The responsibility of caring for the pregnant dog as she is getting ready to give birth to her puppies is among the most satisfying things you observe as a pet owner. If you’ve bred your dog for a specific purpose or have just discovered yourself taking care of a mother-to-be, certain steps must be taken to provide your dog and her pups with the most pleasant birth experience. If you’re caring for the mother of an English bulldog puppy, it is important to stay in contact with your vet throughout the whole process, as specific measures might need to be taken during the time of the birth.


bulldog gestation period

How many days are English Bulldogs pregnant for?

In all breeds, dogs experience a gestation time of about 2-months (around 64 days). This is also the case in the case of English Bulldogs, with the duration of the pregnancy being determined by the time that fertilized eggs are incorporated into the lining of the uterine Horn. What are the various phases of pregnancy, the signs, and how do you take care of a female bulldog pregnant throughout and after labor? English Bulldogs will be pregnant for about an average of 63 days, similar to other dogs of the same breed.


How do I get them to become pregnant?

Bulldogs can become pregnant naturally. But there are many risks inherent in putting on a natural pregnancy. Therefore, it is suggested to consider insemination. Artificial insemination is a method where semen is collected from a male dog and is deposited in the female dog uterus, where fertilization occurs. The majority of bulldog breeds can become pregnant with this procedure. For instance, the English Bulldog is among them.

In natural mating, the male will approach the female to eliminate his uterus discharge which is already heating up. Bulldogs become sexually mature within 6-8 months. It is nevertheless beneficial to have sexual relations at 12 months so that organs for sexual reproduction are fully developed so that there’s less risk of failed fertilization. Artificial fertilization occurs in an environment that is controlled. This process considers every aspect, temperature quantity, semen volume, and quality. Semen is stored, then inserted into the female uterus with care. There is less risk of miscarriage or ineffective fertilization during this process.

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The time.

Week 1 (days 0 to 7):

The bulldog breed female is fertilized successfully, and you can continue regular eating habits and exercise routine and eat without any change in diet or exercise. Mother dog might suffer from a kind of morning sickness, and you may notice tiny pink discharges coming out. Do not be concerned, and it’s completely normal.

Week 2 (days 7 to 14):

This is the time of the French Bulldog pregnancy calendar when the cells start to grow, and embryos begin to move to the uterus. In week 1, there is no need to change your dog’s food or exercise routine.


bulldog gestation period

Week 3 (days 14 to 21):

The tiny Frenchie puppies begin to grow properly and are extremely small with just 1 cm in length. Similar to the first and second weeks of the calendar for pregnancy, there’s no need for adjustments to her diet or exercise routine. But, it is important to be on the lookout for her diet since certain dogs may need to consume more food.

Week 4 (days 21 to 28):

As we approach this stage in this calendar for pregnancy, puppies will begin to form than they did before, and it may become possible to allow your veterinarian to recognize them by touching the belly of your dog. This is among the most important weeks on the French Bulldog pregnancy calendar and is the time of greatest danger to puppies in the process of developing. Be cautious with her and reduce any excessive exercise and rough activities.

Week 5 (days 28 to 35):

The fetuses are starting to look like dogs, with facial and spinal areas increasing, but the fetus remains just 1.5 millimeters. The female Frenchie could begin to show swelling of her nipples and clear fluid out of her vagina. It’s normal and not something to be worried about. Your veterinarian will determine if you should alter her diet or supplement her diet with additional nutritional supplements.

Week 6 ( Days 35 to 42):

Between days 36 and 42, The pups grow and develop, and the pigmentation begins to develop. The eyes are now covered that remain closed until about 10 days after the birth. Your dog could be more uncomfortable in this stage. They may also vomit often due to the increased pressure on her stomach. You may also observe clear fluid discharge from her vulva. This is normal.

Week 7 ( Days 42 to 48):

From days 43-49, puppies are developed and begin to grow as they prepare for birth. At this point, you will see the puppies moving inside your dog’s abdomen. Her breasts are fully developed and could contain a small amount of colostrum, or “first milk.” Your dog appears tired and could be searching for a suitable place to help. It’s time to put up the box for whelping.

Week 8 ( Days 48 to 56):

From days 50-56 they have the fur within the uterus. There is an increase in movement as they get in position for the upcoming delivery. Your female dog could begin to dig the bedding in the whelping container. This is normal “nesting” behavior. Let her feed as freely when she’s capable.

Week 9 ( Days 56 to 64):

From day 56 to The puppies are ready to give birth, but growing puppies may seem still while they rest to prepare for the marathon to follow. If your dog appears getting ready to deliver, she may be restless and uncomfortable, or stressed. That’s when you should start making rectal temperature measurements about 12 hours from each other. A typical dog’s temperature is between 100 and 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How Many Puppies Does Bulldog Deliver?

The breed of Bulldog and the age of the mother dog and her health would effort at the number of puppies in the litter can vary significantly. A typical bulldog will have three to four puppies in one litter. However, American bulldogs can be larger in the litter. In some cases, it can be the level of eleven puppies in a litter. But this depends on other variables too.



Signs Of Bulldog Pregnancy.

Everything appears normal for the first three weeks with only a few tweaks.

  • A sudden drop in activity: Before this, you noticed that your dog was very engaged all day long. However, now you see her sleeping all day long. In one week of pregnancy, you will notice an abrupt decrease in the amount of activity your dog engages in.
  • Change in appetite: At first, she’d take in many meals, and at other times, she would not eat anything. In the 5th week of pregnancy, her food cravings will increase.
  • Change in Behavior: At the beginning of the pregnancy, your dog will not want to be left alone. She’d like more affection and attention from you. Unusual behavior compares to typical days. After 7 weeks, she would start to get involved in her nesting.
  • Nipple Growth: The sign may be visible after the 5th month. However, it is an obvious sign of the dog’s pregnancies. As the nipples grow darker, they become more noticeable and noticeable from away.
  • Nesting Behavior: If the puppy begins to move within the Bulldog’s belly, it’s time for the dog’s mom to get ready for her new baby.
  • Tummy tucks and weight gain: Following four weeks of gestation, the weight will increase. The belly of a dog is more obvious at seven weeks’ end. However, you can also tell pregnancy through the belly by the end of the 5th week.

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If you plan to have your Bulldog become pregnant when she’s pregnant, it’s a time of blessings. But, you’ll be anxious and worried about her. Dogs pregnancy can be difficult for a mother Bulldog. However, there’s nothing more thrilling and thrilling than when she gives birth without injury, and you get to be able to see her and her newborn puppy. She’s not the only mom who is proud at home.

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