The Dalmweiler is a crossbreed between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred Dalmatian. It’s known for its distinct appearance and balanced disposition, which blends the dependable nature of the Rottweiler with the energetic hustle of the Dalmatian. These hybrid dogs are smart and trainable, however, they require an experienced handler as they are large breeds that need plenty of exercise and socialization to stay happy. Despite their size, they make great family companions with the right amount of nurturing.


What Is A Rottmatian? -Rottweiler Dalmatian Mix

A Rottmatian is a hybrid dog created by crossing two purebreds: a Rottweiler and a Dalmatian. This pup’s physical traits, temperament, health, and personality are determined by which parent-breed it takes after more. Generally speaking, this mix can be expected to be smart, friendly and caring. Thanks to their hybrid vigor, your Rottmatian pup should have few breed-associated diseases or medical concerns associated with its parentage.


Rottweiler history

dalmatian rottweiler mix

Rottweilers are an ideal choice if you’re seeking a combination of companionship and protection. This breed is part of the bulldog family, renowned for intelligence and guard instincts. Generally speaking, Rottweilers have black and tan coats, weighing between 95-130 pounds for males and 80-100 pounds for females. These dogs range from 22-27 inches tall, with females generally being 2 inches shorter than the males.

Dalmatian history

The Dalmatian is a distinguished and remarkable breed, best known for its association with firefighters – their attractive spotted coat can be found in white/black or white/dark brown. Dating back to the 18th century as a guard dog native to Eastern Europe, these brave dogs have since been used in the UK as personal security guards and, more recently, primarily as household pets in America. On average, weight and height range from 45-70 pounds and 19-24 inches respectively with minimal difference between males and females.


A hybrid of Rottweiler and Dalmatian, the Rottmatian inherits physical traits from both its parent breeds. Their size, weight, height and coat color can differ in appearance depending on which parent breed it takes after the most. As a general testament to their lineage, these dogs often have a rectangular-shaped head with almond-shaped eyes and a long muzzle with a black nose. Furthermore, their coat colour is generally black and white with spots; however, some can exhibit plainer colouring from either its Rottweiler or Dalmatian genealogy.

Weight, Height

dalmatian rottweiler mix

The Rottmatian is a medium to large-sized dog with a thick frame, ranging in height between 21 and 26 inches, and in weight between 80 and 135 pounds. It’s striking combination of power and agility make it a solid companion that offers strength as well as speed. Put together, these two qualities offer the Rottmatian pup an impressive set of skills.

Health concerns of dalmatian rottweiler mix

The Dalmatian Rottweiler mix is a designer dog created by crossing the Dalmatian and the Rottweiler. As with any other mixed breed, this hybrid may be prone to inherited health conditions from either or both parent breeds. Potential health concerns to consider include but are not limited to:


Hip Dysplasia: 

Hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder that affects the hip joint, potentially leading to arthritis and decreased range of motion. It is important for those diagnosed with hip dysplasia to seek medical attention in order to determine an appropriate course of treatment.



Dalmatians are a breed that carries the trait of deafness, which can be passed on to their offspring. This is something important to recognize if you plan on having Dalmatian puppies.

Eye Problems:

It is important to note that both Dalmatians and Rottweilers can be afflicted with eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy. If you own one of these breeds of dogs, it is a good idea to take them for regular eye exams at the vet in order to detect any potential issues early.


Urinary Stones:

Dalmatians have a distinctive metabolic process affecting their purines that may lead to the formation of urinary stones. This is an issue recognized in this breed and requires special care in treatment and management.

It’s important to find a responsible breeder who has vetted their puppies for potential health concerns. It’s also wise to schedule regular check-ups with a veterinarian and invest in preventative care for your Dalmatian Rottweiler mix. Doing so will ensure the animal enjoys a long and healthy life.



Rottmatians are a great choice for those looking to bring a medium to large-sized breed into their home. They’re an affectionate and protective addition that your family will love for years. However, be aware that these breeds do require more specialized diets as well as exercise in order to keep them healthy and active. But it’s worth investing the extra time and effort into giving this breed the best quality of life you can – have fun raising your Rottmatian!


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