As a Family or working dog, you may be curious about the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Also called the Catahoula Hog Dog, they are used as stock dogs, bay dogs, tree dogs, watchdogs, guard dogs, and loyal companions. The Catahoula colors are vaious.



The coat color of these native American dogs includes; black, blue, brindle, brown, gray and red. The most common color is brindle. Catahoulas can also have mottled or patched colors. The coat may be short or medium length and can be either smooth or rough.

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History of Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is the state dog of central Louisiana (North America), and its name comes from a parish in that state called Catahoula dog. It is believed that the breed originated from the mix of red wolves and mastiffs brought over by Spanish conquistadors and English settlers in the 1600s.

The Catahoula dog became known for its skills as a hunting dog and was used to track and catch wild hogs, deer, and bears. They were also used to herd cattle and sheep. In the early 1900s, the Catahoula breed nearly became extinct due to cross-breeding with other dogs such as the Greyhound, Bloodhound, and Dalmatian.

Fortunately, enough people appreciated the Catahoula’s unique abilities and appearance that they worked to preserve the breed. In 1979, the United Kennel Club recognized the Catahoula Leopard Dog breed, and in 1995, the American Kennel Club followed suit.

The Catahoula is still used as a working dog on farms and ranches, but they have also become popular family pets. They are intelligent, active dogs that need plenty of exercise and stimulation to avoid becoming bored and destructive.

Catahoula leopard dog coat colors.

A Catahoula puppy coat color can range from black to white, and all colors in between. The most common colors are black, blue, brindle, brown, gray, red, and white. Patterned Catahoulas are the rarest, with leopard patterns being the most common. Solid Catahoulas are also relatively rare, with black being the most common color. Catahoula coats are impacted by the merle gene, a dominant gene that creates varying tones within a specific color.

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What Are the Different Catahoula Colors and Patterns?

The most common Catahoula color is brindle, but there is a wide range of colors and patterns that these dogs can come in. Below are some of the most popular Catahoula colors.



Black Catahoulas.

The black Catahoula is one of the rare color morphs. These dogs can have either a solid black coat or a black coat with other markings such as spots or patches.


Blue Catahoulas.

The blue Catahoula is another relatively rare color. These dogs can have a bluish-gray coat or a mostly black coat with gray undertones.

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Brown Catahoulas.

Brown Catahoulas can come in a wide range of shades, from light brown to almost black. These dogs may also have markings of other colors, such as white or gray.



Gray Catahoulas.

Gray Catahoulas can also come in various shades, from light gray to almost black. Like brown Catahoulas, they may also have markings of other colors.

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Red Catahoulas.

The red Catahoula is one of the more common colors. These dogs can have a reddish-brown coat or a mostly red coat with other markings such as spots or patches.


Brindle Catahoulas.

As mentioned, the brindle Catahoula is the most common color. These dogs have a mostly brown or black coat with streaks or patches of another color, usually gray or red.



Mottled Catahoulas.

Mottled Catahoulas have a patchwork-type coat that is made up of two or more colors. The most common colors for these dogs are black and white, but they can also be black and tan brindle or blue.


Patterned Catahoulas.

The patterned Catahoula has markings that are arranged in a specific pattern over their coat. The most common patterns are leopard (spots), merle (mottled), and blanket (large patches).

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Solid Catahoulas.

Solid Catahoulas have a coat that is one solid color with no markings or patterns. The most common solid colors are black, blue, brown, and red, but these dogs can also be gray or white.



The eye color of Louisiana Catahoula.

Catahoulas might also have a range of eye colors . Glass eyes in are the most prized. Eyes may be green, amber, brown, or green. They could also have spots or cracks from other colors.

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Some Catahoula leopard dogs have a “spotted up” coat, which others may call a “leopard”. However, all Catahoulas do not have leopard coats. Some have solid colors. This diversity is what makes the breed unique. As you can see, there is a wide range of Catahoula colors and patterns. All Catahoula Leopard Dogs are unique and special whatever the colour or pattern!


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