Cane Corsos are good with children, even older ones. Their behavior is dependent on how well they have been trained. Children and parents should be vigilant when Corsi is present. Even a playful move could pose a danger. Corsi can be trusted with older children if they are treated respectfully.



Cane Corso

Cane Corso dog breed’s aka Italian Mastiff, can be athletic and powerful, so they are best suited for experienced pet owners who have large, secure yards. Cane Corsos will need to be give task by their owners. Otherwise, they might find ways to relieve boredom and possibly engage in destructive behavior. This breed is best if you can give your dog lots of space, exercise, and training.

Cane Corso, or Cane Corsi as it is commonly known, is a serious breed that is suitable for anyone who is serious about owning a dog and can give him the loving and firm guidance he needs to be a great companion. He is a good family dog. You shouldn’t expect him to be friendly with all animals. He is not interested in other animals or people, but he will give his full attention to his family members.


Cane Corso Temperament

The Cane Corso breed is a fearsome dog, but they have one of the most temperamental canines in the world. We can’t take it for granted. According to the American Temperament Test Society (ATSS), the Cane Corso had an 88.1% success rate in the temperament test.

The ATTS tested 235 Cane Corsos, and 207 passed. They are now considere to be the best temperament breeds. Golden Retrievers, for example, had an 85.6% pass rate.

This doesn’t mean that Cane Corsos can be friendlier than Golden Retrievers. It’s more that they are less likely to react negatively towards unpredictable stimuli like children.

Cane Corso dogs are gentle and docile towards children and people. They are great family dogs and can be train to be a good friend to children.

They are intelligent and skilled, likely due to their hunting and working history. This trait makes the Cane Corso a good guard dog and one of the most intelligent and skilled.

These powerful dog can be fearsome, but they are affectionate and loving, especially towards their family.

Proper training and socialization are essential for any dog owner, particularly large breeds with fierce personalities.

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Cane Corsos are Great with Children!

A Cane Corso is a large, intimidating dog. However, they are a great companion and guardian for children.

These are the reasons Cane Corso is a good choice for families with children.

They’re calm, docile dogs.

According to many breeders, the Cane Corso is a smaller hunting dog than other large dogs. However, they have a more predictable and relaxed personality. They are energetic and can do physical activities.

The Cane Corso’s gentle nature benefits families with young children. If children have energetic and large-sized playmates, particularly younger ones, they are at greater risk.



They are good guardians of children

Cane Corsos were originally bred to hunt large game wild boards. However, their instincts can easily be adapted to guarding and protecting. They are great family dogs and can also be great guardians for your home and children.

One of the most overlooked guard dogs is the Cane Corso. Although they may not be as well-known as the Rottweiler, the Cane Corso is a great guard dog. According to The Spruce Pets, they’re the best dog breed.

The Cane Corso is a great companion for your children if they are well traine and socialize. We wouldn’t recommend leaving your dog alone with your child. If a stranger approaches your dog, they will investigate.

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They’re silent dogs

Cane Corso can be a great guard dog, but they are also gentle giants that are quiet and calm compared to other breeds their size.

Contrary to other breeds, Cane Corso canines aren’t high-energy. The Cane Corso’s smaller dogs tend to be more energetic and yappy than their larger counterparts.

These canines are stoic and will bark when needed. A Cane Corso is unlikely to cause a child to become startled by its loud sounds.

They are strong

Cane Corso dogs have a reputation for being large and dominant. This can be a disadvantage if you have kids. However, Cane Corso dogs who are well-socialized and familiar with their family members are often good friends with the children of the household.




Cane Corso & Kids

The Cane Corso is a great dog for children, and they have many wonderful qualities. There are some things you need to know before you bring one home. These big dogs can be dangerous to children and are very powerful.


Cane Corsos have high prey instincts

Like most hunting dog breeds, the Cane Corso will have a high prey drive. Their instincts make them exceptional hunting dogs. They will chase squirrels and possums if they spot them in the yard.

This is because the Cane Corso might consider young children “prey.” Children who run around and squeal display prey behavior. As they are still learning about the children, this could be a larger problem.

This could change if your children invite their friends to play with them. The Cane Corso might need to intervene if “strangers” are chasing your children. It may be challenging for the other children.

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They have dominant personalities

It’s good to know that Cane Corsos are easy to train. They are a happy and affectionate breed that responds well to commands. They can be hard to manage because of their dominant nature.

We do not recommend Cane Corsos to novice or first-time owners. They will pay more attention to you as the owner than a small lap dog. They do this because they are looking for leadership within the pack.

If you don’t hold the title of “alpha dog,” it’s possible that a Cane Corso may try to take the alpha role in your family. This could cause problems, especially if the dog is interacting with children.



Cane Corsos with Infants

Although a Cane Corso is a gentle giant who can be good with children, it should be noted that their size is a concern, especially when they are near a baby. Also, Cane Corso owners must supervise their dogs at all times.

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Cane Corsos and Infants

It would be best if you also considered that Cane Corsos could be jealous or stressed about newborns. These dogs may be uncomfortable with new family members or react negatively to them.

Below are some behaviors that your Cane Corso may display around an infant.

  • You may be distract by their attempts to sit or lie on your chest.
  • They might growl, nibble, or hiss at children as a sign of jealousy.
  • As a sign of irritation, they may try to leave the area where you and your baby are.
  • They might urinate or pee in areas they aren’t allowed to.

It is crucial to be vigilant about the behavior of your Cane Corso when it is close to a baby. It is important to pay attention to the gentle giant’s behavior when it is near a baby.




Cane Corsos can be a very affectionate and loving breed to have in your home. Despite its intimidating appearance, this large dog is a great choice for many families with kids.

This big dog prefers only to show affection and love to its closest friends. This gentle giant’s personality is a mix of calm, reserved, aggressive, and protective.


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