What breed is a Great Dane Corgi Mix?

Corgi Great Dane Mix? Does it look like a crossbreeding? Corganes is the result of a Welsh Corgi x Great Dane cross. The playful and family-friendly nature of the parent breeds is evident in the offspring, even though they are from very different backgrounds. This hybrid is a great choice for those who want the stature of the Great Dane but don’t have the space to accommodate a dog that size.

This cross produces a beautiful, unique dog with the perfect size for cuddling.


Corgi Great Dane Mix
Corgi Great Dane Mix


Parent breed Information

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which originated in Pembrokeshire in Wales, is a magical dog with a rich folklore background. According to Welsh myth, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was born in the lairs and homes of fairies and Elves. Corgis, one of the best-known small dog breeds in existence, are known for their creamy white coats and tan ears.

The Corgi, at least the Pembroke breed, also has docked tails. This practice is often viewed as inhumane. The stubby, short tails are not just for appearances.

A longer tail can be trampled on by livestock as short herding dog. The longer tail also allowed Corgi to squeeze into tighter spaces and not get tangled up if they were chasing vermin around the farm. In 1934, the Kennel Club officially recognized the Cardigan and Pembroke as separate breeds. The American Kennel Club also followed suit in the same year. In 1936, the first Pembrokes to be shown in America were pembrokes.

Great Danes

The Great Dane has been around for thousands of years. Artifacts depicting Dane-like dog breeds date back to ancient times. Adopt! Although the Great Dane is a purebred, you can find it in shelters or rescues. If you’ve decided this is the breed for you, don’t go shopping.

The breed is known for its gentleness and grace with children, despite their majestic appearance.

The name is misleading, just as the Great Dane’s name implies that it is more humble than its actual appearance. The dog is a German breed, and it is not known how it became associated with Danish people. The Great Dane Club of America, which was founded in 1889, is not known when or where the first Great Danes came to the US. The American Kennel Club allowed the breed club to join as the fourth.



You can expect your Corgi Great Dane to be just as active. The Corgi Great Dane mix is also good with people and other dogs. They are generally very calm and relaxed and don’t get too excited about much.

The Corgi Great Dane Mix is a great choice for those who are looking for a dog with mellow energy levels.


Corgi Great Dane Mix



Your new dog will likely be a mix of the two purebreds and be between the two sizes. It will most likely be smaller than a Great Dane, but bigger than a Corgi. Your new puppy can reach a height of 12 to 28 inches and is a medium-sized dog.



The Corgi Great Dane Mix has a lifespan between 7-14 years.


Coat Color

It is likely that your Corgi Great Dane will be a medium sized dog with an average height. The ears may be triangular and drooping forward like those of a Great Dane or upright like Corgis. The coat will be thicker and silkier, similar to the Corgi. However, the facial features of the Great Dane and the nose will remain. You can also find them in brown, black, tawny or white. This is likely a mix of black/white and tawny/white coat colors.

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Your pooch’s grooming requirements will vary. The Great Dane requires only a quick brushing every week. However, the Corgi is a double-coated dog that needs more attention.

You can brush your dog twice a year if he has the coat of Great Dane.

If your dog has a double-coated coat, like the Corgi does, you will need to brush and comb it daily with a slicker comb in order to remove the undercoat.

Your Dorgi should only be bathed when it is dirty or smelly, as puppies often are. Expect him to require a bath about every 2 to 3 month and make sure to keep his nails short.


Corgi Great Dane Mix



All dogs are susceptible to health problems. This is not unusual. Certain breeds may be genetically predisposed to certain diseases and more susceptible than other breeds.

It is well known that Great Danes have stomach issues. Also, The stomach can twist and become bloated. It may be necessary to perform surgery. Their life expectancy may also be lower because of their large, majestic breed.

Corgis are known to have hip problems and eye issues. The life expectancy of a Corgi is greater than that of a Great Dane. Corganes, on the other hand, cannot display any of these problems. A reputable breeder should discuss any health concerns with you and provide a certificate of health.



Corgi Great Dane mixes are intelligent dogs. They only want to make you happy. This is an important factor for trainability. Some dogs will not be trained and are only interested in being fed, walked, and having their basic needs met. Sometimes it can take years to develop a relationship. This is not the situation!

Both Corgis and Great Danes are able to take their owner’s cues well due to their previous working experience. They will quickly learn your commands and they do so with pride.

Remember that affection is best for this breed as they enjoy their treats. They are active dogs, but they can still get fat.

Corgis have a high level of trainability. Dog agility trials are often held to demonstrate obedience, tracking and herding. Due to their size, Great Danes have less agility. Imagine King Kong playing on the monkey bars.

However, they are very trainable, especially if you start them at a young, age. Corganes are intelligent, whether they have dominant or recessive genetics. This is one of the biggest selling points for this breed.


Corgi Great Dane mix breed have been known to be very hungry. Do not give in to puppy dog eyes. They’re fine if you feed them correctly! Their eyes are larger than their stomach due to their working dog breed history. Adjust their portions if you notice that they are getting too thin. Two feedings a day with a few treats are enough! Always have water available.

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Corgi Great Dane mix breed’s will require moderate exercise. The combination of the laid-back Corgi and hyperactive Great Dane genes will balance out each other. Expect to walk your Corgi Great Dane mixture for 30 -45 minutes daily.


Corgi Great Dane Mix



Corganes are an excellent addition to any home. Also, they are intelligent, loyal, loving, and eager to please. This dog breed is active and will thrive with regular exercise.  Moreover, They are generally easy-going. Early socialization will keep unwanted behaviors at bay. Even first-time owners can succeed thanks to Corganes’ desire to please.


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