The Belgian Malinois ear usually stand up when the dog is alert, its a body language. However, the ears may lay flat against their head when they are relaxed or feeling timid. Some Malinois have more erect ears than others, and this trait can vary between individuals. Generally speaking, most Malinois will have naturally upright ears without needing intervention to make them stand. You may ask, when do Belgian Malinois ear’s stand up? Read the article to find out.



When do Belgian Malinois ears stand up?

They will be floppy in the middle. They will also come down multiple times. When that happens, there is nothing to be concerned about. Their ears should be straightened by 8-10 months. This is the time when their teething should also occur.

It is challenging to get the Belgian Malinois ear  to stand for more than 10 months if they are not standing. Here are some more questions about the ears of Belgian Malinois.


Are All Belgian Malinois Ears stand up?

The majority of Belgian Malinois can erect their ears at the age 10 months. But that doesn’t mean every Belgian Malinois can erect their ears. Below, I’ll explain why Belgian Malinois has floppy ears. It is much easier to identify the causes and then figure out how to fix them.

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Why do my Belgian Malinois have floppy ears?

A variety of factors can explain floppy ears in Belgian Malinois. First, the ears of a Belgian Malinois are sometimes floppy. Two possible causes of floppy ears in a Belgian Malinois are:



Bad breeding

Bad breeding is the first cause. The American Kennel Club states that the Belgian Malinois is not a purebred because they still have floppy ears at the age of 10 months. Belgian Malinois must be purchased from a trusted breeder or trainer. You can rest assured that adults will not have floppy ears. Bad breeding is the leading cause of floppy ears among Belgian Malinois adult Belgian Malinois.



Malnutrition is another reason adult Belgian Malinois may have floppy ears. The growth and development of Belgian Malinois depend on nutrition. Your Belgian Malinois ears might only be erect if you have been paying close attention to their diet.

These are two reasons adult Belgian Malinois may have floppy ears. There is a way to make them stand tall. Below, I’ll highlight the best way to do this.

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Are the Ears of Belgian Malinois Malinois Strong?

According to the Belgian Malinois breed standard, the ears must be straight and well-shaped. They should be in proportion to the dog’s head size and triangle shape. An outer corner of a dog ear should not touch the center of the eyes. American Kennel Club shows will not accept dogs with ears that are too long or too short.




How long does it take for a Belgian Malinois to get his ears up?

Belgian Malinois have floppy ears. They fold up adorably to form triangles at their tops.

As the dog ages, his floppy ear will straighten out. There will be an awkward phase where the ears are partially folded and partially erect. It’s normal for the dog ear’s to appear wobbly or unsteady until they reach full growth.

Even puppies’ ears can sometimes perk up and then fall before reaching their final height. If this happens, there is a good chance that the ears will eventually become erect. So if your dogs ear’s go up and then back down, you can put your worries aside.

A Belgian Malinois puppy ear’s will usually be fully erect by 6-8 months. The head may not be fully developed at this stage so that the ears might touch the tips. However, in general, the ears will straighten and reach the right angle around 8 to 12 months of age. The best rule of thumb is to have your puppy’s ears erect before he finishes teething.


How can I encourage my Belgian Malinois Puppy to Stand Up?

Your Belgian Malinois puppy should have the best start possible. This includes having strong ears and noble ears. Also, these are some tips to help your dog succeed.



For your dog’s development to be healthy, good nutrition is crucial. Your puppy needs to be able to eat enough protein to support their growth, but not too much so that they gain excess weight or grow too fast. They must have enough calcium in their diets to help their ears develop correctly.

Because cartilage is the main component of your dog’s ears, glucosamine can be a useful supplement. Your puppy will develop strong, healthy cartilage with enough chondroitin and glucosamine.

These supplements can also help your dog develop healthy joints. This is especially important for large breed dogs such as the Belgian Malinois. We love this glucosamine supplement from Doggie Dailies.

Vitamin C is another essential vitamin that you should ensure your puppy gets. Vitamin C helps build cartilage and is excellent for the eyes.



Chew Toys

Chew toys are another important part of your dog’s life that will help develop their ears.

Although chew toys are often thought of as being related to the ears by many owners, chew, toys can actually be used to exercise your dog’s jaw, neck, and head. For erect ears, the jaw and head muscles are crucial. A strong jaw and head muscle can lead to straight ears. To satisfy different chewing needs and exercise different muscles, it’s a smart idea to keep various chew toys available.



Between 4 and 6 months, the Belgian Malinois ear begin to stand up. It is simple to understand how to raise the ears of your Belgian Malinois with the help of the guide.


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