my dog ate meatloaf with onions in it

my dog ate meatloaf with onions in it




Meatloaf is one of the most delicious food items that we eat regularly. It’s mostly ground meat, but it also contains various additional ingredients, making it tasty for us. Dogs are generally ok with beef. But, it’s cumbersome and difficult to digest for dogs. It also contains significant levels of fats and salt that dogs cannot digest well. The main issue is the added ingredients present in meatloaf, which could cause problems for dogs. On top of the list of harmful foods to dogs is onions. An onion can indeed cause grave danger to your dog!


What is Meatloaf?

First, let’s find out what meatloaf is. According to Wikipedia, “meatloaf is a meat dish prepared with ground meat and various other ingredients.” The rest of the ingredients depend on what type of meatloaf you’re making! There are beef, chicken, or even vegetarian loaves. Some people like to add sauces (tomato sauce or ketchup, for example), extras (such as cheese), or garnishes (baked potato). It’s hard to say exactly how many variations exist because there are no rules for making meatloaf.

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Meatloaf Recipe for Dogs.

There are many different recipe you can choose from. The following recipe is appropriate for adult dogs and doesn’t contain any ingredients that could harm your pooch (like eggs or breadcrumbs). If you like this recipe, be sure to check out the other dog treat recipes we’ve posted.


– 1/2 pound of lean ground beef

– 3 tablespoons of unseasoned bread crumbs or ground oatmeal

– 1 large egg OR 2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce plus enough water to make up 1/2 cup total liquid (must be oil-free)

– 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder OR 1 clove fresh, minced garlic

– 3 tablespoons of chopped carrot, broccoli slaw, or greens (lightly steamed)

*Note: If you use the egg option, make sure you cook it first! Crack it open, scramble it and pour over the top before cooking the meatloaf.



What would happen if a dog ate a meatloaf?

It may sound funny; however, it could happen. You may have cooked animal food made of vegetables, meat, and spices. Your dog has likely given the “all purposes” food, but if the dog consumed the meatloaf, there is a possibility that he has an allergy to the vegetables or the spices contained in this dog’s diet. Take a look at the ingredients list of any dog food sold in the market. If you find those terms ” wheat ,” “corn,” or “soy” anywhere on the label, search for different dog food.


Avoid feeding your dog with raw meatloaf.

Another thing to understand is that if your dog eats raw meatloaf, it could cause diarrhea. It is essential to cook the meatloaf and remove the grease on the top. This will stop your dog from suffering any poisoning due to the fat.

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What happens when your dog eats onions?

If you consider what happens when a dog eats onions, the first thing that comes to mind is red blood cells. Although the onion’s flesh can indeed be great food, onions can be highly harmful to your pet. There are many reasons onions can be dangerous to dogs.



my dog ate meatloaf with onions in it


Suggested amounts of garlic, onion, or onion powder can be fed to dogs.

It is recommended not to feed your dog any Allium plant, including onions, garlic, chives, and leeks. The following are all considered mildly toxic for dogs: 1/2 teaspoon per 10 pounds body weight of chopped onions, garlic scapes (the green part on top of a garlic bulb), 1 clove per 30 pounds body weight of garlic cloves. As you can see, the amount varies depending on how much your dog weighs, so this makes it difficult to give an exact recommendation.


Symptoms in onion toxicity.

Onions contain a thiosulphate chemical that damages red blood cells and predisposes the affected dog to Heinz’s body anemia. Onion toxicity symptoms in dogs can include lethargy, weakness, and pale yellow mucus membranes. Additionally, onion toxicity symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and dark urine.



Why is onion so harmful to dogs?

Onion has an axon that is composed of hydrocyanic acid. It is a highly poisonous component. The large amount of this toxin found in the onion could cause severe damage to the red blood cells, leading to anemia. This is a severe problem that could cause death if not treated promptly. Because red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, the oxygen supply is severely limited if too many are affected by the toxic onion.

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It could cause brain damage!

A hazardous scenario is when a dog consumes an onion laced with bleach in a toxic quantity, resulting in brain damage, due to the toxic levels in an average onion. Brain damage and even death can be experienced in an hour or days after toxic levels of onion are consumed. Due to the high sensitiveness that the skin has to chemical toxins and the comparatively low level of oxygen that circulates through the bloodstream, damage to the brain is probable.


Contact your vet immediately!

If you think that your dog may have consumed an onion-based product, you must consult your vet. One of the most frequent causes of fatal chemical burns for dogs is eating an onion contaminated with toxic substances. If your dog has eaten onions laced with harmful chemical compounds, you’ll need to immediately bring them to a veterinarian and get the proper medical treatment.




“Onion poison” is highly hazardous to dogs’ health. If you suspect your dog has ingested onions, it is recommended to visit the vet immediately to get an accurate diagnosis before your dog falls into something serious.


18 Nov 2021
12:00 pm