English Shepherd Vs Border Collie

English Shepherds vs Border Collie, a comparing between the Old-Time Scotch Collie (Border Collie) is closely related to the English Shepherd, with more similarities than differences. It’s not surprising that people ask the most frequently asked question about Border Collie vs English Shepherd dog breed.

This article will provide all the information you need on English shepherd vs border collie.



English Shepherd

These dogs are also known as the British Shepherd, but they don’t originate from the United Kingdom. The United States is where English Shepherd dogs were born. British and Irish settlers brought this mix of Collies to the continent. Because of their strong resemblance with the original collies from the UK, they were called “English Shepherds.”

Although they are from the United States, English Shepherds have many similarities to traditional British herding dog breeds. They are intelligent, hardworking, and energetic. In fact, the English Shepherd dog breed can perform various farm tasks and has various talents. English Shepherds make great family dogs and loyal companions.

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Border Collie

This breed is a descendant of a variety of British colies, and probably their name comes from their origins in the Anglo–Scottish border. All purebred Border Collies can now be traced back to Old Hemp. This dog was born in Northumberland in 1893 and died in 1901. According to some experts, Old Hemp had around 200 children in his lifetime.

However, they are of British-American heritage, Border Collies have been bred extensively in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1900s.

Border Collies possess all the qualities that make them great herding breed’s. Also, they are loyal, dedicated, intelligent, agile, and dedicated to their owners. Moreover, the Collies are still a popular choice for anyone looking for a dog who can look after cattle. Border Collies are a popular breed that can look after cattle and have been victors in canine competitions.

Comparison of Border Collie and English Shepherd

The Border Collies are known for their hard work ethic and beautiful appearance. In fact, their large, robust bodies are medium in size and have plenty of strength.

To protect them from the elements, they have two coats. There are two kinds: rough and smooth. It is very soft and waterproof. The most popular color is black and white, although canines may have liver, blue, or tan patches.

The English Shepherd’s appearance is similar to a traditional herding animal. Their bodies are well-shaped, muscular, and thin. They are medium-sized but have a lot of strength that allows them to lift heavy animals.

The English Shepherd has a double-coated waterproof coat like other British Isles dogs. The undercoat is thick and velvety with a silky layer that can be straight or wavy. This breed’s most popular color patterns are sable and white, black, tan, black, white and different (black, white, and tan), and silky topcoats.




Border Collie owners are well aware that their dog is rarely at rest. They are energetic and love to work. They love to please their owners and are happy to be given a job. Also, they retained most of their natural herding instinct’s and will likely continue to herd livestock.

English Shepherds are more assertive and, in some cases, were bred to move stubborn stock such as range cattle. However, you might need to be assertive in your control over an English Shepherd dog to avoid problems. Because of their “grittiness,” English Shepherds are more likely to bite than Scotch Collies.

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The Border Collie and the English Shepherd are both hypoallergenic. A gene abnormality called MDR1 was found in approximately 15% of English Shepherds. This is similar to other herding breed’s. Also, they are sensitive to common medications and have adverse reactions. This condition can lead to death. Make sure to test your English Shepherd for it. An English Shepherd could also be affected by hip dysplasia (PRA), progressive retinal atrophy, and other dog diseases.

Border Collie’s life expectancy is between 14 and 15 years. Also, this is due to their average lifespan of between 11 and 15 years. They are a healthy dog breed, but some canine diseases are more common in Border Collie dogs. However, it is important to be aware of what could happen, even though it may not seem unusual, with proper care. You should be aware of hip dysplasia, collie eye anomaly, and epilepsy in this breed.


The English Shepherd is a herding dog and requires daily exercise. In fact, they are intelligent and highly motivated. Take them to a trail for herding and test their instincts.

The Border Collie is an active dog that requires lots of exercise and care. Moreover, they don’t like being confined in small spaces. They need lots of room to run and play, and their owners should be able to join them in their activities.




In comparing English Shepherds vs Border Collie, The Border Collie requires a lot of grooming. Brushing their hair can reduce shuddery. Also, the flea treatment is available for the season. Sometimes, it can be helpful to clip the nails and bathe. The best dog shampoo and grooming products for Border Collie dogs can be found at your local pet shop.

The English Shepherd doesn’t require grooming. Flea treatment is required on a seasonal basis. An English Shepherd is a great choice if you don’t have the time or talent to care for a dog that requires a lot of attention. This dog breed is great for beginners.

It is also not necessary for a professional groomer cut the dogs’ hair. Clean their ears and eyes regularly to prevent infection.

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What is the Difference

Official registration. The American Kennel Club (USA) needs to recognize English Shepherds. They are not allowed to participate in shows. However, they can still enroll in agility events. If you want to show your dog, keep this in mind. The United Kennel Club (UK) recognizes the breed.

Work dog or herding dog? Border Collies are strong herders and can be used to control sheep and other livestock. In fact, English Shepherds can be great herders but are best suited to being multi-purpose working dog breed’s. They are great guard dogs and family dogs.

Starring: This is a major difference between Border Collies and English Shepherds. Border collie stare is not a trait that Border mix dogs have. However, English Shepherds will not have “the eye,” even though they are good at herding.




English Shepherds vs Border Collie, both are great worker dog breeds. However, they can also be loving family dogs if you have a specific lifestyle. Moreover, you will need to give them enough space to exercise and be active. If you love being outdoors and participating in many activities, they could make a great addition to your family.


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