There are many ways to make bully sticks. You need to think of a fun and effective way to train your dog. Learn everything you need to know about sticks. Do you want to learn how to make a stick yourself? These are great for playing with your dog. Bully sticks are also great for dogs who don’t like to chew on furniture.


how to make your own bully sticks?


What Are Bully Sticks?

Bully sticks are a chewable, single-ingredient snack for dogs. Bull penises are used to make these chewy snacks. Yes, that’s right. They are only made from bull penises and, despite being repulsive, they are beloved by most dog breeds.

If you are a dog owner, you might be unfamiliar with the term “bully stick”, but you may have seen dog treat’s called bull pizzle, bull sticks or pizzle stick. Bully sticks are a great entertainment option for dogs who love to pull, tug, and chew at everything. They also satisfy their taste buds and provide them with meat-based protein.

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This pizzle stick is simple to digest, so your dog will not have any digestive problems after eating one. The bully stick is completely broken down in your dog’s stomach. This prevents any obstructions in the intestines and pain during excretion. Bully sticks safe not only for adult dogs, but also puppies. You can even get bully stick options that are completely organic, free of additives, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

Additionally, They are made of beef muscle full of amino acid’s. Amino acid’s are essential elements to be in dogs diet for the development and growth of your dog’s muscles, brain, skin, and coat. Another advantage of allowing your dog to chew on bully sticks is that these snacks are very low in carbohydrates and calories.



Phallus works fantastically for bully sticks!

The cooked phallus is one of the most delicious treats. The phallus has been used in India for thousands of years and treats many different ailments. You can prepare these treats by simply cutting up a phallus and adding it to a large pot of water. When your dog sees these treats, he will go crazy for it. Because it is so delicious, he will eat more of it if you give him a raw treat.

How to make your own Bully Sticks?

Dogs love to chew, so it is essential to teach them how to do that. Pet owners must learn how to make bully sticks properly. You can make them out of cardboard or old newspaper, but you also have the option to use treats that you give your dog. Luckily there are many different treats to use.



Use raw carrots as a treat!

Raw carrots are another great treat that you can make. Carrots are a great all-natural treat for dogs. also you can use sweet potato. They contain a lot of nutrients. You can make a bully stick with carrots as the main ingredient. They will slice right through the teeth of your dog and reach the stomach. The entire stick will be gone in seconds by your dog’s digestive juices. You should let your dog eat a small amount of this natural treat if he doesn’t like carrots.


Use coconut oil to make bully sticks.

Coconut oil is another option if you want to make your own bully sticks with applesauce. This alternative to oil could revolutionize the way you prepare your dog’s favorite treat. Your dog will love this new delicious treat in just a few short minutes. For an extra touch, you can drizzle some balsamic over the top.

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Beef fat is an alternative!

To make your bully stick or beef pizzle, you can also use beef fat. Ensure your dog doesn’t gobble up too much beef fat, make sure you use lean meat. Many beef fats are smaller in size so that your dog can quickly eat them without feeling full. Make your beef bully sticks recipe by simply cooking the beef in a frying pan and browning it until it is almost done. Add your seasonings to the mixture and cook it until it is nearly done.

Dehydrated bully sticks.

You can make dehydrated bully sticks even easier. Slice an apple and place it cut side down in the middle of the bully stick. This gives your dog a chewy texture. It is possible to make your barbecue sauce that you can put on your dog’s snack as he eats his apple. This makes it eco-friendly. Add some water to the container you are using to make the barbecue sauce. Make sure the stick is completely soaked in the sauce before giving it to your dog.


how to make your own bully sticks?


Bully sticks look similar!

It’s easy for people to get confused when they look at all the different methods of making bully sticks. Although the manufacturing process for sticks can be very similar from one brand to the next, it is quite different in reality. Bully sticks are made of woodruff from an ox or cow. You can bake, roast, fry, or barbecue the bully sticks. They can be made in any way you like, but the ingredients remain the same.

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Different in size and variety.

There are many sizes of bully sticks so that you can make various-sized treats for your dog. A small stick is sufficient to reward playful or misbehaving dogs. You can make bigger treats for large dogs that are misbehaving. You can create a treat that’s half the size of a hamburger and give it to your dog when he misbehaves. It is easy to make your dog’s treats the correct size. This can also save you money over the long term.


how to make your own bully sticks?



You are now able to make your bully sticks for your dog. These are very easy to make. You can leave them on your rack for a few hours to cool; then you are good to go!

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