Although Aussies are not aggressive dogs, they can be aggressive if specific triggers are present. This bad behavior can be triggered by stress, which is likely for Aussies. Many Aussies are not known for their aggression.


Are Aussies aggressive

Now, let’s look at the Australian Shepherd temperament before moving to possible causes of aggression and strategies to prevent or eliminate the displays.


The Aussies are not generally aggressive.

Australian Shepherds are intelligent dog’s that generally does not show aggression toward other dogs or people. They can be aggressive towards strangers. Australian Shepherds can be friendly towards other people despite these traits. They will develop self-confidence and prevent aggression by the training they receive. Fear of strangers is the most common reason for aggression. Aussies get along well with other dogs.

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Aussie is a great companion.

Australian Shepherd breed can be happy with other pets. Aussies can be a good companion for cats, even if they aren’t large dogs. You should ignore your Aussie if it starts barking at cats. They will stop barking at you if you dissuade them. Talk to your vet if you suspect your Aussie might bite other pets. A dog fence or yard can be put in place for your dog.


Are Aussies aggressive?


Australian Shepherd Temperament.

Australian Shepherds are smart, athletic, and hard working dogs and thrive physically or mentally when active. These dog’s can be herding animals that were originally developed to work and transport animals.

So, are Australian Shepherds aggressive? If these dogs are properly trained and with early socialization, they can be wonderful companions as they are extremely affectionate and faithful to dog owner’s. The Australian dog breed is generally peaceful towards its owners and other dogs. However, they show their aggressive nature towards people who appear to be intimidating or seem to pose a danger to the home.

Exercise can reduce aggression.

Your Australian Shepherd’s aggression level can also be reduced by exercising. They will become bored and irritable if they don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation. Aggression can result from these conditions. Behavior problems can also be caused by locking your dog in a room or too tight controlling it with leas. Your Australian Shepherd will soon learn that you are not intruding if there is plenty of space.


Are Aussies aggressive?


Socialization is essential.

Although Australian Shepherds are naturally friendly with strangers and can even be friends with them, they may display aggressive behavior if they’re not socialized. If the dog is left alone, it may exhibit aggressive behavior. He might chew furniture legs, cushions, and other items if bored. Aggression can result. It can also lead to anxiety. It is essential to keep your Aussie safe from stressful situations.

They require mental stimulation.

Australian Shepherds require mental stimulation to feel happy. If the Aussie is not playing, it can cause stress for owners. It may snap at strangers or boredom, for example. In addition, it will behave aggressively if it is uncomfortable. It might be wise to keep your Aussie in a separate area or on a leash.

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They can be protective in some cases.

Although Australian Shepherds require a lot of mental stimulations, they can also be overprotective in certain situations. If you leave your dog alone, they might act out and chew furniture, cushions, and table legs. Your Aussie can become aggressive towards other dogs and people if not stimulated. Your Australian Shepherd may also show signs of stress due to anxiety. These behaviors can lead to dangerous situations.


Are Aussies aggressive?


Boredom is the main reason for their aggression.

Boredom is the most common reason for aggression in Australian Shepherds. To be happy and content, they need mental training. They may develop aggressive behavior if they feel bored or restricted in space. This behavior can be prevented by keeping your Aussie in the home. These tips will help you avoid your Aussie developing this destructive behavior. Help your Aussie stop attacking strangers.


How to stop aggressive behavior in Aussies?

To solve a dog’s aggression problem, it is crucial to identify the cause. A dog may become bored and start acting aggressively if it loses interest in playing. If this is the situation, you should stop walking and stay still. Do not shout at your dog if the behavior continues. You will only make the situation worse. Instead, calmly discipline your Aussie and don’t hit it. Consult a veterinarian if you are unsure what is causing your dog’s behavior.

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They have a high prey drive.

The Australian Shepherd’s prey drive, ability to herd, and prey drive can make them aggressive. Still, they are good with children and other pets. Although they may confuse the child with a dog, proper training will stop this behavior. They love playing with older children and toddlers, despite their aggression. Socialization with other dogs and people is the best way to reduce aggression. They make great companions but should not be introduced until they are comfortable with cats and other animals.




The Australian Shepherd is a friendly herding breed. Although the Australian Shepherd is a curious breed, it may try to herd other animals. However, they are not dangerous. Although they aren’t aggressive towards strangers, they can be mildly aggressive towards other animals and humans. They can be obedient to children but are not fond of strangers. Some breeds are more aggressive than others.


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