Siberian huskies are considered good with small dogs, provided that these sled dog’s have been properly socialized. Socialization is key for huskies and small dogs, as it will help them learn how to interact with one another positively. If you have a husky and are thinking about getting a small dog, introduce the two slowly and under supervision at first. With proper socialization and training, your husky and small dog can enjoy each other’s company.



Husky’s Character.

It’s essential to comprehend the main characteristics of the husky breed before comparing different breeds. The Siberian Husky isn’t like your typical dog. They’re distinctive and possess their personality and character.

Humans, opposites can attract; however, this doesn’t is the case in the world of dogs. Understanding what your dog is will put you in the right direction.

High Energy

Siberian Huskies are the sports of the dog world. You might think you’re right, but don’t all dogs enjoy going on walks? The majority do, but don’t all of them like going for long distances at breakneck speeds. Certain breeds may be extremely “lazy” or uninterested.

For example, breeds such as Bassett Hounds, or English bulldogs, will prefer to lie down rather than taking an extended stroll. When you consider how vital exercise is to the life of a husky, you’ll realize that having an inactive dog isn’t an appropriate fitness.

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Pack dog.

Siberian Huskies are real “pack” dogs born by a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe called Chukchi People. Chukchi People. Although they were not the primary breed, they would certainly assist their tribe in hunting small animals. The way they lived was used for many thousands of years.

Huskies today possess an enormous prey drive. What is the reason for this? The Husky’s prey instinct to grab, chase and even kill may be easily stimulated by tiny animals, like small dogs.

It doesn’t mean that all dogs smaller than a dog aren’t suitable for a husky. However, it is a matter of concern that you should be aware of.

Rough play.

Along with the need for long and intense exercise every day, Huskies are also known for being slightly excessive. This stereotype doesn’t suit all husky personalities; however, generally speaking, it is accurate. Huskies can play all day at a rate that other breeds aren’t able to keep up.

Although they are extremely friendly, however, when they play, it’s a totally different ball game. Huskies like to play rough. This means lots of jumping up and onto, wrestling and using their mouths.

Many breeds cannot tolerate or participate in this kind of “play” as huskies do. It’s easy to see the way this could go wrong.

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Difficult To Train and Mischievous

Every husky and its owners are different. However, they are a tough breed to train. They have a great deal of defiance and determination, which is evident when you least expect it to!

It is important to consider the breeds you’re assuming if you’re thinking of buying a new dog. It is essential to understand that dogs are social animals. This means that any bad behavior or defiance on one dog could influence the other dog as well. There is a chance of having two unruly dogs if the training isn’t well-maintained.



Ten breeds that huskies get along with the best:

  1. Labrador
  2. Alaskan Malamute
  3. Australian Shepherd dog
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. German Shepherd
  6. Canadian Eskimo dog
  7. Border Collie
  8. Standard Poodle
  9. Boxer
  10. English Pointer

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What are the characteristics that make a Husky the best Husky?

Even though there are still numerous dog breeds that are suitable for Huskies, the whole thing is based on fundamental characteristics.

Of course, it’s crucial to recognize that each dog is unique, and the characteristics you’d expect a specific breed to display might not be present in the actual breed. Each dog has its personality, so it’s important to remember that.



The most appropriate dog breed to have for your pet could be:

  • Extremely outgoing
  • Similar physical dimensions (not smaller)
  • Naturally social
  • Not a territorial issue
  • Loves rough play
  • Affectionate
  • Average-high intelligence
  • It is preferable to avoid being stubborn.
  • Obedient.

The majority of breeds with these characteristics can be a good match for the musky. However, you won’t be able to tell until you have the two together in person!

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How do you introduce a husky, the small dog?

Place the Husky dog on a lead and allow him to sit with you with an assortment of premium treats. A second person should approach the dog with another calm, well-socialized dog walking on a leash. If the Husky reacts to another dog, ask the dog that is reacting put down and remain in the same place. Then, wait until your Husky is calm, hand him high-value treats.


Do you think a Husky be able to kill the smallest dog?

Miller stated that Huskies are gorgeous, intelligent dogs that get along with other dogs. They’re not suitable for all. “Siberian Huskies are prey-driven just like your hunting dogs, which hunt small, furry objects,” Wagensomer said. “It’s extremely common among prey-driven dogs to kill small animals.

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Does husky cause harm to the small dog?

Huskies are known to be aggressive with small dogs due to their hunger. Huskies are slightly aggressive when they’re hungry. It’s an inherited behavior. It’s therefore crucial for them to be taught to stop eating aggression. If the puppy attempts to eat your dog’s food, the situation can only worsen.



What is the reason why Huskies don’t like dog?

If your dog has changed his mind about other dogs, it could be because a dog snapped at it . This is especially true when you’ve seen another dog engage in this behavior. If a dog was aggressive toward it, your dog might have decided to not believe in other dogs as much.


How come Huskies do not get along with tiny dogs?

Your dog’s habit of attacking dogs of smaller size could be because Huskies are famous for having an intense drive to hunt. This could be because their ancestors hunted small animals to live.




As you can see, there are some reasons why Huskies might not get along with small dogs. However, they can get along if they are properly introduced and trained. If you have any concerns about your Husky’s behavior, speak with a vet or professional trainer.


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