Is it possible to have a Corgi Poodle mix? Yes! This designer dog is often called as Corgi Poodle mix, Poodle Corgi mix, Corgi Mix dog, and Corgi Doodle. A Corgi Poodle Mix is a charming and intelligent mixed breed with curly hair small dog with a great energy level. Read the article.



What is a Corgi Poodle mix breed dog?

A corgi poodle mix is a hybrid dog created by cross-breeding a Welsh corgi with a toy or miniature Poodle. This mixed breed inherits the best traits from both parent breeds, resulting in an intelligent, active, and friendly companion dog. 

Corgi poodle mixes are typically low to the ground like their Welsh corgi parents, but they may inherit the Poodle’s coat type, ranging from curly to wavy. These dogs require regular grooming and exercise, and making great family pets.

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Parent breed information.


Welsh Corgis.

Welsh Corgis Welsh Corgi dog’s are herding dogs from Wales, United Kingdom. They have assisted farmers by allowing cattle to graze their land and guarding the barnyard.

The Corgis is simple to identify due to its long body shape, paired with its disproportionately small legs. They sport a big fox-like head with upright ears.

Besides enthralling people by those adorable bubble butts and puppy-dog eyes, Corgi dog’s possess a great temperament. They’re loyal friends who are a joy to be close to people. They’re also intelligent dogs who can be trained easily because they learn quickly. Despite their size, the athletes and active dogs enjoy working out and engaging in sports.

It is known that two kinds make up Corgis: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both breeds haven’t been crossed, except for the last few years into the 1930s.




Elegant. Proud. Clever. The Poodle dog breed is stunning, as many top-of-the-line winners of this breed will attest. However, behind those blue ribbons, the impressive hairstyles and elegant attitude are gentle dog breeds with a long background and numerous skills.

Poodles are considered to be among the most intelligent purebred dog’s around the world. They’re highly trainable and equipped for any job you assign them, and you’ll need to assign them tasks to complete. They’re bored. Poodles are destructive when they’re not physically and mentally engaged. But owners who are proactive and satisfy the needs of their dog breeds will get an intelligent, loving, capable, trainable and loyal pet.

Even though the modern Poodles appear to embody an ideal lifestyle of relaxation and luxury, do not make any mistake: these are real dogs bred to perform actual work. While it’s hard to believe when you see the pristine Poodle in the show ring, this dog breed was initially a water retriever, a task that required jumping in the water to catch waterfowl to hunt. It was the American Kennel Club that registered their first Poodle in 1886.

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Besides being extremely adorable, Corgi Poodle mix breed’s possess lively, energetic and welcoming personalities, making them fun to be around. “Corgi Poodle mix dog breed’s are sociable, friendly, loyal, and energetic,” Conrad affirms.

This designer dog breed inherited the huge brains and the high levels of energy of poodles and corgis, which implies that they require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep up their best behavior. They’ll enjoy taking leisurely walks around the neighbourhood, engaging in an energetic game of tug-of-war in the living area, or running after the ball at the park.




The average lifespan of a Corgipoo dog is 10-12 years.



Corgi poodle mixes are typically low to the ground, like their Welsh corgi parents. However, they may inherit the toy or miniature poodle’s size.

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These dogs may inherit the poodle’s coat type, ranging from curly to wavy. Corgi poodle mixes require regular grooming.



Grooming needs.

This Corgi Poodle Mix can be an moderate or non-shedder depending on the coat the parent coat is more. If your dog has that Poodle coat, it will have an hair that is not shed Hypoallergenic coat. If he does have more like the Corgi then he’ll be an average or minimal shedder. This could cause allergies to dogs. Even even if the Corgidoodle has the coat of the Corgi but he’ll shed less hair due to his Poodle genetics.

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Cons and Pros.


  • Demands Daily Exercise
  • Trouble-makers
  • A risk for Canine Degenerative Myelopathy


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Intelligence at a high level
  • ideal for apartments




The breeds that are parents have a great demand for physical exercise. The Corgi who is crossed with Poodle dogs can help to divert their energy and prevent the disorderly behavior. The best way to prevent the dog’s movements and to play. The dog must have a good variety of games and physical exercises. You can engage your Corgi Poodles in fun and interactive games such as games of fetch, swimming, or puzzles.

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Health issues.

The health issues of one breed’s parent may be more apparent than those of one. You should be aware of the health issues that come that each breed’s parent has. Here’s a list of the health problems that are common that can be found in interbreeding between the breeds of a Poodle Corgi mix: 

  • Canine Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Blindness
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Epilepsy



Food and diet.

Because the Corgi parent and Poodle parent can be susceptible to being overweight, Ensure that the Corgi has a specific amount of food it can consume for the day. Beware that this pooch is a food lover and won’t refuse to eat the food you put before him.

Don’t feed him in one go; divide their food into two portions: one in the morning and the second at night. If you feed him twice, you can feed him with you at breakfast and dinner.

As active dogs, these dog breeds need a high protein diet. Protein is a great source of energy levels and helps maintain skin and hair healthy.

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Good family dog?

It is believed that Corgi Poodle mix dogs inherit the loveliness and affection of their parents breeds. Children will find them irresistible and often play with them. Corgi Poodle mix dog breeds are a great companion for other children as well as with other adults. If you are playing with kids, it’s crucial to establish in the children’s minds that they must gently play with their puppy. Be cautious about the interactions. You can also decide to put up safety fences within your backyard to protect your pet. A big backyard is great for dog’s playtime.




The corgi poodle mix is a designer dog created by cross-breeding a Welsh corgi with a toy or miniature poodle. This mixed breed inherits the best traits from both parent breeds, resulting in an intelligent, active, and friendly companion dog. 

Corgipoo puppy are typically low to the ground like their Welsh corgi parents, but they may inherit the poodle’s coat type, which can range from curly to wavy. These dogs require regular grooming and exercise, and they make great family pets.


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