What is a Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix dog breed?

Dachshund Italian Greyhound mix dog breeds cross between the Dachshunds and the Italian Greyhound. Italian Doxie mix dog breeds are loyal and affectionate companions.
Designer dogs are not common, but the Italian Doxie is a novel addition to the breed world. They are intelligent and easy to train.
The Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix may be the best breed for you if you’re looking for a small- to a medium-sized dog that is loving, loyal, and easy to train.



Parent breed information.

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Dachshunds are characterized by their short legs and long bodies. Also, Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers and other burrowing prey. In fact, Dachshunds were created to hunt dangerous prey on their own. Dachshunds are a brave breed that can be stubborn and a little tenacious. However, their charm and beautiful body make them one of the most loved small breed’s in America.
Dachshunds retain all of their useful skills. They can still move through tunnels easily, their bodies are well-suited for digging, and their bark is loud. The American Kennel Club recognizes the Dachshund as sixth among the 155 varieties and breeds.


Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound is the smallest sighthound on the planet. In the Middle Ages, noblewomen loved their Italian Greyhound dog breed. This small dog was not only a lapdog. It had the endurance, speed, and determination to hunt small game.
Italic Greyhounds are able to adapt to living in apartments, and they love to be with children and other dogs. The American Kennel Club adopted this breed in 1886.
It is an ancient breed. Dogs like the Italian Greyhound may have existed for over two millennia. The 2,000-year-old artifacts of what is now Turkey and Greece show miniature greyhounds. Archaeological digs have also revealed small Greyhound bones.s.




The Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix dog breed is loyal and affectionate. They are smart and easy to train. Also, they love living in apartments and condominiums. They are friendly and jovial with children and other dogs. Sometimes they can be naughty or obstinate.

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The Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix dogs range in size from small to large. Their average weight is 6-8 pounds and their height is 8-13 inches.



The Italian Doxie mixed breed has a life expectancy of 12-14 years.



Italian Greyhound Dachshund Mix dogs have short, smooth hair. You can choose from various colors: white, brown, red, and red.

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Activity Level.

Italian Greyhound Dachshund Mix dog breeds are active dogs that require lots of exercises. You’ll need to exercise for 60 minutes each day in practice. You can take your dog on two 20-minute walks, then have a 20-minute play session. They love to run, play & fetch, and go for walks.




Dachshund Italian Greyhound mix breed dogs are easy to train and intelligent dog breeds. Positive reinforcement methods like praise, treats, or play are good ways to train them. Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach them. Also, it will not do anything except provoke the Doxies’ stubbornness. Training can take time and effort.



Italian Doxies are one the easiest cross-breeds you can take care of. This hybrid dog sheds very little and has a short coat, so you should brush them once weekly. Because they have short coat, they are more susceptible to colds in winter. Make sure you understand how to deal with freezing temperatures.

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Italian Doxie mix dog Dachshunds need to be active and get plenty of exercises. They need to be taken for daily walks and runs. They enjoy fetch and other active games.



Health issues.

Because the physical characteristics of both parent breeds are balanced, the Italian Doxie mixed breed is generally healthy. Doxies in this mix can often be avoided back problems by reducing the length of their bodies and elongating their legs. Your hybrid dog may also be vulnerable to specific health issue’s, such as:

  • patellar luxation
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • epilepsy
  • heart disease

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Are they get along with children and other pets?

Dachshund Italian Greyhound mix Dachshunds are good with small animals and children. They can be shy and reserved around strangers. Because children are more willing to play with them than adults, they love their kids back. They should also be socialized as young to make them more comfortable around other people.


Do they make good guard dogs?

Dachshund Italian Greyhound mix dogs can be an excellent guard dogs. They can bark to alert their owners of unusual or unfamiliar activity and are alert.




The Dachshund Italian Greyhound Mix breeds are loyal and affectionate companion dogs. They are intelligent, easy to train and energetic dogs. The Doxie Greyhound Mix may be the best breed choice for you if you’re looking for an active, small dog that is easy to train and maintain.


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