Female Rottweiler.

When it comes to selecting to choose a Rottweiler puppy to be a pet, the gender of the dog breed can make a difference, but not like when it comes to other breeds. While both male and female Rottweiler can be good companions and intelligent dog breed, equally trainable, you must be aware that male Rottweiler will be bigger in weight and much heavier than his counterpart. You will possess all the muscle strength to carry the additional weight. Be aware of your physique and strength in choosing either a male or female Rottweiler.

Sexual differences completely apart from weight and size are as well an element. Females’ motherly instincts help make them a little more gentle and gentle and are more likely to be quieter. However, most male Rottweilers increase in size and speed than they are aware of, which can lead to some of the clumsiest companions! If the hormones are raging males, they also tend to be a bit challenging.

A female puppy who is weaned should weigh 12 pounds by 8 weeks. At six months, the weight will have risen between 60 and 63 pounds. They’ll be between 22-25 inches (56 – 53 centimeters) at this point. They can be a little clumsy and awkward at this stage. When she is a mature adult at the age of 2-3 years, she will have grown impressively to weigh between 77-105 pounds (35 and 48 kilograms). Her body will appear graceful and well-balanced in her actions.

In terms of comparing size between Males and Females, Rottweiler, the male, is larger.


female rottweiler


Different Types of Rottweilers.

Let’s take a look at all these types of Rottweilers so you can shed some light on the type you own. Please don’t get too excited, though, as you will be deluded as it’s not like real Rottweilers come in all these different sizes, shapes, and colors.


American Rottweilers.

American Rottweilers are leggy, tall creatures lacking the large, blocky head that is the hallmark of the Rottweiler breed. An American Rottweiler is simply a breed born in the United States. Unfortunately, as with many other breeds, this dog breed has suffered from indiscriminate breeding by breeders who care less about adhering to the breed standard more about making quick money.

German Rottweilers.

The truth is that your German Rottweiler is simply a Rottweiler born in Germany, just as an American Rotties is a breed born on U.S. soil. So why do many German Rottweilers look much better than the average American Rottweiler? The answer is: they are bred better.

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It is much easier to train a female dog as females are more playful. Males do better in dog shows since they tend to be more excited to show their alpha side.

The only thing against females is that you must be more attentive when having a baby. Additionally, you require special pads when they’re in heat as they will bleed throughout the period. Therefore, the distinction is purely physical when you compare the male and female.



The size.

A female Rottweiler weighed 12 pounds when she is eight weeks old. The weight will increase by four times six months. When she reaches adulthood, female dogs will weigh in the range of 64 pounds and be at 23 inches.

The females begin puberty at around the 2nd and 3rd three years old. They are a huge breed. Females are larger in body, yet she doesn’t lack grace or stability in her movements.

The personality.

Three words defining the Rottweiler dog include confident, courageous, and balanced. Once they have formed bonds between their owners and themselves, they will be very sensitive and protective.

Since these dogs are smart, training them in methods and enrolling them into training is a straightforward process. But, there are some noticeable distinctions between males and females based on their character.

Female Rottie is more reserved and less active. However, she’s more love to being pet. This makes them less difficult to control than males. Male Rotts are more athletic and vigilant, always aware of their environment. They’re smart and require an armed but firm hand to guide them.

Female Rottweilers have mood changes that can be difficult for new owners as we’ve said that she’s affectionate, but she’s on her terms. That is, she’ll snuggle whenever she wants and let you know when she’s done.


female rottweiler


A Longer Lifespan!

Statistics show that female Rotties have an additional two years of life span than their male counterparts. Two additional birthday parties for females! The lifespan for this breed is between eight and twelve years. There are instances of 13-year-old Rotties. However, this is very uncommon. The main risk to a long-lasting lifespan is the possibility of cancer which is a major issue for the breed of dog. With the proper diet, along with medical attention and a little luck, your Rottweiler could be able to achieve the 13-year mark.


Female Rottweiler In Heat.

Estrus, commonly called the heat cycle, is a process your female Rottie goes through two times a year. This means that your girl is ready for rottweiler pup’s of her own. The process begins with their first birthday and runs up to 21 days. When they are hot, the female Rottie will experience engorgement of blood. Females may display nervousness or aggression towards other animals, particularly males. These are normal responses that are likely to fade when the cycle ends.




The majority of Rottweiler dog owner’s who have lived with males and females can confirm that females tend to be more reserved and committed to every aspect of their lives than males as they age faster and are more easily trained during their puppy years. They start acting as an adult dog’s around the age of two, which is roughly 50% of the age of the male Rottie. Many say that females work best for owners who prefer to concentrate on training and discipline.

Females Rottie pup is also more vigilant in their surroundings. They are also more cautious with their bodies. They wash their bodies when they feel that they will get dirty. It is a characteristic behavior of women who are Rottweiler. Female Rottweilers are more solitary and cautious. Contrary to male Rottweilers, females tend to be committed to only one family member. They might be less extroverted than male Rottweilers; however, they’re always cautious and affectionate.

Females are more aloof to strangers and people in public or strange settings. They are prone to aggression in certain circumstances; however, they are calmer in their basic behavior. Their fear of dogs is based on circumstance, and they tend to be less likely to bond with dogs than males. Females don’t have a calm temperament because of their extreme sensitivity. They are more submissive and easy to train but only with the people they love. Yes, female Rottweilers tend to be picky humans often.


Physical Differences.

Female Rotties are more flexible and have more rounded body frames than males. Females are two to three inches shorter and 20-30 weights lighter than men. Women are less reserved, and some believe they’re more elegant than males.

Male Rottweilers might have a similar body shape to females at first glance. However, there are some specific distinctions between them. Males are three to four inches taller and between 20 and 30 pounds heavier.

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Are Female Rottweilers Healthier?

There isn’t any distinction in general health conditions between males and females of the rottweiler breed. The same health issues do not have distinct symptoms for both genders. Every disease manifests in the same manner. Both genders are at risk of being overweight, which can cause serious medical issues. Maintain a healthy diet, and do plenty of exercises to keep the dog strong and muscular. Nobody has ever seen an overweight Rottie or a slender dog.

The most frequent health problems related to obesity include:

  • Arthritis
  • Breathing shortness
  • wobbler disease
  • Heart disease
  • Fertility issues
  • Diabetic
  • Dermatitis
  • Hip dysplasia



What I the cons of Female dog Living in a Family Environment?

Female Rottweilers can protect their territory and will not accept strangers unless they are properly introduced. But not all Rottweilers behave like this. It is important to notice the best edges in male and female Rottweilers.

  • Loyalty is very high to a particular person.
  • Cautious around kids.
  • Female Rottweilers live longer.
  • Have unique, fierce, protective qualities.
  • More guarded in public places.
  • Less messy during the puppy years.
  • It is easier to learn earlier in life.
  • It’s easier to get along with male dogs in the house.

Female Rottweilers are best suited for families with toddlers or infants. They are gentler around children than their male counterparts.

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Rottie as a Guard Dog?

The environment they live in determines how protective they are. Both are more protective than one another if one is well trained or has a particular temperament. Your guarding work will determine their protectiveness. Let’s examine the differences between the sexes in guarding work and the traits they each acquire.

  1. The Advantages of Female RottweilerGuard dogs:
  2. Matures quickly.
  3. They can do guard work in their early years.
  4. More sensitive to strangers.
  5. Less likely to be alone.
  6. Great at protecting a specific family member.
  7. Extremely territorial about their environment and belongings.



Whether you choose a male or female puppy, If you educate them and train your children how to interact with others effectively, you’ll be happy with your choice. However, remember that these small differences are minor. It’s not just choosing which gender is superior. It is all about how your pet behaves, the surroundings they live in, as well as the effort you put into making them more of a Rottweiler.

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