How to remove the hard crusty crust on dogs eyes can be a daunting question. If you notice the crust is not going away, and your dog is constantly having eye problems, you may need to take him to the vet for an eye exam. The crust may not be from an eye problem and could be from something else. The vet can run tests to find out exactly what it is and remove it safely.


 how to remove hard crust from dogs eyes


Special ways that dogs have

Dogs have their ways of telling us how to remove the hard crusty crust on the eyes. If the crust is on your dog’s eyelids and you try to brush him away, he will lick his lips before he even looks at you! Moreover, if you notice this behavior, it could be a sign of something worse, such as an infection or a broken eye. If you have any doubts, contact your vet for medical advice.

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Dog eye booger.

The dogs eye booger or crust may come in a variety of colors like green or yellow. It can also be brown. The medical term that describes the dog eye booger is eye discharge. Eye discharge is a sign that there is fluid draining from the body. In this instance, it is from the dog eye.

Eye discharge of a dog may also be seen in various types of consistency, such as crusty and hard or pus-like. Remember that the various characteristics and colors of the dogs eye booger could indicate different things.

Warm bath.

Some people believe that if you give your dog a warm bath, he will remove the crust. This may work for some breeds like Chow Chows but not for most. You can use a moistened piece of cheese or bread to make a paste and put this on the crusty eye. If you leave the paste on too long, it could burn the eyes but don’t keep the paste on for too long as this will cause the eyes to become dry. If you want to know how to remove the hard crusty crust on dogs eyes, you should also learn about the treatment for an infection on the eyes.



Use tear stain.

A dog tear stain remover may aid in softening your dog’s obstinate eye boogers, particularly if your pet is suffering from epiphora. When our pets cry or suffer from watery eyes, they may cause hard, crusty, and swollen eye boogers.

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Eye drops.

Eye drops are a great way to treat infection because they contain antibacterial properties to kill off bacteria and irritants. Make sure the eye drops are labeled antibacterial and if possible, try a few different brands. If you see your dog itching his eyes and drainage from the back of the eye then it is likely he has an eye infection. There are many different breeds of dog, but dogs with long hair and dark eyes are generally more prone to eye problems.


Dry Eye issue.

The dogs can also suffer from dry eye’s , or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Dry eye’s in dogs are opposite to epiphora in dogs.

Dry eye problem in dogs may also result in hard and crusty eye boogers. If your pet’s kitty has fragments of gravel or particles of sand inside their eyes, it isn’t easy to wash the gravel or sand from their eyes. If you suspect that your dog has dry eye be sure to take him to the veterinarian immediately.


 how to remove hard crust from dogs eyes


Use a dog eye comb.

If you’d rather go the non-substance route, a dogs eye comb or a flea comb is also a great method of removing those dry, crusty dog eye boogers. Sometimes, the boogers in the dog’s eyes could get stuck in the fur surrounding your dog’s eye and cause irritation and irritation.

Utilizing a dogs eye comb or a face comb, you can get rid of the dog eye booger and control the hair around the dog’s eyes.

Here’s a groomer who uses a dog’s eye comb to get rid of dog eye boogers.


How easy is It?

One of the reasons dog owners tend to neglect prevention is that they don’t realize how easy it is to treat a problem. It is usually much easier to treat a bacterial infection than treat a fungal one. Fungal infections will usually require treatment by a veterinarian. On the other hand, it is usually much easier to treat a bacterial infection than to treat an allergic one. Treating a bacterial infection is usually as easy as soaking the dog in warm water and giving him an oral medication.

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Ice pack.

You can also use an ice pack to relieve irritation and help prevent further irritation. An ice pack placed directly onto a dog’s face can help reduce redness. In addition to how to remove the hard crusty crust on the face of your dog, there are many other things you can do to prevent your dog from scratching. These simple steps should make it easy to keep your dog’s skin healthy.




The best way to clean crusty dog eyes is by softening the dog eye gunk first. Luckily, there are many ways to soften dog eye boogers. The best thing you can do for your dog eye gunk is bathing them once or twice a week. The warm water will help stimulate circulation in the skin. If you don’t bath your dog, they might scratch themselves further. Be careful when bathing your dog. You don’t want to pull the skin or irritate your dog even more accidentally. Use a soft brush and pat your dog down gently.


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