The Bull mastiff Golden retriever mix? Why not! This mixed breed dog, also known as the Bullmastiff parent, is a large dog breed that makes an excellent guardian and protector for families. They are gentle and brave. Read the article to learn more about this hybrid dog.



Golden Bullmastiff Retriever history

The Bull mastiff Golden Retriever mix combines two large dogs, the Bullmastiff with the Golden Retriever. This hybrid dog has very little information or documented history. The parent breeds of Golden Bullmastiff Retriever are the best source of information for owners who want to understand the potential traits and characteristics.

The Golden Bullmastiff’s status with any clubs or registries is not known. Today, the Golden Retriever is a top choice for North American families. This intelligent and agile dog was originally developed in Scotland to be a hunter and retriever. However, many breeds were used to create this canine’s intelligence and agility, including the Wavy-Coated Retriever (now extinct), Red Setter, and the Tweed Water Spaniel.

This mixed breed is a calm, gentle, and loyal indoor dog. He was also an expert in hunting. In 1925, the American Kennel Club included the Golden Retriever on its list. Bullmastiffs are a relatively new breed developed in England in the 19th century. English gamekeepers had to have a dog that could dominate poachers and keep them down. English Mastiffs were large but did not have the aggression or energy required.

On the other hand, English Bulldogs had the strength and size of English Bulldogs but the lack of size. Intentional breeding of the English Bulldog and the English Mastiff resulted in today’s Bullmastiff. He is smaller than his Mastiff ancestors but is strong enough to take down a man. The Bullmastiff began to focus its efforts on guarding as poaching decreased in England. In the 20th century, the hybrid Bullmastiff became a recognized breed. In 1934, the AKC named Fascination Of Felons Fear Bullmastiff.


Parent Breed.

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Bullmastiff is a strong and fearless family guardian. Although they are a bit reserved with strangers, Bullmastiffs have a special place for their family members. This breed is known as the silent watchdog, but they are so calm that they make wonderful apartment dogs. These dogs have short, easy-care fur, but they are also droolers.

The Bullmastiff, despite its size, is not a very energetic dog. They will need to be able to go for a few short walks or have some playtimes every day. They are mellow enough that they can live in an apartment or condo as long as they have their daily outings. The Bullmastiff was not bred as an individual type until the 20th century.

The Kennel Club of England recognized the breed in 1924. In 1933, the American Kennel Club adopted this same practice. Fascination Of Felons Fear was the first Bullmastiff to be registered by AKC in 1934. The Bullmastiff is currently ranked 40th out of 157 varieties and breeds registered by the AKC. This is a testimony to their companionship qualities.

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Golden Retriever.

Golden retrievers make great family companions and are intelligent, loyal dogs. Moreover, They are a popular dog breed because of their friendly nature, beautiful coats, and charming smiles. These dogs make wonderful family pets due to their gentle, patient nature and intelligent working dogs. This medium-sized, sturdy dog can grow to approximately 55 to75 lbs and typically live for 10 to12 years. They are friendly, trustworthy, willing to please, and easy to train. Many goldens retain their playful, loving puppy attitude and trademark smile well into adulthood.

In 1908, a golden retriever was shown at the British Dog Show for the first time. moreover, in 1911, the Kennel Club of England recognized the golden retriever to be a distinct breed. They were then classified as “retriever-yellow or golden”. The breed’s name was officially changed from golden retriever to yellow retriever in 1920. The dog breed was imported from Canada via the United States in 1910. It was then recognized by AKC in 1932.



Golden Bullmastiff Retriever mix breed appearance.

The Bull mastiff Golden Retriever mix is a cross between the Bull mastiff and the Golden Retriever, and can take on the appearance of either parent breed depending upon the dominant look. Also, the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is large, weighs in at 110 pounds, and has a strong, muscular build. Infact, The Golden Bullmastiff retriever will be more inclined towards its Bullmastiff parent. Also, it will have a square-shaped head and a broad, narrow muzzle.

Like the Bullmastiff, the coat can be dense and short. It may also show skin folding. Moreover, if the coat is similar to the Golden Retriever’s, it will be thicker and have more feathering around the ears, tail, and legs. The Golden Bullmastiff Retriever will lean more towards the Golden Retriever. However, this means that its head will be longer and rounder on the top. A Golden Bullmastiff retriever’s ears are laid down. The eyes are oval-shaped and light brown.


Coat and color.

Bull mastiff Golden Retriever Mix’s coat colors can be either fawn or red. In fact, the coat texture is very straight and dense. Brushing your dog should be done every week. Make sure you have a good quality slicker brush and comb for dog cleanliness.

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Golden Bullmastiff Retrievers are large dogs and require more food to survive. They are hybrids and need to be fed three or more cups of dog Food for Large Dogs or Golden Retrievers. Consider your dog’s age and its activity level when recommending food for your dog.



How to groom a golden bullmastiff retriever.

The Golder Bullmastiff has moderate shedder but is easy to groom. The coat will retain its sheen and be maintained by bi-weekly brushing. Doggy odors or drooling can be very rare in this dog, so use dog deodorizers and wash them every three months.

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The Golden Retrieve Bull mastiff mix breed dog loves its family and is low- to medium-energy. The Bullmastiff parent is more protective than the friendly Golden Retriever, making the Bullmastiff mix a little leery of strangers. Although the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is a great guard dog, don’t expect too much vocalization from this hybrid. The Golden Bullmastiff retriever is patient and protective of children. This large mixed breed may not be able to live with young children. Also, the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is able to share space with other dogs. The hybrid can live with cats, but it needs to be socialized early to co-exist nicely. This hybrid is more challenging to train because the Bullmastiff is more stubborn than the Golden Retriever parent.

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How Big is the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever?

The male Golden Cavaliers are large-sized dog. Also, the adult Golden Cavaliers can weigh approximately 95-110 lbs and stand 25-27 inches at its shoulders. The bitch is small, weighing in at an average of 85-100 lbs with a height of 23-25inches.



Life span.

The life expectancy of a Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is between 9 and 10 years. It is a large-sized dog with a shorter lifespan. Proper nutrition, exercise, grooming, and medication can live to 10 years.

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Health problems.

Hip Dysplasia can occur in Golden Bullmastiff Retrievers. Also, these can be treated with prescription drugs if caught early. Regular visits to the vet will reduce the chance of an animal suffering from an illness.




A Bull Mastiff Golden Retriever Mix is a large, yellow-coated, spirited dog. However, The rest of their physical characteristics can be similar to either parent. A Golden Mastiff can be calmer or more reserved, just like its Mastiff parent. Or, it could be more playful or more outgoing, like a Golden Retriever.


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