What is a Dachshund Bulldog mix dog breed?

Dachshund Bulldog Mix is a crossbreed of a Dachshund Bulldog and a Bulldog. We believe this designer breed will grow in popularity because both the primary breeds are well-known and distinctive. Bulldogs are calm, friendly, loyal and friendly dogs. The Doxie is intelligent, independent, spunky, and calm. Both parent breeds are distinct in appearance and temperament. This article will help you understand the characteristics of this mixed-breed dog.



Parent breed information.

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Dachshunds, small and loud and strong-willed, are true hunters. They seduce with their charming personalities and disarming senses of devotion. Their primary function was to hunt den animals. There are many nicknames for this breed: hot dog, sausage dog and Doxie. In Germany, they are also known as Teckels, Dachels or Dachsels.

German for “Dach”, “Hund” is a synonym for “Hund”. American Kennel Club ranked the Dachshund 12th in popularity among American dog breeds.

Although the Dachshund is a faithful companion and good with children it can also be prone to disk issues due to its long back. This dog is not recommended for people who have many stairs in their home. Dachshunds make great family dogs and are good watchdogs. If they are treated well, they can be good with children. They can be a bit difficult to train.



Bulldogs were originally used to transport cattle to the market and compete in bullbaiting, a bloody sport. They are gentle companions and love children. Sometimes called the English Bulldog, or the British Bulldog. An English Bulldog is a medium-sized, short-legged, large dog. The breed was also bred in England, and it has a long history of bloody incidents.

In 1500, the first mention of the breed was made in a description by a man with two Bolddogges at his tayle . These then-fierce canines were used to bull bait, which consisted of the dog grasping onto the nose of the bull and shaking it. The Bulldog was bred from fighting mastiffs that were brought to Britain by the Romans. It was also used in bullbaiting, a bloody sport. The Bulldog today is only slightly more like his ancestors.

In 1890, the American Kennel Club recognized Bulldogs. Bulldogs were popular in the 1940s and 1950s. The Bulldog is 12th out of the 155 varieties and breeds registered by the AKC. This is a testament to his reputation as a good companion.




Your Bulldach’s temperament will reflect a mix of both Bulldog and Sausage Dog traits. Experts agree that Bulldog genes tend to soften the fast temperament of Sausage Dogs, although it’s hard to know for certain.

Bulldog Dachshunds are not a loud breed and can be happily settled in a home or apartment. If you spend too much time away from your Bulldog Dachshund, they can become anxious and have separation anxiety. Be prepared to return to your home often.

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Dachshund Bulldog mix breeds are generally between 11 and 12 inches tall, and weigh between 30 and 40 pounds.



It is important to learn about the life expectancy of any breed of dog. The average Dachshund Bulldog mix breed lives between 10-14 years.



 Coat and Color.

The short, smooth coats of the mixed breed dogs will be the same as the Dachshund‘s, unless the Dachshund has a wire-haired version. The Bulldach can be cream, fawn or brown in color, as well as black, brindle or lilac (also called isabella).

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Bulldog Doxie hybrid dogs are easy to groom. Bulldog Doxie hybrid dogs usually have a single-layered hair. A good weekly brushing should be sufficient. Rarely, your dog may inherit the double-layered Dachshund coat from their Dachshund parent. In these cases, you will need to brush more often. You can change the nutrition of your dog if it has dry skin. You should only bathe your dog once per month with a good dog shampoo.


Although the Dachshund Bulldog Mix is less likely to inherit the same health issues as her purebred parents than their purebred parents are, it is important to be aware of some of the potential health problems they might experience. These are the most common health problems that this designer dog breed faces:

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Both parent breeds are very friendly and intelligent. Although learning can be difficult, once they learn a command it is permanent. It is possible to have a difficult dog. You should be patient and provide consistent positive reinforcements. This is especially true if you begin with them young.



The designer breed doesn’t require too much exercise. To keep your baby happy and calm, they will need at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Your baby will inherit the long, muscular body of a Dachshund. They can easily get hurt if they jump. This mixed breed dog might have trouble breathing so avoid vigorous exercise in hot weather.



Are they get along with kids and other pets?

A well-socialized Dachshund Bulldog mix Dachshund puppy will be able to get along with other pets. Keep in mind that the Bulldach’s Dachshund heritage could lead to the Bulldach chasing smaller animals and may cause aggression towards male Bulldachs.

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Are they good family dogs?

The Dachshund Bulldog/Dachshund mix is a wonderful family dog! Although they get along well with children of all ages, it is important to keep an eye on them, especially when the children are smaller and younger. So that both you and your dog are safe, teach your children how to treat dogs.




A Dachshund Bulldog combination is a great companion dog for dog lovers who love both the English Bulldog or the Dachshund. Bulldach is gentle, kind, and intelligent. Bulldachs come in many colors and have different markings. They are just as individual as humans. The Dachshund Bulldog Mix will make an excellent addition to your family.


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