What exactly is a Corgi Greyhound mix breed dog?

It is believed that the Corgi Greyhound mix is a crossbreed between The Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Greyhound. The breed isn’t recognized by the AKC, FCI, UKC, or any other major kennel clubs. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise to you.



Kennel clubs aren’t typically able to accept designer dog breeds since there’s no breed standard to be followed. However, this shouldn’t hinder people from having these stunning dogs for their pets. The best way to be sure of your mixed puppy’s personality is to examine the characteristics of the breeds that are parents. This is exactly what we’ll do.


Parent breed information.

It is believed that the hybrid breed was made in the mid-2000s since that was the time the first recorded record of a Corgi Greyhound mix is from. To better understand the breed, we’ll look at the background of its parent breed.

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Italian Greyhound dogs were bred originally to hunt Foxes, hares, and deer. Dogs of this breed are capable of speeds of between 40 and 45 miles per hour. This makes them the Ferraris of the dog world.

Nowadays, Italian Greyhound dog breed’s are also involved in other dog-related sports, like lure courses, conformation, obedience, and the ability to move. Beyond their speed and grace, People love them due to their gentle and sweet disposition. The breed’s fans often say the dogs have two speeds: all-out sprint and the complete couch potato. However, they are very sensitive both to extreme weather and loneliness. This isn’t a pet that can be left all day long. Make sure they get the love, attention and exercise they require, and you’ll get an adoring, snuggly bug friend for the rest of your life.

Do not purchase puppies from an unreliable breeder puppy mill or pet shop for a healthy and happy pet. Find a reliable breeder who has a thorough test of their breeding animals to ensure they’re not suffering from genetic diseases which could be passed on to the puppies and ensure that they’re healthy and well-behaved.

Many times throughout history, the dog breed was virtually lost and almost disappeared, yet people would try to save it each time. Slowly but slowly, they began to be introduced into other world areas. Eventually, the American Kennel Club acknowledged them in 1885.



Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Created to help keep cattle as well as sheep and horses and sheep, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a lively and intelligent breed of dog. It is easy to train and willing to be taught; Pembroke is great with animals and children. You can also find them in four coat color and markings.

Welsh Corgis come in two types The Pembroke or the Cardigan. They were recognized as a single dog breed by the Kennel Club in the U.K. until 1934. Numerous breeders believed that the two breeds evolved separately. Both breeds share the same heads, bodies, and levels of intelligence and herding capabilities; however, they differ in size and shape. The Cardigan is slightly bigger and more bone-heavy as compared to Pembroke. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are the smallest American Kennel Club’s Herding Group members and are also recognized by the United Kennel Club.

Their coats are red, fawn, sable or tri-coloured (red, black, tan, and red) and usually have white markings on their chest, legs, muzzle and belly. There is also an elongated blaze around their head. Pembroke heads look similar to the head of the fox. Also, their eyes are oval-shaped, and dark. Their ears are straight. The AKC breed standard has been maintained through the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.

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It’s tough to be certain since there are plenty of variations in appearance and size between Corgi breeds. But, the typical Greyhound Corgi mixed breed is likely between 16 and 24 inches in height and weighs somewhere between 35-50 pounds.



It is believed that the Corgi Greyhound mixed breed dog can live for 11-14 years.



Personality & Temperament.

Although the Greyhound Corgi mix personality can indeed differ between dogs, there are some common characteristics you should be aware of before you bring one of these dogs to your home.

The mixed breed is also extremely playful, active and friendly. Greyhound Corgi mixes are fond of playing fetch or going on walks and generally have an enjoyable time. Of course, each dog is unique, so it’s crucial to be familiar with your dog’s personality before making any decision regarding the care they receive. They are also known to be extremely intelligent and simple to train.

Greyhound Corgi mix dogs are quick to learn and often willing to please their owners. They are also well-known for their patience and well-behaved. This makes them excellent companions for children or any other pet. But, they are a bit cautious around strangers. They may require more socializing in the beginning to make them feel more comfortable with meeting strangers.

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A Grey hound Corgi mix is a relatively easy mixed breed to care for. They have pretty short coats, which don’t require much grooming.

The Corgi Greyhound Mix doesn’t need to visit professional groomers. There’s no need for cutting or styling its coat even if it’s slightly longer if you feel that numerous hairs are flying around and you want to get the time to have a professional groom or even a cut.

Regular bathing is important to decrease the amount of hair that is loose. Be careful not to overdo it. Bathing twice a month is sufficient unless your pet is dirty. Should you shower him longer than you need to, you could risk skin infections or the development of dandruff which can be a major problem for those who suffer from allergies to dogs.




When you are giving the diet of your Grey hound Corgi mix, There are a few points to be aware of.

The breed has large appetites and may be susceptible to eating too much when given a chance. It is important to feed them often and in small portions throughout the day instead of two or three large meals to assist in keeping their weight gain.

Also, it would be best if you were sure to select a premium dog food specifically designed for their particular nutritional requirements. This will ensure they get all the nutrition they require to be well and fit.

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Health concerns.

The Greyhound Corgi mix is indeed a fairly healthy breed. However, there are a few health issues that you should take note of. A major and prevalent health issue in this breed is weight gain. Another health concern commonplace with this particular breed is hip dysplasia. Other health problems that are typical of the breed’s parents include allergies, heart issues and eye problems that are specific to.



Exercise requirements.

It is believed that the Greyhound Corgi mix is an extremely active breed that requires ample opportunities for play and running.

A regular jog or walk is generally enough. However, they might require more if they’re particularly active. Also, give them lots of toys and other items to keep them entertained. The dog loves to play and will often spend the day playing and chasing toys. If you cannot give them daily exercise sessions, they might be bored and find alternative ways to expend their energy, such as playing with furnishings or digging up holes in the backyard.

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Good with kids?

If you’re a parent with a young child, You probably think whether you should choose the Corgi Greyhound mix is an ideal option. Like any other crossbreed, there’s always an element of doubt.

Although most Corgi Greyhound mixed dogs are medium-sized, some could be quite big and look like purebred Greyhounds! These dogs can easily knock a child on the ground accidentally. Another problem is Corgi’s territorial, timid nature. This is why their time with kids is a little difficult.




A Greyhound Corgi mix is a breed that can be challenging to train. They’re extremely smart but also known to be stubborn and might try to outwit you in some instances. It is essential to begin with your puppy early so that they become accustomed to the commands and are taught what they are expected to do.

Housebreaking and obedience training are two areas you must focus on in the beginning stages of your dog’s development. It is also important to establish yourself as the authority figure for your pup to ensure that they know who’s in charge and what expectations you have of them in all circumstances.

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Good family dog?

A Corgi Greyhound mix is a great breed for those seeking an active and fun dog. They require plenty of exercises and might not be the most suitable breed for people living in tiny houses or apartments. The breed is also uncommon, which means you could not be able to locate an animal at the nearby shelter or rescue facility.




If you’re searching for an active and energetic designer dog that’s ideal for families with children, The Greyhound Corgi mix may be the right companion dog for you. To keep your puppy content and healthy, ensure that you provide them with plenty of toys and regular exercise. Training is equally important, beginning early, so ensure you follow your instructions.


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