If your dog has those dark chocolate eyes, you might want to consider getting a Black Mouth cur lab mix. This breed originated from Italy and was bred specifically to show its silky white or black fur. They are beautiful and exotic dogs with long fluffy coats covering their heads. Many people love their Black Mouth Cur because of their cute, loving personalities. In this article, we will take a closer look at what you could expect from such a cross of two very unique canine breeds, as well as what kind of pet it makes.


black mouth cur lab mix


Origins of the Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix.

A Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix mix between a Black Mouth Cur and a Labrador Retriever. Because it is a mix of breeds, a Black Mouth Cur Lab is not considered a “real” breed but rather a mixture. This mix does not have a well-documented history. Because Black Mouth Curs were commonly bred with other breeds, we do not know exactly when this mix was first created, and there is not enough breed information.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) checked on these dogs and deemed them a good mixture to blend. They’re known to have lived in the southeastern United States since the 1800s and are known by the southern black mouth cur name. The United Kennel Club does recognize the black mouth cur, placing them in the scenthound group.

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Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix Characteristics.

A Black Mouth Cur Lab puppy could have a similar appearance to their Black Mouth Cur or Labrador Retriever parent or have some of the physical traits of both. This is based on the genetics of the puppy.

An increasing number of people are keeping Black mouth curs as companions, but most breed members are expected to work for a living. Working Black mouth curs tend to be all business. They are very smart, they’re reasonably easy to train for experienced owners, and they can learn various skills, commands, and tasks. They are very good mixed breed working dog’s. Also, they can be a very mighty companion as a hunting dog or guard dog’s.

Black mouth cur dog’s are relatively sensitive, so their owners must employ firm yet gentle training techniques. The black mouth cur is an extremely energetic dog that needs an outlet for its drive to work, so frequent exercise is required to keep them happy. They’ll need at least one long walk per day, or a dog park is also a good idea.

But black mouth curs kept as pets are often quite different. Black mouth cur dog’s kept as companions are typically very loyal and loving dogs who bond strongly with their families. Although you’ll need to supervise any interactions with young children, they’re usually fantastic with kids, as this breed can be a bit rowdy. They may also “herd” young children, so consider finding an alternative outlet for their herding tendencies (dog sports like agility and treibball are a great idea).



American Staffordshire Terrier mix.

But if you want a black-mouth version of the American Staffordshire terrier, you need to look elsewhere. A standard American Staffordshire Terrier mix is much larger than the British version, weighing seven and ten pounds. The American Staffordshire terrier was originally bred as a companion dog for the disabled. Because they were intended as service dogs, however, they were crossbred with retrievers and poodles to create the blind, hearing-impaired, and crossbred dogs we now know as the blind, hearing-impaired black mouth versions we know today.

Black Mouth Cur is not the only crossbreed out there, of course. Several other breeds can cross-pollinate to form a mixed breed. One example is Saint Bernard. This is a very cute and adorable mixed breed, but it is not purebred, which means many potential health issues. This is important to keep in mind when looking into this breed.

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Health Issues.

Dog health in crossbred breeds is so important to attend. Bm cur mix is slightly healthier than their purebred counterparts. Additionally, Black Mouth Curs are generally healthy dogs because of their common breeding habits with different species. Labrador Retrievers can be prone to certain health issues. However, it is possible to pass down these genetic characteristics to their puppies.


Black Mouth Cur Size.

As Black Mouth Curs and Labrador Retrievers are both large dogs, the mixture of the two breeds is also large. These dogs are usually somewhere between 16 and 25 inches in height. Weight-wise, a Black Mouth cur dog is usually somewhere between 40 and 95 pounds. They tend to be on the slimmer side, much like their parents.


black mouth cur lab mix
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Designer Dogs Vs. Purebreds.

Dogs were used to assist as hunting dog and protect the family as working dogs. They were used to handling livestock cattle as well as other animals. Black mouth cur lab Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from Labrador retriever and cur. It is also known as the black cur mix. It is possible to call this a Mountain cur mix or Black mouth cur mix.

The Black Mouth Cur puppies may have the appearance of Labrador retriever or Black Mouth cur breed parents, or display some of their physical traits. It all depends on the genetics of the dog. In essence, a mix of genes may yield different results.


If you have a dog that needs a more laid back.

This breed is also a great choice if you have a dog that needs a more laid-back, low-energy, and sedate lifestyle. Because it is very active initially, these dogs need a fairly fast pace of life, but they can adapt to a more relaxed life if you are willing to work with them. They are great dogs for families who have a lot of children or who want a more quiet, low-energy active cur puppy to protect and bring pleasure to their lives.




A black mouth cur breed is a cute breed that could make an excellent pet for families. To ensure that all puppies are healthy and happy, ask to see them all. Ask to see the places where the puppies spend their most time. You can then assess their living conditions. Ask about their grandparent’s and parents’ health. Crossbreeds tend to be slightly healthier than purebreds but can still inherit genetic diseases from their parents.


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