You may have heard a lot lately about dog food poisoning, dog bites, and even dog diarrhea. But did you also know that dog diarrhea can be caused by eating a dog swallowed bully stick? If you’re like most pet owners, you probably think that anything that comes from an animal – including food – is safe to eat. But you might be surprised when you learn that some common household foods can be dangerous for your dog to consume. In this article, we’ll look at just a few of the dangers of dog food poisoning, including the deadly Bully Stick.


dog swallowed bully stick


What are Bully Sticks?

Many new and experienced dog owners are curious about the ever-popular dog bully stick. Bully sticks are made of steer penis or beef, stretched and bent, and then dried. The process of drying is typical via dehydration. However, sometimes they are smoked or baked instead.Certain types of water may also have been treated with chemicals or radiation to kill harmful bacteria. Once dry, they’re cut into 12-6 inches or 30-inch pieces. They are then packed, ready to feed your pet for a treat.

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Are bully sticks safe?

Overall, bully sticks are extremely secure compared to other chews such as rawhide. They are easy to digest and don’t break or split into dangerous fragments.

The primary risk that comes with bull pizzle sticks stems from bacteria contamination. Be sure to purchase bully sticks from trusted firms with safe manufacturing processes. Make sure to wash your hands after handling them.

Like any food or snack such as a large chunk is consumed, it may cause choking hazards; however, due to the high digestibility of bully sticks, they are most likely not to trigger any form of obstruction once it’s in the digestive tract.

The same smell as kitty litter.

Have you ever wondered why some dog biscuits or sachets have the same smell as kitty litter? Well, that’s because the animal parts used to make those products are the raw material for the stuffing inside. Bully sticks and kitty littler were the final products that manufacturers used to create dog treats before discovering that adding lamb’s wool to treats could make them smell delicious and give pets a wonderful scent. Here’s what the bully stick investigators found:


dog swallowed bully stick


Stomach upset.

Only 59 percent of dog owners and only 41 percent of veterinary professionals know that these sachets are, in reality, raw, dried-up penises harvested from killed steers and bulls. When a dog swallows a bully stick, it will experience the same sort of stomach upset as if a viper had bitten it. That sharp, raw point of a dog’s stomach can puncture the esophagus, cause abdominal distress, and create bleeding that will require an ambulance call several hours later. The dog will vomit and then, if no treatment is given, will suffer internal damage. The severity of the damage may vary, but no dog, young or old, should ingest anything that has been sitting around in a raw, moist environment for any length of time.

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Small amounts of lead.

Veterinarians have long warned pet owners to keep away from raw meat or bone for human consumption. Dogs can ingest anything that they can get their mouths around, including rotten meat. It’s not just the obvious dangers like harmful bacteria and viruses that can be ingested; many bully sticks contain small amounts of lead. Lead poisoning causes mental and behavioral problems in humans, and there’s now evidence that it can cause serious harm to dogs, too. One tiny piece of lead can kill a dog within minutes.

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Beef heart and bison heart.

There are two main types of dog food treats, beef heart and bison heart. The difference lies in how the beef heart is cooked and its flavorings. The heart is typically less oily and less fat than the bison heart, which is moister and higher in fats and carbohydrates. Dogs seem to like the flavor of heart more than bison heart, and it is used more often in dog food around the country.


dog swallowed bully stick


Bully Sticks for Puppies.

Bully sticks are an excellent treat that you can give your dog to chew on for many different reasons. All dogs of all ages can chew on sticks of bully. They’re tough but not so much that they can cause damage to puppy teeth. This is why they are perfect as a puppy’s teething aid. Chew through his teething annoyances. However, the puppies have a much less sensitive stomach than adults, so you should get rid of the bully stick within 5-10 minutes of chewing time.

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Rawhide bully stick.

Bully sticks isn’t a by-product of the beef production industry, but more of a product of the leather industry. This is a crucial distinction to be made when discussing the security of these chews.

The major difference in the security of these products stems from manufacturing different brands of rawhide, especially those manufactured in the United States.


Rawhide is made with chemicals.

Typically, hides from cattle are treated with different chemicals that help separate the layers. The outer layers are utilized to make leather products such as clothing car seats, seats for cars, and accessories. Inside, the layer can be used to make rawhide and various kinds of gelatin, cosmetics, and glue.

In the end, rawhide has to be preserved, often using an ingredient like sodium benzoate. However, other hazardous chemicals like mercury, formaldehyde, and arsenic are also discovered in rawhide.


dog swallowed bully stick



Bully sticks are single-ingredient dog treats made from the penis of a bull or steer. Bully Sticks have a distinctive, natural smell as they are made from a bull’s pizzle. As pizzle stick is a unique ingredient, it does carry a unique and distinctive smell. Bully sticks are an ideal chew for maintaining dental health as they are long-lasting, so your dog will spend more time chewing and cleaning his teeth than he would with other types of treats. If you are a dog owner and looking for a healthy and all-natural chew toy for your dog, bully sticks are an excellent choice.


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