Boston Terriers.

The Boston Terrier’s history starts in England in the late 1860s; a cross between a Bulldog and the now-extinct English Terrier was bred for pit fighting and ratting contests. The breed became officially known as the “Boston Terrier” when the Boston Terrier Club of America was formed in 1891. In 1893, it became a recognized breed with the American Kennel Club in the Non-Sporting group. Boston Terriers breed is a big dog stuck in a little dog body.

They are very connected to their people and are known for being friendly and happy-go-lucky; they are highly affectionate. Boston Terrier colors mostly come in three famous colors: brindle Boston terrier(red Boston with black stripes), seal Boston terrier (almost black Boston terrier with a reddish tint), or black with white markings that make it look like the dog is wearing a tuxedo. also, they may be found in some rare colors, such as:

  • Blue Boston terrier
  • Red Boston terrier
  • Lilac Boston terrier
  • Merle Boston terrier
  • Albino Boston terrier (Also known as white Boston terrier)


blue Boston terriers


What is a Blue Boston Terrier?

A Blue Boston Terrier is a rare variety of the Boston Terrier breed. They are characterized by their blue-gray coat, which may be either solid or brindled. While significant kennel clubs do not recognize them as a separate breed, they are recognized by some smaller organizations. Blue Boston Terriers make excellent companion animals and are known for being intelligent, playful, and affectionate.


Why a Blue Boston Terrier is Blue?

The blue color in Blue Boston Terriers is caused by a mutation in the skin’s pigment-producing cells. This mutation is known as “albino,” which prevents the cells from producing melanin, the pigment that gives color to the coat. As a result, Blue Boston Terriers lack any pigmentation in their coats, which provides them with their unique blue-gray appearance.




Is it an AKC recognized breed?

When both parents have been registered, the American Kennel Club will recognize a Blue Boston Terrier as one of the rarest Boston terrier colors. The AKC doesn’t officially recognize blue Boston Terriers. Meaning there’s no official title for Blue & White

Blue Boston Terriers are remarkably cute. Their coat is a combination of white and blue. However, Boston Terriers’ coat color turns to blue when pigments of black color dilute and become weaker. This will result in a blueish tone in their coat.

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The non-sporting category.

Most blue Boston terriers fall into the non-sporting category of dogs. They have been bred to be companions and entertainers rather than show dogs. They were originally bred in Boston, Massachusetts, and because of their blue and blonde coloring, have been named the remedy unique’ of the breeds.


Blue and White.

The colors blue and white are very striking when combined. Blue terriers with white markings are especially adorable. Breeding blue Boston terriers are almost impossible because the purebreds are gorgeous. Their combination of colors is truly a result of nature’s inspiration.



What are the different colors of Boston Terriers?

Boston Terrier colors are not always black and white. They have a remarkably diverse coloring. Their coat color varies, including Brindle and White, Seal and White, Grey and white, Cream and White, Solid Black, Fawn and White, etc.


Watch these cute Blue Boston Terriers puppies.


Blue Boston Terrier Temperament.

As a small breed, the blue Boston terrier is a versatile dog who, while mostly designed to live indoors, is an energetic and active dog who loves outdoor life in small amounts. If you reside on a farm or in a city home, The blue Boston terrier is an ideal breed that can thrive in every situation. Boston terriers are loving soft, sweet dogs that strive to be the most wonderful companion you’ve ever experienced.

The low-maintenance dog is not just loved and affectionate and loving, but also a dog with high levels of intelligence. This makes the blue Boston terrier one of the most distinctive dog breed among canines. A blue Boston terrier is the perfect family dog. It is an American gentleman, companion, and incredibly loyal companion. Boston’s are an ideal pet if you’re an individual or are part of an entire family. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and devoted pet, Look no further than the Boston Terrier.


Blue Boston Terrier sound.

The majority of Boston Terriers are known to snort. They wheeze, snuffle and sound like they snore. The sound is charming for some, and it can be nerve-wracking for others.

Boston terrier health issues.

The hypoglycemia

Like any other blue terrier dog, blue Boston terriers can experience health problems. One of the more common health problems they can experience is hypoglycemia. This can be a life-threatening condition for your dog. A hypoglycemic dog is at risk for low blood sugar levels. You must work with your veterinarian to prevent this by monitoring your dog’s food intake and taking it upon yourself to take your dog to the vet if it starts to show signs of hypoglycemia.

The American Kennel Club doesn’t feel that blue Boston terriers should ever be dyed a different color other than its natural color. However, most shelters and rescues have a list of approved colors. If you’d like your dog to be one of those blue Boston terriers, make sure it’s not on the list. You can get all of the details on the UK Kennel’s website.



Eye ailments.

Like any other blue breed, blue Boston terriers can suffer from eye ailments. One of these is called erythema migrans. It’s a painful condition that causes the white part of your dog’s eye to turn red. Erythema migrans are a common disease in blue Boston terriers and can be prevented with daily eye checks and using natural eye creams like aloe vera or hydrocortisone.



Blue Boston terriers also sometimes suffer from ringworm, which has a ringworm shell pattern. This means that your dog will start wearing a ring around his foot. This ring is his hair, and he needs to keep brushing it out. You should take your blue Boston terrier puppy to the veterinarian right away if they start to wear the ring around his foot. The vet will be able to give your pup a prescription for topical solutions that will cure the ringworm.

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Are they active?

Blue Boston terriers are a great kind of dog, and because of their blue coat color, they look adorable. But they are very active and need a lot of attention. If you have this kind of dog, then consider the different terrier coat colors. They will make an adorable family pet. Be prepared to spend time with them and take care of them.


blue Boston terriers

They are a very demanding breed.

Because these are so cute, many Boston Terrier breeders out there want to sell them. But before purchasing any Boston Terrier puppies, you need to know that they are a very demanding breed. You will need to devote a lot of time to them, not just when you bring them home but also when you potty train them. So if you don’t have the time and patience for this kind of breed, then it might not be a good idea to purchase one.


Toy and Miniature Boston terrier

There are many variations of the blue and merle color combination. Most blue Boston Terriers are crossbred with the Swedish Black Dog and the Blenheim Terrier. But most commonly, the blue and merle combination is used to create the Toy and Miniature Boston Terrier. These dogs are just as cute but not as intelligent as their traditional counterparts.

Some people prefer the Toy and Miniature Boston Terrier over the Standard or White Boston Terrier because these types of dogs are smaller than the standard version. They can still look cute, and they are great companions for children. But the Toy and Miniature Boston Terrier is not considered a purebred Boston Terrier and does not necessarily have all the desirable traits found in the purebred Boston Terrier. Many owners do not consider these kinds of dogs true Boston Terriers because they are smaller than the other breeds of this breed.

But most breeders do not distinguish the Toy and Miniature types from the rest of the terriers because they are so similar. Most Toy and Miniature Boston Terriers have light brown or cream-colored fur. They have oval heads and dark eyes and also, long, silky white fur and dark brown nostrils. They have medium-sized and soft bodies with rounded tails.


Watch this video to see the diverse coloring of Boston Terriers.



Blue Boston Terriers can be very cute. Some people are against breeding these rare Boston Terrier dogs due to health concerns. But we assure you that you will have such a fantastic time with this type of breed. Surely, if you get one, you’ll instantly fall in love with it; after all, having a pet is entirely about love and care.


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