The Goberian (also known as the Golden Retriever Husky Mix) results from crossing a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky. You can read more about this active dog breed below.



What is a Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Mix?

The Goberian (also known as Golden Retriever Husky Mix) is a crossbreed of a purebred Siberian Husky with a purebred Golden Retriever. Despite being a rare breed, this designer dog is growing in popularity due to its adorable looks and friendly nature.

Understanding a Goberian puppy will require you to learn more about its parents. The Husky Golden Retriever Mix is a designer mix. This is where two different breeds of Husky have been successfully crossed, creating a smart and attractive dog that people want to own. A designer mix is different from a regular mixed breed. These are not accidental crosses or crosses “just for fun” but are carefully planned mixes that bring out certain characteristics of the two breeds. A Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mix – this loyal dog is known for being friendly, easy to train, and full of energy.

Although the origins of the Goberian are not well documented, it is believed that the designer breed first appeared in the 2000s. In recent years, it has gained popularity.


Information about the parent breed.

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The Golden Retriever

One of the breeds in this Golden Husky mixture is a large-breed dog. Its name comes from its ability to retrieve and fetch shot-down birds, such as ducks, during hunts without causing further damage. A Golden Retriever is a long-haired dog that needs to be groomed regularly. Their thick undercoat protects them from the elements and allows them to go out all year. The Golden Retriever ranks third in America as the most loved family dog. This is not surprising given their loving, gentle, and friendly nature. In 1932, the American Kennel Club recognized the breed. The Golden Retriever is today the second most popular breed in America.



Siberian Husky.

Siberian Husky owners should be experienced. This breed is loyal and requires high levels of mental and physical activation. If a Husky is not given this, it will become bored and possibly destructive. He may bark, dig and howl.

Husky dogs are medium-sized and shed a lot throughout the year. They can also be independent and capable of caring for themselves. The Husky is most comfortable being in a group with other dogs. They should never be left alone. They love spending time outside, and their thick coat protects them from the elements even when it is cold.

In 1938, the Siberian Club of America was established. The American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club also recognized the Siberian Husky.

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Goberian temperament.

This is where the fun begins. This mixed breed has attracted the attention of both dog breeders and potential buyers. A mix of Husky and Golden Retriever breeds often creates a perfect balance. The Husky has the adventure-seeking drive and friendliness of the Husky, while the Golden Retriever is gentle and friendly. It is often compared to a Golden Retriever who has had an energy drink. However, this comparison is only hypothetical.

The Golden Husky is a great family dog and can be a good friend. They love cuddling and can be gentle while playing. However, they can sometimes be protective of their family members in threatening situations. Siberian Husky Golden Retriever mix breeds have a protective side from their Husky parents, but it is often contained and shows only when they feel you are in danger.




There are many different appearances of the Goberian. Some dogs are more like their Retriever parent, while others look more like their Husky parent. They will often take the form of their Retriever parent, with soft, floppy ears and fluffy tails.

A Husky Golden Retriever mixed Goberian puppy could grow large or small, as it is a mixture of two large breeds. In fact, it is difficult to predict the future. Parents can only give an idea of the size of their Goberian puppy. Also, genetics is a complicated science that involves a lot more.

They are athletic dogs and are considered to be a medium-large dog breed. They can be anywhere from 45 to 80 lbs and between 22 and 24 inches tall.

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The Husky mix has a medium-length double coat. Although they shed less than the Husky, their coats often look similar to their Husky parents. We will discuss how regular grooming can reduce shedding later.




You might think that the Goberian sheds much because of their thick coat. They shed less than their Husky parents and require only weekly grooming to keep the hair neat.

Goberians don’t require much grooming. They only need to be bathed once per month, especially if they are dirty. However, you need to make sure to brush your Goberian teeth at least once a week. This will help prevent decay and disease. If you need to use dental sticks, you can always get them.

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The Goberian’s golden coat is largely inherited from their Golden Retriever parents. Also, It can be different shades of yellow or darker and more white-tinted colors. This can make it look closer to the Husky.




The average life expectancy for the Goberian ranges between 10 and 15.

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Possible health issues.

Crossbreeding dogs can often eliminate health issues that the parent breeds are predisposed for. The Husky Golden Retriever Mix, like all dogs, can still be susceptible to health issues that its parent breeds may have. These are outlined below.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Eye problems




Are they good pets for a family?

The Golden Retriever Mix makes a great family dog. They are an active breed and will thrive in a family where they can be with the entire family. This dog is a great playmate and loves to play with children. It would be best to be cautious with young children playing with the Goberian. They can sometimes get frustrated.

The child pulls on the dog’s ears and tail. This could cause the dog to become more aggressive and even provoke you. Apart from proper training, it is important to teach your child not to disturb or play with the dog while it is sleeping or eating.

Husky and Golden Retriever puppies are very affectionate with their families. They are loyal and have a natural love for people. This trait is likely due to the Golden Retriever parent.

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Although the Goberian breed is easy to train, it cannot be easy. The Goberian’s Husky parents can make them cheeky and naughty, so it is important to persevere. Training is essential. Moreover, the more they grow up, the more mischievous and impulsive they become.



Reasons why it’s not good to get a Husky Golden Retriever puppy.

It could not be easy to care for a Husky Golden Retriever puppy as the first dog. Based on their parents, the Husky’s heritage makes them adaptable to their surroundings.

  • Independent
  • Can you be aggressive
  • Will try to flee the house or room.

Reasons why it’s good to get a Husky Golden Retriever puppy.

  • The Golden Retriever Husky puppy is social.
  • The puppy is energetic enough to entertain children and play with other dogs. They are also good with other dogs.
  • The intelligence of the Golden Retriever cross with Husky puppies is high. This trait will make training much easier than with other breeds.
  • The appearance of this mixed breed is stunning.




This Mixed breed dog is perfect for those with the time and energy to devote to a Husky Golden Retriever. They combine the best of the Husky’s personality and drive with the Golden Retrievers’ soft manners and love. This intelligent dog will be loyal to you as long as it is alive and always walks beside you.


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