Maltese dogs are among the most loved breeds in the world. If you think of having a Maltese dog, you’re already aware they’re a very popular pet. Maltese dogs are extremely energetic and affectionate. They are enjoyable to be around. The Maltese are quiet and gentle. This makes the Maltese perfect for children, individuals with temperaments who are reserved and those who prefer shy pets. One of the most notable characteristics of Maltese canines is their soft, long, and shiny white hairs. Due to their gorgeous hairs, they are frequently used as show dogs.


maltese curly hair

Do Maltese dogs have curly hair?

It is important to know that there are many varieties of Maltese dogs. Certain Maltese breeds may have curly or wavy hair due to genetic factors. But it is important to remember that the most desirable type of Maltese dog is one with silky white hair with less to no curls.

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Do Maltese Have Straight Hair?

Purebred Maltese hair may be curly or straight. Maltese are famous for their long locks hair. However, Maltese hair expands as the dog gets older and it is possible that the texture of your dog could alter due to environmental conditions that could cause their typically straight hair to curly.

As we mentioned previously, Maltese hair is usually straight. However, the texture of dog hair can be damaged because of excessive grooming, lack of care, genetics or simply a little more moving around in the dirt.



A curly coat is normal for Maltese.

Curly hair on canines is, in fact, a matter of genetic temperament. The straight coat of British and American breeds of dogs is more prone to curly hair than other breeds. So, curly hair on Maltese canines is considered to be a normal variant.

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The heads of Maltese are tall and loose, and the ears are straight and triangular. The coat of the dog is draped on the dog’s chest. The face of the Maltese is free of any marks. They have eyes that are big and almond-shaped. The dog’s face is soft and affectionate and is brown in hue. The body is long and smooth, with a square belly and a tail in a natural posture. They can have 10 inches in height. Their weight can reach up to 7 pounds.



Coat and Color.

The coats of Maltese are long and smooth. It’s a stunning dog with well-developed fur. The most distinctive feature for the Maltese is the coat. They have long hair and don’t shed excessively.

Curly hair can provide certain health benefits for your Maltese. Curly hair aids in wicking away body moisture. This helps your dog stay cooler in the summer months.

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If your Maltese dog breed has curly hair, it can be quite challenging because it takes a longer amount of time to brushing their hair. Additionally, grooming can be quite difficult since the pet dog owner must brush and comb their hair over and over again. Over-brushing could harm their hair even more. Furthermore, the expense of shampooing curly hair is quite expensive compared to the cost of combing and styling hair earlier.

If you’re Maltese has curly hair, it is recommended to cut it often. This will prevent matting the coat and, at the same time, protect their skin against irritation.



Professional groomer.

If you’re not sure how to handle your curly Maltese dog, take your pet to an expert groomer. Professionals know how to care for those who have curly hair. There may be times when you are unable to keep your Maltese coats looking as good as they used to when they were younger. However, they look stunning and worthwhile. Additionally, you’ll be able to talk to a professional who will understand your worries and can offer you tips regarding how to maintain your dog’s appearance.

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With shampoos, you can straighten your Maltese hair.

There are various kinds of Maltese shampoos for dogs available to purchase in the marketplace. But, be cautious when choosing the shampoo to apply to your pet. There are shampoos for dogs with ingredients like Sodium Sulphate, which could lead to health problems. These harmful ingredients are present in many dog shampoos. Therefore, you should not use shampoos for dogs that contain components like sodium-sulfur, which could cause dry skin.

Certain shampoos contain alcohol or petroleum-based products, which could cause harm to the skin. They also don’t give enough moisturizer and could make your Maltese pets in a dry state and itchy. Additionally, these products contain ingredients that can cause asthma or other allergies in your pets, which is why you should exercise extreme caution when choosing products.

If you want to maintain the hair of your Maltese canines free from curls and tangles and maintain their shine, it is essential to supply them with adequate quantities of minerals and vitamins.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Maltese breed.


maltese curly hair



It is said that the Maltese breed is known as a loving animal and can be used as a pet or companion for those looking for a smaller dog with a huge heart. The Maltese dogs have a friendly personality and are frequently considered “dog friends” because of their gentle, caring nature. These breeds of dogs truly are ideal pets or loyal friends.


If you live an active lifestyle, Maltese are perfect.

If you’re thinking of buying a Maltese puppy, ensure you have the time to care for the Maltese. The Maltese also possess a confident, outgoing personality and love their owners. The Maltese can be very sensitive to new experiences and things like moving into a brand new house or being put in an entirely new class at school.

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Anxiety about separation.

One of the main issues for one of the biggest issues with Maltese has to do with separation anxiety. They can become anxious when left on their own for extended durations of time. This is why it’s essential to incorporate routines into the day-to-day activities of your Maltese to ensure that your puppy has a routine to follow. In this way, you will find that your Maltese puppy will become calmer and more content.



They are prone to defensive instincts.

While they are not large breeds by nature, they possess an extremely strong guarding instinct. That means that when smaller breeds are in the vicinity, they may become aggressive. Smaller dogs could accidentally harm them, leading to more serious issues later on. If you’d like to add your Maltese to your household, you have to take note of this urge. This issue can be solved by ensuring that smaller breeds are kept away from the area where you keep your Maltese.


They bark!

Another problem that is a concern for people with the same breed of dog is the tendency to bark frequently. It is a characteristic that every Maltese canine seems to exhibit, at least in part. It’s not unusual for a Maltese dog to bark all day long when it senses danger or the sound of danger coming from the house. Maltese dogs are also known to chew and bite objects. Be cautious with these types of dogs, as If they’re not socialized from a young age, they’ll have bad chewing habits as they age and become an annoyance to those around them.


maltese curly hair



There are numerous benefits of owning a Maltese dog. They make excellent pets or excellent companions, depending on the owner’s preferences. They possess great agility, intelligence, and strength and are a good choice for families with kids. Although they are known for their gorgeous long, silky white hair, they also have a wavy and curly coat. While it’s uncommon, it is normal for Maltese hair to be curly.

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