What is Dachshund Cairn Terrier Mix dog breed?

Dachshund Cairn Terrier mix is also known as Doxie Cairn! This energetic, goofy compact companion designer dog, with loving, entertaining behavior. Doxie Cairn is a crossbreed of the Cairn Terrier and Dachshund and makes wonderful family pets for city and rural living!

These small dogs are so loving and fun to be around, they make a great companion. It is a great thing to have a small dog. They are easy to train and can be tired quickly. They are a great choice for apartment-dwelling pet owners.



Parent breed information.

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Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier is a small working terrier that was developed in Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Farmers used them to rid their property of vermin; they needed a dog with courage, tenacity, and intelligence-characteristics still in today’s Cairn. A Cairn Terrier is an excellent family companion. He’s entertaining, plays with kids, and sounds the alarm when visitors approach.

The Cairn Terrier was developed over 200 years ago on the Isle of Skye. The first Cairn Terriers were imported to the United States in 1913. The Cairn and the West Highland White were interbred in the U.S. and England until 1917 when the American Kennel Club barred registration to any dog from such interbreeding. The Cairn Terrier Club of America was granted AKC membership that same year.



The Dachshund is also known as the badger dog or sausage dog. It is a hound-type, short-legged dog breed. All three varieties of dachshunds, the smooth-, wire- and long-coated, are found in standard and miniature sizes. Miniature Dachshunds are not a separate American Kennel Club classification.

Dachshunds were originally bred in 15th-century Germany to hunt badgers. This dog breed’s long back and short legs made them ideal hunting dogs for scenting, chasing, and flushing out small animals and burrow-dwelling creatures. Dachshunds make great family watchdogs and are loyal companions. If they are treated well, they can be good with children. They can be a bit difficult to train.




The Doxie Cairn is a bold and confident dog at work and an attention-loving charmer in the home. They love people, and their playful, sweet nature makes them excellent companions for families with children. Doxie Cairn mixed breed is one adorable dog, but their personality takes the cake.  This hybrid dog is a cross between two intelligent and loyal dog breeds. It can be an excellent companion, watchdog, and family pet.



Cairn Terrier Dachshund Mix is small but strong. They will weigh between 16 to 32 pounds and 9-16 inches in height.

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The lifespan for a Cairn Doxie mix is 12 to 15 years.



Coat and Color.

Although their coats are typically long and wet, they can also have short, smooth hair. The Doxie Cairn can have either a short, smooth hairstyle or a thick, wiry look. Although they can be unicolored, they are often bi-colored dapple and brindle. Blonde is the most common solid-colored Doxie Cairn.



Cairn Dachshunds are easy to maintain. The Dachshund terrier combination is easy to groom. Also, they shed lightly and have a higher seasonal hair loss. They only require manual stripping once or twice per year. It is important to remember that designer dogs may need hand stripping if their Cairn Terrier parents are more dominant.

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Crossbreeding can lead to hybrid vigor, increased resilience, and better health for the offspring. However, Others suggest that the designer dog may be at higher risk for two breed-specific problems. Intervertebral disc disease, patellar degeneration (kneecap dislocation), as well as eye problems such as cataracts are all possible in the Dachshund Cairn Terrier mixture.




The Doxie Cairn has a lot to be proud of when it comes to intelligence. Also, these cute pooches are smart, but unfortunately, these puppies are not easy to train. However, they won’t move if they don’t want to. It is important to train your puppy in obedience and housebreaking early so that they can overcome their stubbornness. In fact, these are the best methods to train your puppy. The Doxie Cairn is not recommended for novice dog owners. This breed needs a trained handler who has a lot of experience with training.

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Both parent breeds are lively, active dog breeds.  A small dog breed can be tired in a matter of minutes. No matter how much spirit and spunk these pooches have, one or two long walks and they’ll be out like a candle. However, for the Dachshund terrier mix, it’s best to dedicate at least 60 minutes for walks each day, plus the time for some challenging playing. Moreover, they enjoy playing with their humans. Some of their favorite games are:

  • Fetch
  • Catch
  • Jump-the-Obstacle
  • Hide and Seek



Are they get along with kids and other pets?

Doxie Cairns are very social and outgoing dogs. Although it is a good idea for puppies to socialize with other dogs, it shouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, with cats, it is a good idea to socialize and supervise them so that they can have amiable relationships.

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Are they good family dogs? 

This breed is playful and good-natured, making it a great family dog. Also, they are able to live in an apartment or a house, and they don’t need much grooming. In fact, A harmonious home can only be achieved by socializing dogs and children early.




Dachshund Cairn Terrier Mix is a friendly, adaptable dog breed that makes them a great choice for families with children of all sizes. Moreover, the Doxie Cairn is a hybrid dog breed that is playful, affectionate, smart, and loving. The Doxie Cairn is a great choice for seniors and those with children.


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