What is a Cocker Spaniel Dachshund Mix dog breed?

The Spaniel Doxie, Docker, and Dachshund Cocker Spaniel mix breeds are all one dog breed. The charming designer dog can be adopted and will live in any environment,, provided its owner is there. They have long, muscular bodies that resemble Doxies and silky hair like Cocker Spaniels. They are a loved mixed breed,, and it is hard to find them. These intelligent dog breeds make great pets and are happy when people surround them.



Parent breed information.

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A “low-crooked-legged” dog is also known as a Little Burrow Dog, Dacksel, Dacksel, or Badger Dog. The modern name is “Dachshund,” which means “badger (Dachs) dog (hund). The American Kennel Club recognizes Dachshund as the sixth of the 155 breeds. The Dachshunds were originally hunting dog breeds with a smooth coat and resulted from crossings of the Bracke (a miniature French pointer) with the Pinscher.

Doxie loves to dig and explore, as well as track scents. Doxie is an independent dog breed but will participate in the family’s activities when he has the chance. Although he is great with his family’s children, some dogs may be irritable around strangers’ children. Many are reserved around strangers, and some of them bark. These pups can adapt well to small apartments because of their size and maintenance requirements.

Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel dogs are sweet, lively, and beautiful. The perfect size for apartments and homes. Cocker spaniels are a great choice for families with children. They are highly trained and affectionate.

The American Kennel Club‘s number-one registered breed was the Cocker from the 1930s through the 1950s. In the mid-1980s, he rose to the top again. Only in 1992 were Labrador and Golden Retriever able to take over his number-one status. The Cocker is still one of the top 15 registered breeds.

Cocker Spaniels are gentle, loyal, and loving family pets that can be trusted with their elderly and other pets. It’s possible to have a cocker spaniel with children who are respectful of animals and kind.



Their temperament is a mixture of both mixed breed traits. Although they are small, Dockers have a lot of energy for small dog breeds. They are bred from two hunting dog’s, and have a high prey drive. This means that they love to run, chase, and wander. They require a family that is willing to take them on many adventures. Cocker Spaniels can be used as bird hunters; Dachshunds can hunt badgers. The dog should have a strong work ethic and be driven to find prey.



These mixed breed dog‘s can be medium-sized, usually between 20-30 pounds. The Cocker Spaniel Dachshund Mix is approximately 9 to 13 inches in length.

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They  live between 11-14 years.



Coat and color.

Cocker Spaniels tend to have thick, dense coats while Dachshunds typically have short, long or wet coats. They can have any color dog coat you want. Moreover, common colors include brown, red and black as well as tan, white, cream, and tan. Their coats may also be a mixture of any of these colors.

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Because Dockers shed a bit, you don’t have to take them to the groomer for their hair to be trimmed. You’ll also need to brush your dog’s ears every other day. A bath for dogs is only necessary when they begin to smell. However, a bath every six weeks is a good rule. It would be good if you trimmed your nails once per month.


Health issues.

Cross-breeding dogs such as Dockers can inherit health problems from their parents. Both hip dysplasia (PRA) and PRA are common in both parent dogs. However, there are screening tests to rule out both. Skin problems, diabetes risk, and kidney problems are some minor issues. Here are some common health problems:

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Retinal Dysplasia
  • Seborrhea
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Acanthosis Nigricans
  • Separation anxiety




Dachshund Cocker Spaniel Mix dogs are very friendly and eager to please so training should not be difficult. Training should be based on rewards, not punishments, as for all dogs. Some Docker dog breeds can be stubborn, however. Positive reinforcements and repetition will keep them focused. Getting your little trickster to cooperate might be worth using puppy pads or cage training methods.

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Although they are energetic, docker dog‘s require a moderate amount of exercise. Ideal exercise is between 30 and 60 minutes per day. You can keep your Docker fit by walking, swimming, playing, or hiking. You can keep your dog active by changing their activities like:

  • Fetch
  • Tug-of-war
  • Catch
  • Walks
  • Light jogging



Pros and Cons of Spaniel Doxie mix.


  • People-friendly pets
  • Apartment living at an ideal size
  • It is easy to train


  • Small dogs require a lot of exercises
  • Hip and joint problems can lead to severe pain
  • Hunting instincts can cause problems with pets.

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Are they good family dogs?

The Spaniel Doxie mixed breed dog is easy to train. These small dog breeds will be able to live with active adults. Dachshund Cocker Spaniel Mix dogs make great family pets due to their friendliness, playfulness, and willingness to please. They are happy to be part of your family’s activities, and their joy will lift your spirits.

Because of their aggression issues, there might be better choices for families with small children or dogs. The dockers are very friendly and enjoy cuddling with their owners.



The Cocker Spaniel Dachshund combination is lovely and the perfect dog for your home. This adorable designer breed can be adopted and will live with its owner in any environment. These dogs are great for families as they thrive in a family environment. Dockers can be a great addition to any household as long as they are given lots of love and exercise.


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