Can my dog eat a paper towel?

Your dog eat paper towel is a big problem. All paper towels, toilet roll, and tissue-like Kleenex are made from wood pulp. Dogs can become blocked by tissues and paper towels. The amount of food your dog consumes, the size of the pieces, and luck are all factors that can affect whether a blockage occurs. Depending on their purpose, dogs who eat paper towels can be exposed to harmful substances. Dogs can be exposed to chemicals such as bleach, nail varnish remover, and rubbing alcohol, which can cause serious health problems.



Signs that my dog eat Paper Towel:

  1. Difficulty in breathing: If your dog has difficulty breathing and has a distended stomach, it could indicate that they have eaten a large number of paper towels. This can lead to an obstruction in the digestive tract and is a serious medical emergency requiring urgent veterinary attention.
  2. Abdominal discomfort: If your dog seems uncomfortable in their abdomen or has been trying to vomit, but nothing comes out, this could mean that they have swallowed pieces of paper towel which are now blocking their digestive system
  3. Straining while defecating: Paper towels can cause intestinal blockage, making it difficult for your dog to pass waste normally. Paying attention to any changes in your dog’s potty habits can be a good indicator of a potential paper towel ingestion.
  4. Diarrhea: When pieces of paper towels are not digested properly, they can cause irritation and inflammation to the lining of the intestines leading to diarrhea. This could be accompanied by vomiting as well.
  5. Loss of appetite: If your dog is not interested in their food or drinking water, it could mean that they have ingested paper towels, making them ill. This should always be checked out with a vet immediately.

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How can you help your dog if they eat paper towel?

Find out what your dog ate.

You need first to check what your dog ate and how much. This information will help your vet determine the best treatment for your dog. Is it a piece of paper towel that has been rubbed off to the side? Is it a pile of kitchen rolls that was used to clean up the bacon grease? Perhaps it’s a few rolls of toilet paper that were used to clean up bleach spillage in the bathroom. They may not have eaten the paper towel, but they did chew the cardboard tube. It can sometimes be difficult to determine what your dog ate, especially if you are away at the time or if they are fast eaters. This would be an important step, especially if your dog ate grease, bleach, or nail varnish remover.



Find out when it was eaten.

If your dog ate a paper towel, it is possible that you captured them doing so, so that you can track the exact time they were eating the towel. Some dogs like privacy when snacking, so you might only see the mess at the counter or an overturned bin when you return hours later.

If your dog eats something that isn’t healthy, it is important to notify your vet immediately. Your vet might offer a few time-sensitive treatments if your dog has eaten something that could cause injury. To remove some towel types, your vet may use an endoscope, which is a flexible, long-range camera that can be used to view the stomach. You might have better options for safe and effective treatment if you wait to call your vet.

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Check your dog

Dogs may react differently depending on how much and what the paper towel contains.

Others may seem fine and go about their daily lives as usual, even eating and drinking usually. Some people may vomit if they have consumed a lot of paper towels or other substances like grease or bleach. They may be quiet and uncomfortable, refuse to eat or drink, and appeared uneasy. Their bellies may look fuller if they’ve had a lot of paper towels. They might also feel tender when touched.

Your dog could get diarrhea if they wait several hours after eating the paper towel. Moreover, the paper towel can irritate the lining of their intestines and pass along their digestive tract. Dogs may strain to use the bathroom and may have small piece’s of the towel left behind on their stool.

It doesn’t matter how your dog behaves, and it is best to call your vet to get advice. Sometimes it takes a few hours before the damage is visible, especially if your dog seems stoical.



Call your veterinarian

After you’ve researched and found out what your dog ate? how much they ate? when they at it and how they look at it now, call your vet. Call your closest open veterinary clinic if they are closed.

To ensure that your dog receives the best possible care, they will ask you questions like the ones above. You may not be required to attend if your dog has consumed only a small amount toilet paper or kitchen roll. Your vet may want to see you if your dog has eaten a lot of paper towels, is vomiting, or has diarrhea.

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Follow the instructions of your vet

Even if your dog seems keen, wait to feed them after they have had a bite of the paper towel. It would be best if you did not feed your dog after they have eaten the paper towel. This could cause vomiting.

Also, we don’t recommend that you attempt to treat your pet’s illness at home unless your vet asks. Here are some reasons:

Please go to the clinic as soon as your vet asks you. Remember to bring any cleaning products, nail varnish removers, or other chemicals with you to the vet if your dog has eaten paper towels. Also, your vet will need to know as much information as possible to provide the best possible treatment for your dog.



What Happens if a Dog Eats a Paper Towel?

If a dog eats a paper towel, it is unlikely to cause any serious health problems. However, the paper towel may get stuck in the stomach and intestines and cause an obstruction. If your dog has eaten a paper towel, symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy or abdominal pain can occur. However,  It is essential to take your dog to the veterinarian if you suspect they have eaten something that could be harmful. The vet may need surgery or use endoscopy techniques to remove the object from the digestive system. Dietary changes may also be recommended if gastrointestinal irritation occurs when consuming a foreign object like a paper towel. It is advisable not to give dogs access to objects that can be swallowed. They can lead to serious health consequences.

If you have any further concerns about your dog’s health, it is recommended to speak with a veterinarian for advice. They can provide important information on ensuring your pet’s well-being and preventing any complications related to ingesting foreign objects. Additionally, the vet may be able to offer treatment plans or dietary recommendations that can help manage any potential gastrointestinal upset that could occur due to eating a paper towel or other non-food items. With quick action and proper care, most dogs will fully recover.


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