havapoo vs cavapoo

havapoo vs cavapoo – which is better?

Do you want to adopt a cute dog, but you can’t decide between Cavapoo and Havapoo? How do you choose between these adorable mixed breeds? Read this article to be able to compare these two kinds.

The Havapoo is a hybrid between a Havanese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle parent. The Cavapoo crosses a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. When comparing two mixed breeds that are cheerful and affectionate, it can be a tough decision.


havapoo vs cavapoo


Both of these breeds are excellent companions for all ages. To find out which one is best suited for your needs, let’s compare Havapoo versus Cavapoo. To determine which one is better for you, we will look at some essential factors that each type has.

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Havapoo puppy is a crossbreed of the Havanese Poodle mix. This cute, lovely, and friendly hybrid dog is a great fit for your family. Havapoo is also considered a designer breed. Havapoo is a cuddle dog, and they are not like active, strong, and fierce dogs; they need love and show it back. They are great friends for children and also other pets at home. Havapoos are in diverse coat colors, including solid, two colors, and even three colors. The colors can be black, white, grey, silver, etc.




The Cavapoo puupy is also a crossbreed. A mix breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog. This adorable is a selection of the best characteristics of both parent breeds. They are called in various ways, including Cavadoodle and Cavoodle. They are fantastic family pets, outgoing, and full of affection. They are in a variety of coats including, gold, white, chocolate, etc.




Cavalier king Charles Spaniel is larger than Havanese and, therefore, Cavalier Poodle crosses tend to be bigger on average than Havanese Poodle cross breeds. A mature Havapoo is likely to weigh less than 10 pounds regardless of the Poodle parent. While the adult Cavapoo is more likely to weigh over 10 pounds. The larger dog range, the greater diversity will be available in the individual sizes. For instance, Havapoos and Cavapoos with the Toy Poodle are more predictably in size because Miniature Poodles are close in weight to both Havanese and Cavalier the King Charles Spaniels breed.

One crucial factor to consider is the size of the dog. Havapoo puppies are generally larger than Cavapoo puppies; however, they differ slightly. This means both dogs are considered small to medium size. Size may affect your ideal dog, especially if you live in an apartment. Havapoo is between 8 to 15 inches, and Cavapoo is 9 to 14 inches. Cavapoo dogs weigh between 9 to 25 pounds, and Havapoos weigh 7 to 30 pounds.

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Another factor to consider is the grooming requirements. There are differences between the two types. For example, Havapoos require much more grooming, as they have long and varied coats. They need daily brushing and regular trimming. Cavapoo is a bit different, and it depends on its generation. Their coat can be straight, wavy, or curly. But they both are hypoallergenic dog breed’s.


havapoo vs cavapoo



Feeding a small dog or puppy requires dog food rich in calories since small dogs have a greater metabolic rate than larger breeds. Thus, whether it’s the Havapoo or Cavapoo it is essential to feed a high-quality, nutritious, calorie-rich meal that includes ample protein or fat.

You can select canned food, raw food or kibble, but when you choose the latter two, be certain to choose the food specifically designed for dogs with smaller mouths. If you prefer kibble, you’ll have to pick smaller kibble bites since the bigger pieces are difficult for small mouths to take in.

Small breeds grow to their adult size more quickly than larger dogs, so at around 8 months, you Havapoo or Cavapoo will already be his maximum size. If you feed canned food or kibble, you can switch the food from puppy to adult now, unlike larger breeds who might require puppy food for up to two years old.


Havapoo vs Cavapoo Health.

No matter which dog you choose, you’ll want them to be as healthy as possible. Mixed breed dogs are at risk of health problem that affects either parent. The best way to reduce health issue is to research reputable Cavapoo and Havapoo breeders who can prove that both of a litter’s parents were health tested before mating. dog health is an important factor when you want to choose a breed.

A Havapoo mixed breed is more likely to have a more robust health history. This is because there is usually excessive energy in the dog, which is translated to more activity that leads to a better health condition. But Havapoos are more likely to deafness. On the other hand, Cavapoos are prone to eye problems. However, this happens rarely.

Both breeds have medium-sized feet or even small-sized. Medium-sized dogs are usually less prone to foot problems, so they are considered ideal for indoor dogs.



Havapoo is more energetic!

Cavapoo is less prone to activity. It can stay with you for a long time and watch TV with you. However, Havapoo is more playful and needs your attention to spend time with him.



Cavapoo has a silky low, shedding long coat. The hair of this breed tends to be very silky, and it can be in various styles, including straight, wavy and curly. Havopoo also has different hairstyles like the Cavapoo breed. Both breeds, however, need regular maintenance and daily brushing to sustain an excellent healthy coat.


Do you need a quiet place?

In general, The Cavapoo dog breed is the perfect pet for the person who likes to do things by themselves, wants to think for themselves, and has a little less patience. A designer dog breed is perhaps the perfect pet for someone who lives alone in the country or for a person who does not wish to have a family. Because of their independent nature and tendency to “go it alone” can be somewhat lonely. However, they can make great companions also, because they will always be there to save the day and cheer up a depressed friend. They can be somewhat shy or nervous around other people, but that should not deter you from getting them as a pet. The biggest draw to the Cavapoo is its rather unique personality, which makes this an excellent choice for a pet, no matter what kind of person you are.


havapoo vs cavapoo


Relation with children and other pets.

Both dog breeds are tiny, therefore, vulnerable. If you have children who always run and play, they can hurt these breeds. On the other hand, these dogs are perfect for children. They are calm and never pose any danger. In addition, both breeds adapt well to other pets. But, you should remember that they are cuddle dogs, and the other pets should not be fierce.

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Both dog breeds are cross breed’s and share lots of characteristics. They are almost similar, hypoallergenic dog breed’s differences are not huge. So, you will not have a big deal here to choose one. Either way, if you choose a Havapoo or a Cavapoo you won’t go wrong. It may even just come down to which is more readily available when you as a dog owner, decide to look for a pet breeder or a puppy. Just adopt the one you have a better feeling when you see him. But, only one thing matters here, Havapoos breed are more energetic and playful. If you need a quiet place, it would be better for you to choose Cavapoo breed.

10 Nov 2021
2:28 pm