The Husky Akita mix is a very common mixed breed dog that mixes two purebreds, the Akita and the Siberian Husky (a dog that has its ancestors taken from the once-mighty Siberian Altai mountain range). While this is a good combination for many people’s lifestyles, it might not be the best for your health. If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive eyes, the Siberian Husky Akita may not be for you. This dog is thought to be at risk for many diseases because it was bred. The dogs were crossed between a black bear and an Alaskan Husky. It is said that the bear had bad eyesight, which led the Alaskan Husky owners to cross their dogs, which caused the hybrid combination.


husky akita mix


Husky Mix Breed.

With so many wonderful Siberian Husky Mix breeds out there, you will be sure to find one that suits your family and home, do your research before buying so you can be sure to meet all the needs of this fantastic family dog.

  • Pitsky (Pitbull Terrier Husky mix)
  • Gerberian Shepsky (German Shepherd Husky mix)
  • Huskita (Akita Husky mix)
  • Rottsky (Rottweiler Husky mix)
  • Alusky (Alaskan Malamute Husky mix)
  • Goberian (Golden Retriever Husky mix)

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Guard dogs.

Many of the Husky Akita mix dogs have been bred to be guard dogs. They were bred to protect their masters, and they do an excellent job of this. These dogs are very devoted and have a great family instinct; therefore, they are very protective of their owners and their territory. The Husky Akita mixes are great choices in a society that requires guarding.


They love to play.

You will often see a cute little Akita Husky puppy with big floppy ears that wag when they wake up. You will also see that these puppies love to play around and tend to get into everything they can find. This is one of the main reasons the Husky Akita mix is such a popular breed.


husky akita mix


Barking issue.

The husky Akita mix breed has become a very popular choice for many reasons. One is because of its size and weight, which is why it is so good for a guard dog. They tend to be stronger than purebred Siberian husky, making them ideal for guarding. But they are also very affectionate and will often bark at anything that draws their attention, including humans.


Husky Akita mix is a mighty hybrid dog. It inherits the excellent features of both parents. This breed’s size can vary due to its parents’ different sizes. Akita breed is a bigger dog than Siberian Husky. They can reach up to 28 inches in height and weigh between 100 to 130 pounds. They are considerably giant dogs. Siberian Husky is an athletic breed that can reach 24 inches up to the shoulder and weigh between 35-60 pounds. Consequently, a Husky Akita mix can reach 26 inches up to its shoulder and weigh between 70 to 120 pounds. It is also a big athletic dog.




Coat and color.

Akita and Husky are not hypoallergenic dog’s, and they have seasonal hair shedding. They are both double coat dogs with intense covered skin that helps them tolerate a considerably cold environment. Akita Husky mix has a dense double coat in medium length. They are medium shedding dogs and have seasonal shedding. Due to both Siberian Husky parents, this mixed breed has similar coloring. Husky Akita mixed breed’s can be white, tan, gray, brown, black, or a mixture.


husky akita mix


Diverse traits.

The next reason why the Akita Husky mix is such a great choice is because of its diverse traits. These dogs have some of the most distinct characteristics available in the AKC list of purebred dogs. For example, they are a hot-blooded breed that keeps to themselves. In addition, both breeds are highly intelligent, and they learn very quickly. They are both protective and extremely loyal to their owner. However, they are territorial dogs and should be trained and socialized early and properly. They can be very stubborn, and if you do not prepare properly, they will quickly become a problem. However, they also make great pets and are incredibly loyal. Many Siberian Huskies have been mixed with the Akita mix for this very reason.


husky akita mix


The temperament.

The third reason they are such a popular choice for family dogs is their temperament. The Siberian Husky on the AKC list is the most aggressive dog you can find. Some of the top contenders are Australian shepherd, pit bull, and Dobermans, but the Akita Husky mix has some serious contenders. Many of the AKC-listed Huskies have serious behavioral issues, and they need a lot of work to be trained to be acceptable in any environment. They can be aggressive, destructive, and dominant. They can also be fearful, and they can even be aggressive toward other dogs.


Are These Dogs Good for Families?

Although the Huskita puppy is a wonderful pet for families, it will require more interactions to ensure a good match. Once you’ve gotten past the initial phase of introduction and you’ve got your Huskita is a trustworthy and secure dog, that’s why so many parents are in love with them.

Their size is also a sign that kids and toddlers that fall tend not to injure them, but it is important to ensure that you supervise interaction between your dog and children. Keep in mind that Huskita has a shorter life span than other smaller breeds, which could be difficult for both adults and children as they get older.

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Does this breed get along with other pets?

While your Huskita can coexist with other animals, it’s not natural to the breed. They are typically intolerant of smaller animals, so small cats and dogs are not recommended.

If you make an effort to interact with Huskita as they are young, you will reduce and possibly eliminate these issues. But be cautious when you introduce a small animal into an old Huskita. Be patient and allow the Huskita enough time to get used to it. Be aware that your Huskita may not be able to handle other pets without lots of interaction, patience, and patience. If you have multiple pets in your family, then you and your Huskita may not be the right fit for you.


Just a few undesirable traits.

husky akita mix


These traits can lead to a huge problem if your Akita starts acting out. Many people like the Akita mixes because they have very few undesirable traits. However, some of these undesirable traits come from mixing different breeds of these Siberian husky breeds. While you should not choose any specific breed to base your decision on because every dog breed has its strengths and weaknesses, sometimes the AKC lists Akita Husky mixes with problems with aggression or fear.


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The American Kennel Club works closely with breeders and their club, so it is rare to find any purebred mix tested for these issues. However, the research has been done, and the results are there for you to see. This may mean that you should avoid looking for a large dog breed Husky for a smaller breed pup because the Husky Akita mix may end up being the best pet for the right person.

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