 3 gallons is
Tips: Consider varying tank sizes for different types of Betta fish based on their active
behavior. it is recommended to opt for a tank size ranging from 5 to 7 gallons. If you
have a crown tail Betta, providing a tank with a capacity of no less than 10 gallons is


The primary rule to follow is the prohibition of keeping two male Betta fish in the same
tank, likely resulting in aggressive confrontations whenever they encounter each other.
However, for those who prefer not to keep a solitary Betta, alternative options exist. One
such option is the sorority Betta tank, comprising a group of 6 or more females, typically
housed in a 20-gallon fish tank. Alternatively, a community Betta tank can be
established, including male and female Bettas raised together without separation.
While Bettas can coexist peacefully with other fish species, it is crucial to select suitable
tank mates. Opt for small, peaceful fish that do not engage in fin-nipping. Carefully

choose companions with distinct appearances to prevent confusion and rivalry. Some
recommended tank mates include ember tetras, neon tetras, cardinal tetras, rummy
nose tetras, harlequin rasboras and Cory catfish.


Betta fish generally have a lifespan ranging from 3 to 5 years. The duration of their life is
influenced not only by their living conditions but also by their diet. Buy Betta fish enjoy
meaty food, displaying a preference for live options such as insects or insect larvae.
Pellets and flakes are also suitable alternatives. For optimal nutrition and a well-rounded
diet, including New Life Spectrum Betta Food, Freeze Dried Bloodworms and Frozen
Bloodworms in their feeding regimen is highly recommended.
However, it’s important to note that overfeeding Betta fish online with live food for an
extended period may lead to them rejecting other types of food. To maintain a balanced
diet, feeding them twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening is
WE hope these guidelines will help you buy betta fish online.

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