What Havanese Dachshund Mix is dog breed?

The Havanese Dachshund Mix, also known as the Havadash or Dachvanese, is a mixture of the Dachshund and Havanese dog. Both dogs are affectionate and friendly, which is often passed on to their offspring if they are mixed. The Dachshund Havanese Mix is a designer breed. Depending on their genetics, one parent’s traits may show through more than the other.

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Parent breed information.

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Dachshunds were first bred in Germany. However, Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt, chase and flush out burrowing animals. The dog’s body shape must be correct. They can easily fit into burrows to chase pests.

They are also known as badger dogs. In the United States and Great Britain, it is classified under the scent hound group or hound group. There are three types of Dachshunds: Wirehaired, Longhaired, and Shorthaired (Smooth) also, there is a miniature dachshund breed. Reddish brown or black with some tan markings are the most common colors, but there are many other colors and patterns.

In 1879, a breed standard was created. The German Dachshund Club was established, in 1888. Dachshunds were already in America by 1885. Dachshunds were registered with American Kennel Club. Dash was the name of the first Dachshund.



The Havanese breed is an extremely small dog. Toy dogs are Cuban with round faces and, floppy ears—long curly hair. As a companion dog, They were aristocratic Cuban dogs in the 1800s. Their loyalty to their owners earned them the nickname “Velcro dog.” Havanese dogs are affectionate and playful. They are great family dogs because of their intelligence and good nature.

The Havanese is a loving, affectionate dog who loves to be around children and other dogs. His family will receive most of his affection; given the option, he’ll stay by his owner’s side like glue.

Spanish settlers arrived in Cuba in 1492 after Columbus claimed Cuba for Spain. Their companion dogs, the ancestors of the Bichon breed of dogs, came with them. Breeders are trying to expand the Havanese gene pool because most Havanese living outside of Cuba can trace their ancestry back to only 11 dogs. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1995.




Both parent breed’s are generally friendly and happy dog breeds, so you can assume that the Havanese Dachshund mix will also be like them. They are loyal, protective, and loyal and will follow their owners wherever they go. However, you need to be aware that these dogs are stubborn and aggressive, making it more difficult to train than other breeds. Although they can be very intelligent, it can be challenging to train them. Dachshund Havanese mix dog breeds are playful, and sweet and can make wonderful family pets.

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Dachshund Havanese mix dogs will be between 6 and 11 inches tall, with a weight that can fluctuate between 10-33 pounds.



A Havanese Dachshund mix breed dog can live for 12-15 years.



Coat and Color.

Havanese dogs are adorable and fluffy. Also, Dachshunds have a smooth coats. They come in more colors than any other breed. They can have silky, shiny coats in brown, silver, and sable, as well as black, chocolate, or cream.

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Dachshund Havanese mix dogs are a hypoallergenic breed. Brush them once a day, that’s not necessory to brush them too much. Do not bathe your mix dog often, as this can cause them to lose their natural and healthy oils. If your dog is irritable, excessive washing could cause its skin to dry. These mixed breed dogs are floppy-eared and must have their ears cleaned at least once weekly to prevent ear infections and wax buildup.




This mixed breed dog is rarer than others, so it can be difficult to identify common health problems. The Havanese Doxie mix may have joint or hip dysplasia and back problems. Knee dislocations, skin problems, and knee dislocations are all possible health issues. You may experience ear infections, deafness, and cataracts as your Dachshund Havanese mix gets older. You should make sure your vet does thorough checks to detect these problems early so you can prevent them from becoming serious.


Exercise and training.

You can engage your dog’s behavior through training or other activities like puzzles. This will keep your dog’s mind active and engaged and deter boredom, which can lead to a destructive or unhappy dog. The mix will be energetic and require more stimulation. They are still small dog’s and will not be able go on long hikes like a larger breed. Your Dachshund Havanese mix will enjoy daily walks and plenty of playtimes.

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Are they get along with kids and other pets?

The Havanese and Dachshund are good with children. Both of these breeds are good for children and can be great companion dog breeds for young families. These mixed breed dogs are loyal and can bond well with a small number of people or one person. This is a good thing for small families but something you should be aware of in larger families.




The Dachshund Havanese mix is a dog breed that offers a large personality in a small home. Also, they require minimal exercise and are easy to train. You don’t need to live in a big house with lots of yards, you can also have them in your apartment. Moreover, they are great family pets and companion dogs who love to be loved. This dog breed could be the right choice for you.


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