If you’re wondering that can Huskies eat egg shells safely, read this article to find out. If your dog can be considered an adult or puppy, Everything you need to know is right here.

As said by PetMD, Eggs are of incredible nutritional value for dogs, and eggshells don’t leave out. Eggshells can provide much-needed calcium to your dog‘s diet.

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Are EggShells Safe?

Traditionally animals in the wild would consume whole raw eggs straight from the nest with no worry of contamination or getting choked on egg shells. However, there isn’t enough evidence suggesting that eggshells can cause salmonella poisoning, easy preparations are recommended. Also, simple steps to prepare the eggshells ready to be consumed will reduce the danger of contamination or sharp edges of the shell that get caught within the throat. Most importantly, adequate absorption of those healthy proteins and calcium.

Benefits of Eggshells for dogs.

Eggshells are a great source of protein and calcium for your dog. Also, this can help strengthen bone structure and well-maintained teeth. Research suggests that eggs shells can be an excellent source of calcium than a purchased calcium supplement. They can also help improve joints, muscles, and heart health and strengthen your immune system.

A dog on the homemade diet generally requires about 20% of the dog diet to be made up of raw, meaty bones. However, eggshells are a great source of calcium, without the dangers of contamination or concerns about feeding dogs raw bones.

How do you serve a husky eggshell?

While dogs can consume an egg in its entirety, eggshells are not the ideal method to provide your dog with the calcium and protein it requires.

Before feeding, grinding eggshells help in the digestion of the eggshells and, in turn, the absorbance of protein and calcium. If they consume the eggs whole, there may be white specks on their stool.

It can also aid in avoiding any harmful shells that get stuck in throats, especially in dogs known to snarl. It’s also a simple method to incorporate into your daily routine by keeping a pre-made eggshell calcium powder available.

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How Much Calcium is in an Eggshell?

One egg of a large size will typically reduce to one teaspoon of eggshell powder (approx 5.5gms) which is equivalent to around 2,000 mg of calcium.

In general, for 8 eight ounces ( 1/2 pounds) of fresh food items, it is recommended to add 1/4 teaspoon of eggshells ground up, which is equivalent to around 500mg of calcium.

Talk to your vet If you’re unsure about the quantity as you do not wish to harm your pet, particularly young hounds requiring more calcium to build bones.

Are Eggs good for dogs?

While most human-based foods aren’t suitable for dogs, eggs are definitely on the approved list! In moderation, eggs can be beneficial for dogs to eat eggs. Eggs are a healthy food item that is packed with macro and micronutrients. Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fat, amino acid, iron, selenium folate, and Vitamin B12. Chicken Eggs are also proven to aid in maintaining a glossy coat as well as healthy skin. Anything that helps the skin and coat is crucial for a beautiful husky!

Yes, eggs are definitely great for dogs. However, even with all the “good stuff,” moderation still must be practiced.

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Can Huskies eat raw eggs or cooked egg only?

It is recommended that your dog does not eat raw egg. Consuming cooked eggs can help prevent digestive upsets and reduce the risk of getting sick. Raw, uncooked eggs could contain harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella, which can cause your dog to become very sick.

Although not all eggs contain harmful bacteria, it’s been proven that dogs with sensitive stomachs struggle to digest eggs. We all know that huskies are susceptible to developing sensitive stomachs.

What About Huskies with sensitive stomachs?

If you have a Husky with a sensitive stomach, the chicken egg might not be an excellent choice to be in your dogs diet. It could cause egg allergy. Eggs are often regarded as a common allergen and may cause allergic reactions.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat eggs; however, eggs can actually be very beneficial as we’ll explain further below. Also, the best way to test this is to test a small amount of egg with your dog to see what they react to. Moreover, this allows you to determine if there is an intolerance or adverse consequences. Also, if you’re well aware that your dog is very sensitive to various ingredients, you might prefer to avoid eggs completely.

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Can Husky puppies eat egg white, egg yolk, and egg shell

Husky puppies can safely consume egg white, egg yolk, and egg shells as long as they’re fed in moderation and cooked well without oil, butter, and seasonings.


Eggs are extremely nutritious, but it is important to ensure that their appetite and eating habits aren’t adversely affected. Our puppies must get the proper nutrition they require. That’s the role of Kibble “made for puppies.” Although treats are an essential component of learning and communication as they grow, we shouldn’t let them or any additional items get out of the way of a healthy appetite.


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