Have you ever noticed dogs’ reactions to sprinkles in cakes? You may ask can dogs eat sprinkles?

The quick answer to this question is yes. Dogs can eat sprinkles and it’s safe for them. But like all other treats, you must feed them in a small amount with moderation. Also, you need to pay attention to your dog’s health situation.


What Sprinkles are?

Can dogs have sprinkles?

The sprinkles were invented in 1920 by Ruth Wakefield. The original name was Sprinkles and chocolate jimmies. Sprinkles are small parts made from sugar powder content, they can use in cooking and designing bakeries. They are mostly used for decorating desserts, cakes, and cookies. Sprinkles are small and rounded with chocolate pieces.

Sprinkles has many essential vitamins, like vitamin A, C, and D, folic acid, zinc, and iodine, which are useful for kids no matter what they eat.


Is it okay for a dog to eat Sprinkles?

Yes, it’s ok. But dog owners must check the health status of their pets and prevent feeding them too many Sprinkles because of sugar products. Dogs should eat it moderately and in small amounts. We are not certain about the danger of Sprinkles, So it’s better to talk with a vet for a better decision.

In general, it’s not healthy for a dog to eat Sprinkles as a treat or dog food. Sugar substances are always dangerous for dogs. High sugar contents like small chocolate chips and Sparkles could harm your pet.

By moderation consuming, even when a treat contains a lot of sugar content or even artificial sugar and flavors, these snacks and dog treats could be safe.


The Ingredients In Sprinkles?

This is brief information about the ingredients in sprinkles that use in cakes. Sugar is the base component of sprinkles. There is a lot of sugar substance it. Sugar accounts for 75 grams in a 100-gram package of sprinkles.

Wax, cornstarch, corn syrup, artificial substances, and coloring are among the other component in sprinkles. These are all safe for dogs if not fed to much. They will get sick if they eat too much of them.

Here quick information about ingredients :


In small amounts, sugar is not harmful to dogs. However, still it can cause stomach problems in dogs. Excess sugar can lead your dog’s health to dangerous diseases.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is safe for dogs to eat, but unfortunately, it contains so much sugar. It’s better not to feed corn syrup to your dog.

Corn Starch

Corn starch is not healthy for your dog. Believe it or not, it’s real. I may even cause intestinal problems.


The wax from candles is harmful, if it’s not, it’s okay for your dog. It is not harmful to your puppy to ingest wax in sprinkles since it is only used to bind the ingredients together.

Artificial Flavors

They are usually unhealthy for dogs and also humans to consume.


What If my dog eats Sprinkles?



If it was a small amount, there are no worries about it. As we mentioned before it’s safe for dogs to eat Sprinkles. The worst thing that could happen to our dog is an upset stomach, vomiting, and maybe diarrhea. It’s not a bad idea to add Sprinkles to a dog’s birthday cake, but keep it in small quantities.

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The bad side of eating Sprinkles for dogs.

Sprinkles could have side effects on dog health and make them sick, however, they are not toxic to dogs but they can make some troubles that you need to visit a veterinarian.

Symptoms you may see:

Upset stomach


Digestive problems

Allergic reactions

Heart issues

Kidney problems


Are sugar-free Sprinkles good for dogs?


Can dogs have sprinkles?


There is no problem with sugar-free sprinkles as dogs treat, the only notable point is what kind of sweetener is used as a basic component. Some harmful sprinkle recipes use xylitol, an artificial substance that is highly poisonous for dogs. Never give your dog any food that contains xylitol!

Stevia Sprinkles are safe and better for dogs if you care about your pet’s health. They contain natural colors and don’t contain any chemical sweeteners.


Can Sprinkles be poisonous for dogs?

By consuming excessive amounts of sprinkles, your dogs may get poisonous. Safe sprinkles are available you may choose them for your pet’s safety. It’s always a good choice to avoid feeding chocolate and sugary treats to your dog. Moreover, it contains wax, coloring food, oil, and other ingredients that are toxic to dogs. However, dogs can have Sprinkles unless you overfeed them, because of too much sugar, calories, and other substances that are hazardous for dogs.

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Can Sprinkles kill dogs?

No, it’s not possible even by overfeeding. But if they eat it almost every day, this can make serious health problems for them. Pets love humans’ cupcakes and cookies. Cupcakes and cookies taste great for dogs and it’s very popular. However, dogs cannot eat cupcakes and cookies in large amounts.

The milk inside the cookies may cause an upset stomach. Also, they contain so much sugar content. Therefore, you need to stay away from cupcakes and cookies if you want to keep your dog’s health safe.



If you planning for a birthday cake for your dog, a few numbers of Sprinkles is not harmful or dangerous to them. Always remember moderation and small quantities are the keys. However, if you don’t want to risk anything just use dog-friendly Sprinkles as your dog treat. Some of the dog-friendly treats contain coconut flake, carob chips, or shredded vegetables.

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