Can dogs eat pigs feet? A quick answer to this question is Yes. Pigs feet are good for your dog diet. Read this article if you want to know how much and which part of the pig (ears, muscle meat, bone, and pig feet ( raw pigs feet or cooked).


can dogs eat pigs feet

This is an excellent source of dietary proteins.

Dogs can benefit from pigs’ feet (also known as pig trotters) as a source of protein, but it is essential to be careful about how much you give your dog. Please don’t give them to puppies or older dogs very often. Pig’s feet are rich in dietary protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. It is a good idea to feed more senior dogs and puppies these meals every once.


Nutrition Information

Trotters are high in protein and fat. They lack carbohydrates and fiber. These are the approximate nutritional contents of 3 ounces simmered pig’s feet:

  • Calories: 197
  • Protein: 19 grams
  • 14 grams of fat
  • Carbohydrates: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams

Trotters have similar micronutrients to other cuts of pork. These include:

How to provide pig’s feet?

You can buy pig’s feet bones at veterinary clinics and health shops, as well as feed stores. Some people prefer to take care of their dogs’ treat themselves. It is pretty simple to make a pig’s foot treat.

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How to prepare a pig’s feet to treat?

Raw pigs foot are a favorite choice for dogs. Mixing dried, cooked meat and coconut oil can be used to add to the treat. If your dog loves to chew on, then you can give your dog pig’s feet treats that he can chew on to satisfy his desire further.


Hot to feed dogs that refuse to eat pig’s feet?

You can add a small amount of rice to your pig’s foot treats if dogs refuse to eat it. They will be more inclined to keep receiving their pig’s foot treats because the added taste of rice will encourage them to continue having their pig’s foot treats.


can dogs eat pigs feet


How often can dogs eat treats like raw feet?

Dog owners often feed their dogs with raw meat and bones only once or twice weekly. However, they must be provided food specifically designed for dogs. It’s fine as long as the food is given at regular times. Your pooch will be fine as long as he is being fed quality canned food. You should not provide your dog with pigs’ feet treats too often as this can cause nutritional deficiencies.



Dogs can enjoy a high-quality, dehydrated pig’s feet soak. The body gets essential amino acids from the natural ingredients in raw pig’s foot soak. These amino acids are excellent for strengthening bones and helping to reduce inflammation and pain in joints.

Many people believe that dogs can’t eat human food. However, a high-quality, dehydrated raw pig foot will work. This will help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Raw pig’s feet are an excellent option if you want to have happy and healthy four-legged friends.

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Nutritional deficiencies.

Raw pig feet are a great source of protein and fiber. These treats provide dogs with essential vitamins and minerals. When dogs are young, they are more susceptible to nutritional deficiencies, so ensure that you provide the necessary nutrients for your dog.



High levels of collagen

Recent studies indicate dogs can benefit from high collagen content. A high level of collagen in pets can improve their skin and overall health. High-quality meats such as lamb and pork are good choices for your dog, as well as raw pig feet. You can save money and time by cooking your dog’s meals at home. Commercial dog food can be costly and sometimes not healthy.


It is not a suitable treat for dogs with pancreatitis attacks.


can dogs eat pigs feet


A simple treat in carbohydrates (not counting fiber) and salt will be easily digestible. It’ll pass through the dog’s digestive system quickly when this treat is mixed with high amounts of dietary fat. If it is presented to a dog suffering from a pancreatitis attack, she will quickly become very sick! Tummy rot is a condition that occurs when a dog’s stomach experiences pain during pregnancy. It’s usually caused by excessive intake of fat-rich foods like pig feet.

The problem is that dogs can become deficient in minerals and other nutrients. This is evident in cooked bones and joint supplements. You can make bones and joint supplements toxic to dogs suffering from pancreatitis by cooking them with salt.

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Dogs are omnivores.

Dogs can eat both animal and plant material to get all the nutrients they need. Your dog can gain weight quickly if you give it too much plant material. It is important to include raw and cooked fruits, vegetables, and meat in your dogs diet. These foods are rich in nutrients and can help balance your dogs diet.


Pig Bone Splinter.

You may have heard that bones are dangerous for your dog because they can splinter. Many cooked bone is unsafe because they can splinter as your dog chews them. These lacerations can be fatal or require surgery. Choking is another hazard of bones. Raw bones and raw meaty bones don’t present these hazards. The consistency is different than cooked bone’s, so they are much less likely to splinter.




Can dogs eat pigs feet? Yes, dogs can eat the pigs feet. Although pig feet are high in fat and protein, it is not an issue for adult dogs. Dogs can get some excellent health benefits from eating pigs feet, especially if they have become less active over their lives.


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