This mixed breed is a cross between the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Australian Shepherd. They are strong, intelligent, and active dogs that need plenty of exercise and stimulation. Catahoula Australian Shepherds are loyal and protective of their families but can be wary of strangers. These dogs make great family pets and are excellent with children but may not do well with other pets in the home.



What is a Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix?

The Catahoula Leopard Dog Australian Shepherd mix is a crossbreed of the Australian Shepherd and the Catahoula Leopard Dog and the Australian Shepherd — two species native to the United States and are known for their herding and hunting ability.

They’re also known by the Catahoula Aussie mix and the Catahoula Shepherd mix, though they could refer to the Catahoula German Shepherd mix, a distinct cross. There isn’t much information about the background and the origin of this particular crossbreed. Their rarity could explain the absence of evidence about when and where they were developed.

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Mixed breed parents.

The parent breed of both dogs is smart dogs that were bred to hunt and herding dog.


Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog.

The Catahoula Leopard dog is a muscular and robust work dog that loves to be in the office in tandem with having fun at home with family members. This fascinating breed is known for its variety of coat and eye colors patterns. Catahoula dog’s are loyal, independent, loving, protective, and kind. Their athletic and intelligent nature means that they must be entertained to avoid boredom.

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Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd dog originated from the United States in the 1840s. The breed was originally developed as a working dog that could manage livestock and has been a very popular breed of dog used on farms. The Aussie make wonderful companions for those who enjoy being assigned a task to keep their concentration and intelligence levels.



Catahoula Aussie mix, where did it come from?

It is believed that the Catahoula Aussie mix is a relatively new hybrid dog and therefore considered to be uncommon. The exact source of the breed is difficult to determine. However, some specifics are easily identified, in particular when you look at the dog breeds it has a connection to. The Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog is native to the United States and is the state dog of Louisiana. The breed is named in honor of Catahoula Lake or the Catahoula Lake or the Catahoula Parish.

However, they were designed for hunting wild boars and hogs, and they’re also fantastic working dogs. However, this breed, Australian Shepherd, has little to do with the Australian continent despite its name. Also, it is an American dog breed. The majority of Catahoula Aussie mixes seem to result from accidental breeding because their breeds’ parents are from the same regions and share similar hunting and herding abilities.

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Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix size and weight

This Catahoula Aussie mix is a medium-sized to large-sized dog. Their height ranges between 15 and 25 inches, with male dogs at the higher end of the scale.  Males are heavier and weigh between 60 and 80 pounds; however, a healthy female will not exceed 40-55 pounds. Catahoula Leopard Dogs usually weigh between 50 and 95 pounds and stand between 22 and 24-inches tall. In contrast, the average weight for an Australian Shepherd is 40 to 65 pounds. They are 18 to 23 inches.



Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix temperament and behavior.

Catahoulas are natural protectors that are very loyal to their families. They aren’t aggressive dogs; however, they are cautious of strangers. They also thrive when they receive plenty of attention, so it’s essential to ensure your dog is getting plenty of interaction with people and isn’t isolated for long durations of time.

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Learning a Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix.

It is believed that the Catahoula Leopard is considered an easy breed to train due to its intelligence, willingness to please, and innate ability to carry out the work dog’s duties. Working dogs respond very well to this approach:

Begin training as early as possible. By exposing your puppy to diverse people and places, you can provide him with an enjoyable experience that he can learn from and appreciate. The importance of socializing your dog is in helping them develop the right behavior and set the stage for their future.

Enrichment, The type of training, employs exercises specifically designed to challenge and exercise the dog’s brain. Fun and engaging feeders such as snuffle mats, snuffle mats, cardboard tubes, and boxes are great ways to engage your dog.



Lifespan and health issues:

Interestingly, the Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix has an extended lifespan than any of its breeds.

Based on the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Catahoula Leopard Dog lives between 10 to 14 years, while the Australian Shepherd’s expectation is between 12 and 15 years. In the meantime, Catahoula Aussie mixes can be as old as 16, subject to any accidents. Although they’re generally healthy, their life expectancy is contingent on any health issues they might inherit from their parents. Here are some health issues in both breeds and can be passed to their offspring

  • Hip as well as Elbow Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Patellar Luxation
  • gastric Dilatation as well as Volvulus (GDV): Also called canine Bloat

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Exercise Catahoula Australian Shepherd dog mixes need.

It is believed that the Catahoula Leopard mix is a highly active dog that needs more significant than 2 hours of activity each day. There are many methods to exercise a Catahoula Leopard dog, including:


Walks every day.

High energy breeds require to let out their excess energy and keep their minds stimulated by different sights, sounds, and smells they encounter while walking.


Activities .

Herding balls and Frisbee toss are fantastic exercises for dogs who work to keep them active and satisfy their instinctual herding behavior.


The stimulation for the mind.

Playing puzzles such as scenting games, chew toys, and nose games are designed to keep your pet’s mental health in top shape.




The Catahoula Australian Shepherd hybrid dog is a unique and beautiful breed that combines the best of both worlds. If you are looking for a loyal and loving companion, this may be the perfect dog. Just be prepared to give them plenty of exercise and stimulation, as they are very active dogs. Your Catahoula Australian Shepherd Mix will be a lifelong friend with proper care and training.


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