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What is a Newfoundland Golden Retriever Mix?

Newfoundland golden Retriever Mix is a cross between two of the most popular dog breeds in the world – the Newfoundland and the Golden Retriever. This mix inherits the best qualities from both parents, making for a loyal, friendly, and intelligent pet that gets along well with children and other animals. Also, this hybrid is not without its challenges, though – as both parent breeds are known for being heavy shedders, the Newfoundland golden Retriever Mix is also likely to shed quite a bit. Regular grooming will be necessary to keep your dog‘s coat looking its best, and you may also need to vacuum frequently to keep your home hair-free!

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The Newfoundland Golden Retriever mix crosses Newfoundland and the Golden Retriever. Moreover, both purebred dog‘s are known for their gentle dispositions and love of people. The Newfoundland golden Retriever mix was created in order to combine these two great qualities. For more information about this mixed breed, you need to know more about parent breeds.

Parent breed information.


Golden Retrievers.

A large portion of Golden Newfie‘s great appearance and adorable disposition could result from the stunning golden retriever.

If you’re searching for an affectionate and loyal pet companion, these happy-go-lucky dog breeds are a fantastic option. In the end, there’s a reason the popular dogs are ranked as the AKC’s third most popular dogs within the U.S.

Goldens are medium-sized dogs, their weight is between 55 to 75 pounds. They were initially bred to hunt birds and retrieve waterfowl, and their long history as dedicated hunting companions contributes to their habit of forming close bonds with their humans. In reality, you’ll discover golden retrievers up to anything, provided they’re close to their families and get an occasional treat.

The intelligent, trusting dogs love to please and are considered an easy-to-train canine breed. But, they’re often perpetual puppies, displaying the same playful, puppy-like attitude throughout their adulthood. Golden retrievers are affectionate and versatile dogs that can be adapted to various environments. In fact, as long as these affectionate dogs can exercise regularly and spend enough time with family members, they’re wonderful canine companions.

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The Newfoundland is a large dog breed that originates from the island of Newfoundland in Canada. They were used as working dogs and were often used for rescue missions due to their powerful swimming abilities. The Golden Retriever is a popular breed originating from Scotland. They were originally bred as hunting dogs but are now beloved family pets. Golden Retrievers are loyalty and intelligence.

The Newfoundland truly is an adorable dog that loves children. However, they are naturally friendly and gentle with children and also a guardian-people who love this breed claim that they believe that Newfoundland is truly a natural babysitter. Moreover, the American Kennel Club registered the breed in 1879, and the first American Newfoundland champion was titled in 1883.


Most Golden Newfie dog breed‘s are famous for their sweet disposition and gentle personalities, affluently covered in a bear-like appearance. They love to please and enjoy being with family members.

Golden Newfie dogs are often protective towards strangers, but they’re generally friendly four-footers if socialized appropriately. They’re extremely gentle and enjoy being with children, but it is important to monitor them carefully as their massive size can lead to accidents. Golden Newfies are a joy to live in homes with a family member to play with or provide pets.

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Newfoundland golden Retrievers are gentle giants who love to be around people. They are also great with children and other pets. Newfoundland golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs who are easy to train. Also, they need plenty of exercise and love to swim. If you are looking for a big, friendly dog, the Newfoundland Golden Retriever mix is a perfect choice!


Newfoundland Golden Retrievers are large dogs. They weigh between 70 and 90 pounds and stand between 24 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder.

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Newfoundland golden Retriever mixed breed dogs need plenty of exercises. They love to swim, so a swimming pool or access to a lake or river is ideal. A daily walk or run is also important. Newfoundland Golden Retrievers are easy to train and love to please their owners. However, they do require a lot of grooming, so brush them daily.

Coat and color. 

Newfoundland golden Retriever Mixes will inherit a thick-double coat which is almost guaranteed to be shed everywhere in the house. Golden Newfies typically have complete gray, brown-red, black, or coats, though there may be a little variance. For instance, you may discover that your Golden Newfie has some white marks that are similar to their Newfoundland parent, even though the full, solid coat is more common. The puppy will typically have large brown eyes.

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They require some time to maintain that requires regular brushing to keep their gorgeous coats. Moreover, it is important to keep current with the basics of dog care, like daily brushing your teeth and bathing every month. Also, the coats can be susceptible to matting, so it is imperative to brush them regularly. Additionally, regular tooth brushing and nail clipping are vital for any dog. Additionally, because Golden Newfies have floppy ears, they require to clean and check their ears regularly.

Health issues. 

Newfoundland golden Retriever mixed breed dogs are generally healthy. However, they are prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and cancer. Newfoundland Golden Retrievers also have a higher than average risk of developing joint problems. It is important to watch your dog‘s weight, as obesity can exacerbate these problems.

If you consider getting a Newfoundland golden Retriever mix, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the potential health risks. You may also want to consider purchasing pet insurance to help cover the cost of any unexpected medical bills.

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Exercise requirements.

Don’t let the laid-back attitudes make you believe otherwise! Golden newfy need to be kept active and exercised regularly so that their tails stay in motion. Golden Newfies are fond of the water. However, playing a game of playing fetch or taking a few long walks also serves the same purpose.


Golden Newfoundland mix dog breed make amazing pets for the majority of families. However, it’s essential to assess each pet individually to determine that they’re a great choice for your everyday life. As with any breed or mixed breed dog, the Golden Newfies have distinct qualities and traits you’ll need to think about before settling for their large puppydog eyes.


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