What is a Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever mix dog breed?

A Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever mix (also referred to as Golden Portugueses) is the result of breeding purebred Portuguese Water Dogs with purebred Golden Retrievers, often leading to them being called hybrid breeds themselves. Their physical traits may differ, but these dogs tend to be friendly, intelligent and energetic with wavy or curly coats that range in color from golden yellow to black – perfect family pets with regular exercise needs that must also include grooming services!




Parent breed information

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Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs were once used as crew members on fishing trips to retrieve lost equipment and herd fish into nets.

Today as it said by American Kennel Club, this dog breed makes for a fun-loving family companion–represented by Bo Obama, former First Dog of the U.S.–who still retains their intelligence and love of the water, not to mention the webbed feet, that made them so valuable to their human family.

In their search for cod, Portuguese fishermen travelled from the Atlantic Coast of their country to the frigid Newfoundland fishing grounds. They were assisted by medium sized, curly-coated, dogs that drove fish into the nets, recovered lost tackle and sent messages from boat-to-boat.


Golden Retriever

The american kennel club officially recognized the Golden Retriever breed in 1932. The Golden Retriever is now the second most popular dog breed in the U.S.

The Golden Retriever is a popular dog in the United States. Also, The Golden is a wonderful dog: intelligent, social, beautiful and loyal.

Golden retrievers are excellent for tracking, sniffing for contraband, therapy, and service work. Also, Golden Retrievers are natural athletes who excel in dog sports like agility and competitive obedience.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds across the United States. Their friendly and tolerant nature makes them excellent family pets. They are also highly intelligent working dogs.



The temperament and size of a Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever mix will depend upon their genetics and individual personalities, though generally speaking these pups tend to be friendly, intelligent, and social – which makes them great family pets! These energetic canines require plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation for optimal wellness.




In terms of size, Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever mixed breed dogs can range in size from medium to large with an estimated average weight range between 40-70 pounds (18-32 kg) and 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) at shoulder. Their exact measurements depend on both parents.


On average, Golden Retriever Portuguese Water Dog mix breeds have an approximate lifespan of 10-14 years depending on factors like genetics, diet, exercise and overall health.

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As with all breeds, this mix could be susceptible to health issues like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia as well as eye conditions (cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy), allergies and ear infections. Therefore, regular check-ups with your veterinarian will allow for early identification and intervention should any problems arise.




Exercising and Training

Here are some general guidelines for exercising and training a Portuguese Water Dog/Golden Retriever mix:



This breed mix requires daily physical activity for optimal health and happiness. Take long walks or runs together, let them swim when possible, play fetch games that involve running and jumping and play fetch if possible!
Consider agility training or other forms of canine sport as a means to keep them mentally stimulated.



Starting early and being consistent in your commands and expectations are keys to successful training sessions. Utilise positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, praise and playtime as positive reinforcement to promote good behavior from your pup! To avoid aggression or shyness socialize your pet with other dogs and people.
– Teach basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel. For advanced training such as obedience classes or retrieving items specialized tasks consult with a professional trainer or veterinarian to gain expert advice tailored specifically for your pup’s individual needs.

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Coat Color

A Portuguese Water Dog Golden Retriever mix’s coat color may depend on their genetic inheritance from each parent. Portuguese Water Dogs tend to come with black, white or brown colors; Golden Retrievers tend to have golden or cream-colored fur; therefore the combination may have fur of various hues including black, brown, white gold tones.




Grooming Needs

Both Portuguese Water Dogs and Golden Retrievers possess thick and wavy coats that require regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling, thus necessitating frequent brushing to maintain healthy coats in their mixes. Brushing will likely continue after breeding is completed to maintain a healthy coat.
Portuguese Water Dogs are well known for their hypoallergenic coats that shed minimally but require professional grooming every few months. Golden Retrievers shed heavily twice annually and must be regularly brush during this shedding season.

Grooming needs of Portuguese Water Dog and Golden Retriever mixes will depend on what traits are passed from parent to offspring, especially regarding coat type and frequency of grooming visits. If they inherit more traits from one parent (ie Portuguese Water Dog side). Grooming might occur less frequently but still require professional services every few months; otherwise, depending on when shedding season occurs they may require more brushing/grooming sessions to keep up appearances and ensure health and hygiene are at their utmost potential.





The Golden Retriever Portuguese Water Dog Mix, is the result of breeding two breeds – Golden Retriever and Portuguese Water Dog. Both dogs can be friendly but individual personalities vary; Golden Retrievers tend to be reliable and intelligent while Portuguese Water Dogs tend to be reservث.


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