Akita Pitbull mix is a hybrid of the Akita Inu and American Pitbull Terrier. Though not recognized by any major kennel club such as American Kennel Club. This mixed breed dog is one of the most popular designer dogs. Please read the article to find out anything you need to know about them.



What is Akita Pitbull mix?

It is believed that the Akita Pit breed is a mixed dog that is a hybrid of the Akita with the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breeds. The Akita Pit is intelligent, and protective with a strong and loyal nature; the dogs have inherited the best traits from both their parents.

Akita Pit mix breeds can also be called Pit Akita or Akita Pit Bull. The Akita Pitbull Mix is a hybrid dog that comes from cross-breeding an Akita Inu with an American Pitbull Terrier. These dogs are large and are often quite muscular with a thick coat.

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What is breed characteristics?

The Akita Pitbull Mix is a large sized dog that is quite muscular. They inherit the thick coat of the Akita Inu, which can be either short or long. The coat is most commonly black with white markings, but it can also be brindle, brown, or red. These dogs have a strong and sturdy build, with a wide chest and a tapered waist. Their head is large and wedge-shaped, with erect ears. They have powerful jaws and teeth, and their eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown.


What are they used for?

The Akita Pit mix was originally bred for hunting large game such as bears and wild boar. However, they are now more commonly bred as companion dogs. They are also often used for dog sports like agility, obedience, and protection training.




The Akita Pitbull Mix is known to be a fairly healthy breed. However, they can suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts, and other inherited dog health issues. Some rarer disorders include patellar luxation and stomach torsion (bloat). To keep your mixed breed dog in the best possible health, you need to feed them high-quality dog food with all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins they need as an active dog. It is also essential to keep up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventative care such as spaying or neutering.

Some of the more common health problems Akita Pit suffers from include:

  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Heart diseases

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Do they make good family pets?

The Akita Pitbull Mix is a loyal and loving companion dog that can make a great addition to any family. They are great with children and other pets, but they may be too energetic for very young children or older adults. These dogs need daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. If you are looking for a protective guard dog, the Akita Pitbull Mix might not be the best choice as they are not naturally aggressive. However, with proper training, they can make an excellent watchdog.



What is Akita Pitbull Mix breed History?

The Akita Pitbull Mix is a relatively new breed of dog created by cross-breeding an Akita Inu with an American Pitbull Terrier. The exact origin of the mix is unknown, but it is thought to have originated in the United States sometime in the last few decades.

The Akita Inu is a large, Spitz-type dog that originates from Japan. These dogs were originally bred for hunting large game such as bear and wild boar. This pup was brought to the United States in 1937, and then it was registered as an official breed in the American Kennel Club in around 1973.

The American Pitbull Terrier is a medium-sized dog that was originally bred in the United Kingdom for bull-baiting. This practice was eventually outlawed, and the Pitbull Terrier was brought to the United States, where it became popular as a working dog and companion.

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Since they are Akita Pit is a highly new breed of mixed breed, There aren’t many norms for size. However, since it is the mix of Akita with American Pit Bull Terrier parents, Akita Pits can fall in the middle to large side.

They weigh between 30 to 70 pounds, and their height can range between 16 and 23 inches around the shoulders. However, some are smaller or bigger than normal.




Akita Pit owners won’t claim their dogs are aggressive since Pit Bull mixes are often stigmatized as weak. They will, however, admit that they are fairly determined.

Both the Akita and The American Pit Bull Terrier are smart and strong. Anyone who is an Akita Pet dog owner is likely to inform you that the hybrid dog breed is very eager to be loved. If you can keep training and train your Akita Pit, you will have a loyal, affectionate, loving, and eager to please puppy.

Certain Akita Pits may become cautious of their family members and attempt to shield themselves from strangers. Training and socialization are essential to stop the Akita Pit from being overly secure.

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Coat color and grooming.

Akita Pits coats are often mixed with colors and coats. American Pit Bull Terrier and Akita coats worn by their parents and colors. The primary shades for Akita Pits include fawn, cream black, brown, and brindle. Sometimes, their coats are solid, and often they are a mix of shades.

They typically wear short coats. However, they shed some light throughout the year. This means that they might not be suitable for allergy sufferers. Fortunately, they aren’t. The Akita Pit coat can be easy to maintain. A regular brushing every week is likely to suffice.

Despite having shorter coats, they can be comfortable in colder conditions due to their thick coats. But they shouldn’t be kept outside in extremely cold weather, and there could be instances when your Akita Pit requires an extra jacket or sweater. You might need to apply sunscreen to your ears, nose, or other delicate areas that have less fur covering during the summertime.




Akita Pitbull Mix, as a result, this dog is strong and agile with an imposing presence. It is excellent for guarding its owner’s property, but it can be quite friendly towards others. Many owners often find a loyal companion who provides them with great companionship! If you are interested in adopting an Akita Pitbull mix. With that being said, its temperament will vary depending on the individual dog’s genetics.


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